Thursday, 2 November 2017

Different Treatment Options for Drug Addicts

Drug addiction is a huge problem in many countries. In the US, around 21 million people are addicted to something, yet only 10% of them have access to treatment. Drug addiction ruins lives. It destroys families and places even more of a burden on the healthcare system. The problem for addicts is that it is notoriously difficult to conquer an addiction. Addicts have to deal with the symptoms of both physical and psychological withdrawal. Without adequate support, most addicts will never kick their addiction.

Fortunately, there are a number of treatment options, which have all proven successful. Here is a guide to the different treatments available for people with substance addiction issues.


Whether a patient attends an in-patient rehab centre or starts treatment as an out-patient, detoxification is the first stage of any treatment program. Detoxing means removing all traces of the substance from your body. This is when withdrawal symptoms are at their worst, so it is vital that the patient has professional support.


There are various medications available that help the patient cope with withdrawal from a substance. Going “cold turkey” is often dangerous for a long-term addict and medications are vital for managing the process of withdrawing from the drug. Medication is used as part of a wider treatment program, but it is very important. Since many addicts are also suffering from mental health disorders, medication can also be used to treat underlying health problems. This aids the recovery process.


Counselling and therapy are very important. Counselling sessions help a patient come to terms with their addiction, face their problems, and work through the reasons why they became addicted to a substance. Therapy is often conducted in group sessions, so addicts can listen to each other and offer support. Family therapy sessions are useful for adolescents with addiction issues, as it can strengthen the family’s coping mechanisms and help loved ones feel supported.

Long-term Support

Long-term support is vital for long-term abstinence from substance abuse. An addict is never truly over their addiction and there is always the risk that circumstances will lead to a relapse. Continued
counselling sessions and being assigned a mentor can prove instrumental in helping an addict stay clean. Addicts need a lot of support to rebuild their lives and close personal relationships. Without love and support during the recovery period, they will find it hard to make a successful transition back into everyday life.

Alternative Treatments

Detox, medication and therapy are the three main facets of addiction recovery programs. One other treatment worth considering is Ibogaine. Ibogaine is illegal in the United States, but it has been successfully used for several decades to treat strong addictions and mental disorders. Ibogaine is a psychoactive alkaloid, which must be used under close supervision, but when used correctly, it can eliminate withdrawal symptoms almost immediately. For more information about Ibogaine treatment, check out If you or a loved one is struggling with substance addiction, seek help as soon as possible.

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