Friday 30 April 2010


I've not blogged for so long! I am naughty, nauguty, naughty! Every now and then I've thought of something really good to blog about but been distracted by ebay.. (I'm being honest! I just have real fun typing in really obscure things into the ebay search to try to find the coolest baby clothes!).

Ethan is my little star. He's coming along so well, and I really enjoy my time with him. Which is just as well because I've handed in my notice at work! *gulp*. It's what we thought would be best, especially since the office move (instead of a 1 mile journey to work, it'd have a 13 mile journey - or 26 miles round trip!). Plus, I just didn't earn enough to make it viable when considering childcare costs. So, I am now officially a SAHM. I think I'm happy with that actually. I had the odd wibble when writing my letter of resignation, but then I reminded myself that my job was hella boring. If it weren't for the people, it would've driven my insane (oops...). Of course, there are times in the day when Ethan drives me up the wall, but he is far more rewarding. And I love him so much despite our rocky start. I could kiss his little soft face all day long!

Ethan is 9 and a half months already and as such I've started filtering his 9-12 month clothes into his wardrobe. He still fits a lot of his 6-9 month stuff, and even a few 3-6 month items, but I decided it was time for a change. I hate putting away his clothes (though I like to think they'll be used for baby no2 (if and when!)) but I do enjoy seeing what he gets to wear next! I have most of the clothes he'll need up to age 2. All bagged up in age order! He has some lovely stuff coming up!

What have I discovered recently clothes/accessory wise? Well, I can totally recommend some sort of waterproof coverall type item for exploring the garden in! I hadn't thought of something like that before - Ethan had all in one snowsuits, but it was getting too warm for them.. and then I discovered how much he liked to explore the garden... but crawling around in the mud left me with very dirty clothes to clean! So, I've invested in one of these:

I've bought it in the next size up to maximise the use we get out of it, but I think it's well worth the cost. Will come in really handy when he's walking, but for now, it protects his clothes without him getting dirty. Which is fab! I hate ruining clothes (I know you should accept that with babies.. but still!) but I also don't want to restrain him. It's important he gets to feel the grass beneath his feet, eat mud and choke on bark chippings, covering both of us and the hallway in half digested yoghurt and milk....!

Seeing as summer is coming up, I've also had to buy a couple of sun hats... I hadn't really thought about this! Ethan has plenty of hats, but they'll all be far too warm soon. Got two second hand ones off ebay, one is a stripy lion in the sun hat with a tie to go under the chin (don't be fooled - this will not stop your baby removing said hat, but actually make it easier for them to do so!). Also got the cutest Hatley hat - red with moose all over it!

Anyone invested in some sunnies for their baby? I bought some babybanz for Ethan but so far haven't had any luck in getting him to wear them. I hope he will because they will protect his eyes and he looks so cute! These, but in red:

Talking of sunglasses... I was pushing Ethan home from a visit to the shops recently when I glanced into the buggy to find him chewing on a pair! Not mine, and not his.. he'd stolen them! Little monkey! I'll find a pic of him with them....

There we go! Cheeky Boose!

We've had a really lovely start to this year.. can't say start anymore now, can I, seeing as it's May tomorrow! Still, we've done loads of things as a family, visiting farms, bus top tours, going to Big Pit in Wales.. lots of fun! I've pics to share! Firstly, here's Ethan modelling some rather gorgeous black and white items. Sorry, monotone. A katvig body, po.p leggings, liten elf hat (on the table!), elodie details booties and a knitted cardigan (one of his Great Aunts). Please let me reassure you that he didn't actually drink from my milkshake, just ate the straw!):

One brand I really love Ethan in is Plastisock. I love their whimsical designs, bright colours and whacky themes! It's really hard to get clothes by this brand cheaply.. they go for quite a bit second hand on ebay, but every now and then, I get lucky:

Of course, he's not just sporting Plastisock there - in the first pic he's wearing a cute katvig hat (dubbed his skull cap by Daddy) and some girls (yes, girls!) tights from trumpette. Tights come in very handy for extending the life of a footless onesie and also for preventing the one sock on one sock off syndrome! In the second photo he's got one of his bandana bibs on ( and some funky babylegs (he always gets loads of comments when he's wearing these... namely that he's a Billy Elliot in the making lol!). I love babylegs or hugalugs though, they really save knees when crawling around at speed!

It has to be said that Ethan wears a fair bit of pink. Not girly baby pink (sorry to any pastel lovers out there, but it just ain't my style- not on me, or a girl baby and especially not on a boy!). Nice bright pink. However, he was recently called camp by one of my antenatal buddies (Sophie P, you know who you are - and don't worry, it cracked me up no end!). Anyway... why was he called camp? Something to do with an outfit he was dressed in. Pink and legwarmers you assume? Wrong!! I'll post the pic, but let me describe it first. Much blue and a football theme!! Likely to be the only football themed item of clothing to make it into his wardrobe (assuming like the rest of his family he's not into football as he gets older!). I only bought it because a) it's Molo and b) it's subbuteo football - retro cool man! I have to admit that actually, he does look a little camp in it. Soph said it was the short sleeves and the fact it's quite a skinny fit. Either way, he looked adorable in it, even if he looks a bit like he's about to shake his bootey down to the pineapple club. Well.. he is half bear!

Well, I ought to start wrapping things up for tonight.. this has been a long entry! I'm really going to make an effort to post more often. OK.. clothes and fashion aside, in recent weeks I've been feeling crafty. So, here are a couple of pics of my recent art-sploits!

For fun, here's Ethan looking like one of the toadstool folk from the Mario games:

And for good measure, a recent funky purchase for the garden from TKMaxx - it had owls on!:

Now.. finally, Pete would like me to mention him in my blog, bless him! So, Pete, this is for you! You are my lovely hubby bear - thanks for those chippy chips tonight!

And bed! Bonn nuit all!