Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Elodie Details Stockholm Stroller

I first discovered Swedish children's design company Elodie Details when Ethan was a tiny baby.  Their products caught my eye.  I love the variety of items they sell.  When I first found them they stocked hats, gloves, stroller accessories, bottles, cups, dummies.  I have watched them grow over the last six years and I feel they have gone from strength to strength.  Today they have realised their dream to stock strollers of their own designing, a bedding range and beautiful homewears.

My relationship with Elodie Details is longstanding.  Not only have I bought many items from them over the years, they actually have the honor of providing my first "official" item for review!  Years back I reviewed one of their stroller bags.  The quality was stunning.

When ED brought out their range of Stockholm Strollers a couple of years ago, I was very excited.  I'm a real sucker for beautiful buggies, prams and strollers.  The Stockholm Stroller doesn't disappoint.  From a design perspective it is a delight.  It looks beautiful.  What I am very happy about as a parent is that not only is it beautiful, it is very much functional.

We were sent a Stockholm Stroller in Graphic Grace.  It will come as no surprise to most of you that I had fallen for this stroller.  I adore monochrome at the moment so I had been lusting after this stroller for a long time.

This is no basic stroller.  The features include:

- Extra large wheels (easier to push over uneven surfaces)
- Fully adjustable back rest (great for naps)
- Fully extendable "paparazzi" canopy/sunshade
- One handed back rest adjustment
- Folds up small & comes with a carry case (great for travel)
- Five point harness with shoulder pads
- Large easily accessible shopping basket
- Suitable from 6 months - 3 years (max weight 15kg)
- Lightweight

Elodie Details Stockholm Stroller Graphic Grace

We have been testing this stroller out for just over a month now.  I like to use items like this for quite a while before writing a review.  I like to test them out in a variety of situations.  

Elodie Details Stockholm Stroller Graphic Grace

We have taken it shopping, taken it on country walks, taken it on the school run, used it in sunshine, used it in the rain, used it for naps.

Elodie Details Stockholm Stroller Graphic Grace

I can say that after using it I find that:

- It is indeed lightweight.  It's easy to fold and lift.  Getting it in and out of our car boot is no issue.
- The backrest is very very easy to adjust.  I have experience of other strollers which were either very stiff when it came to backrest adjustment or were impossible to do with one hand (like OBABY).
- The big wheels provide a very smooth ride.
- The large canopy has become an essential for me.  I wouldn't buy a stroller that didn't have an extendable canopy.  Not only is it fantastic for keeping sun out of eyes, it's great in a surprise rain shower and fantastic for napping children.
- The zipped parent pocket on the back is very handy.  Great for mobiles, keys, snacks etc,
- The shopping bag is the most generous one I've seen in this type of stroller,  
- The stroller is easy to push.  The handle height is good.

Elodie Details Stockholm Stroller Graphic Grace

If I were to change anything, well, there wouldn't be much.  Being really picky I suppose it might be nice if the parent pocket were a touch bigger.  And maybe if the handles were adjustable.  The stroller doesn't come with a rain-cover as standard - Elodie Details also sell their own rain-covers which you can buy separately.  These rain-covers are something beautiful in their own right.  Perhaps it would be nice to provide a basic clear rain-cover with the strollers.  But it isn't essential.

Elodie Details Stockholm Stroller Graphic Grace

This is a high-end stroller.  It's not cheap and it isn't basic.  You do get what you pay for with these things I find.  What I love about this stroller is that whilst you get everything you could want from it, you also get to look like the coolest parent-kid combo in town.  I love when I can provide something my child loves and is functional but without compromising on my style.  After all, I'm the one who has to push this around!  I adore the fact you can buy heaps of matching accessories.

I think you'd be hard pushed to find a cooler stroller!  You can purchase from Elodie Details direct or from a few other retailers such as Amazon.  They retail around £200.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Zazzle - THE place for printed tees & vests!

Have you heard of Zazzle?  I have to be honest and say that until I was contacted by them I hadn't.  At least, I don't believe I had, I may well have stumbled across them without really realising!  Zazzle are an online retailer that allow you to upload your own images or use ones they have already (designed by lots of different artists and designers) and have them printed on to all sorts of objects from mugs to bags and even clothing.

