Monday, 25 September 2017

How to Help a Design Concept Flow from Room to Room

When you first start to form a design concept for your home in your mind, it’s easy to get carried away and consider all kinds of fabulous ideas. Once you start to take the steps of making this design a reality, it will become very obvious, very quickly, that it’s important to make sure your concept flows naturally and smoothly from room to room. If the space is open concept, then the flow is even more important.

So, what can you do to help ensure that your carefully thought out design concept flows from room to room? Here are some design tips you can make use of.

Pick One Color Palette and Stick with It

While there is nothing wrong with picking a different color for each room in the house if that’s what you are into, chances are it’s going to end up feeling quite disjointed in the end. Each space will have a jarring transition as you move from color to color.

If you’re looking to create flow, then it’s important you pick one color palette and stick with it throughout. The one exception can be bedrooms where you can stray from the color palette if you choose. Picking a color palette means you can still use various shades and intensity in the spaces of your home, but they all will have the same undertone.

Use Art Work to Tie Colors and Themes Together

One way you can create a continuous flow through your space is to use artwork to tie the rooms together. It could be a color palette that you are repeating or even a theme. Paintings, posters, and pictures can all be used and you can even mix and match if you like. This artwork can be used in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and any other space in the home.

This is a subtle way to promote flow through your home, as it’s not so glaring as choosing one paint color throughout. If you’ve never purchased paintings before, take a look at this range of paintings from Fine Art America for inspiration, as they have some beautiful pieces by amazing artists.

Use Accent Pieces to Create a Cohesive Look

Another fun way to tie the various rooms together is through accent pieces. You can take the paint color from one room, and tie it into the next by using that color as an accent. For example, maybe your kitchen is a bright sunny yellow. You can then add pops of yellow in your family room through things such as artwork, throw pillows and blankets, a rug, etc.

Accent pieces, which are also called décor, are meant to be creative and fun, so go ahead and make bold choices.

A Space That Flows and Makes Sense

You don’t have to be a professional designer in order to create a space that flows and make sense as you move from room to room. Typically, it just takes a bit of pre-planning and a bit of trial and error. The goal isn’t to be overly-matchy, rather it is to keep some constants throughout the entire space.

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