Thursday, 2 November 2017

Four Steps to Getting in Control of Your Acne Breakouts

Most people find themselves suffering from acne at some point during their adolescence or teen years, usually during or just after going through puberty. Acne can be down to several different reasons, including hormones, stress, or even lifestyle habits and choices. Thankfully, the good news is that hormones are not totally uncontrollable, and there are some simple steps that you can take to try and minimise or even totally eliminate your breakouts.

#1. See a Professional:

Whilst some small and mild acne breakouts can be easily managed with the right creams and solutions, if you’re constantly suffering from breakouts that seem to be taking over your face, then it may be time to see a professional. The good news is that acne is usually something that any good dermatologist will be willing to treat, since they understand just how painful and uncomfortable this problem can be for many people, both physically and psychologically. For example, Cedars Dermatology in London offers a range of acne treatments that you could try from oral pills to chemical peels and photodynamic therapy. Bear in mind that you may need to try several different treatment options before finding one that works well for you.

#2. Consider Natural Treatments:

If you are seeing a doctor or dermatologist about your acne, then you might also want to speak to them about your options when it comes to natural treatments for breakouts and for helping acne scars to fade. Aloe vera, for example, is a very popular option when it comes to a natural acne treatment – it’s chemical-free and gentle on your skin, so there’s very little need to worry about any adverse reactions. Although aloe vera won’t get rid of your acne breakouts altogether, it can certainly help to significantly reduce acne scars and marks to improve the appearance of your skin.

#3. Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes:

Making healthier lifestyle changes will certainly help to improve acne breakouts. Exercising regularly is just one of the things that you can do to get your body in better shape and reduce the appearance of acne. Exercising will release endorphins, which in turn will lower your stress levels leading to a reduction in oil production, which will have a positive effect on acne. Along with that, exercising also makes you sweat, which is great for cleaning out dead skin cells from your pores. Be sure to always shower after exercising to wash away the dead skin cells and keep skin oil production low.

#4. Improve Your Diet:

Lastly, improving your diet can have a lasting positive effect on your acne. In some cases, acne can be made worse by eating certain types of food; you might want to try cutting out dairy, meat, or even both for a while to see if it will have an effect. Make sure that you are getting the right nutrients in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and proteins to keep your skin in the best condition and encourage faster skin regeneration. Living with acne is never easy, but these steps will help you to manage it better.

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