I was offered the chance to choose some items of clothing from them, in particular from their range of tops and vests.  I must admit that the choice was so wide that it took me a long time to choose the "perfect" designs for the whole family.  There were just so many cool images to choose from.  There is literally something for everybody out there.  You can even upload your own images.  The possibilities are endless!  The choice of clothing you can have images printed on is also vast.  There are several styles of t shirts, long and short sleeved.  A new ladies vest collection (all styles, racer back, skinny straps, thick straps, exercise wear). Hooded tops.  Heavy weighted tees, light weight.  All sorts of colours.  There are several different brands of clothing used for printing including American Apparel so you know that quality will be good.

In the end I plumped for a raglan style tee with different prints for myself and the boys.  I also chose a strapy vest top.  For Pete I ordered something a little geeky in a heavy weight tee (he likes to wear tees all year round but appreciates a warmer one in Autumn/Winter).

Zazzle printed tshirts vests raglan

Ethan was ecstatic when he saw what I'd ordered for him.  He loves animals, in particular dogs, so I chose a dog design.  One a little different - a dog painting spots on himself!  I've found it hard to get this top off Ethan since it arrived.  He adores it.

Zazzle printed tshirts vests raglan

For Felix I chose a train design because he loves all forms of transport.  He enjoys wearing this top.  What I like about it is that it's something he likes but it's still cool and not tacky.  I'm not a fan of overly branded clothing or stuff that's too garish.  I like that he can have something he likes but I like too!

For myself, I chose a narhwal design on my raglan (love narhwals!) and a geometric diamond on my vest.  I'm all about geometric just now!

I chose something a little geeky for Pete.  He's a programmer.  I wanted something that was a bit geeky but not overly so.  Something he could wear to work to make his colleagues chuckle but that wouldn't get him stared at (everyone understands the term "programming" not everyone would understand a tee with a lode of C# on it).  I went for a green tee.  He's very fond of green, we all are.  Green suits him.

All of the tops are fantastic quality.  They have all washed very well.  The boys in particular.  They've been washed the most.  There's are American Apparel.  They are lightweight.  They've stayed soft, not shrunk and haven't bobbled.

My raglan and vest are made from slightly thicker material.  They've washed well.  The vest has come up ever so slightly smaller on me than I'd like ideally but that's a case of getting used to sizing.  It's quite a short style.  With vests I usually prefer longer length.  That's just personal preference though.  It just means that if I were to order that style again I'd size up.  The vests are sold in S,M,L,XL.  I am an 8/10 on top usually but I do have quite big boobs.  I chose S but perhaps M would have been better.

Pete's tee is nice and thick.  It looks fantastic after several washes.  The fit is great. He has worn it several times which is a good sign!

Overall, I am very impressed!  Prices are good, especially for something which is going to look quite individual.  It's around £12+ for a kids tee and £19+ for adult sizes.  I love the fact you can upload your own images.  For special events that could be great!  I've just been back on their site just now and noticed a load of Halloween designs so I'm tempted to order a few for the boys! Maybe myself too.  I'm a fan of wearing things that are slightly different to the standard so really this is a perfect site for me.  I've got it bookmarked now!

Friday, 2 October 2015

Funky Kid Friday - Slugs & Snails Tights

Hello all.  I'm sorry for the radio silence.  We moved house last week so both in the run up to that and the aftermath, it's been rather chaotic.  We are starting to get back to some semblance of reality but there is a great deal to do in our new house.  We are all tired out!! Getting the laptop out and blogging isn't my highest priority just now but I don't want to leave it too long.  So, Funky Kid Friday is here today.  Just don't expect to see quite so many posts at the moment!

A few weeks ago we received some exciting news.  The boys and I had been picked as UK brand representatives for the amazing unisex tights/clothing company, Slugs & Snails.  I have been a fan of S&S really ever since they first began, as Kat (the creator) will testify.  I reviewed a pair on the blog years ago and my boys have had Slugs & Snails tights in their draws at all times.  Even now, aged 6, Ethan will happily wear tights.  He either wears them as an extra layer of warmth in winter or under shorts or dungarees in colder months.  He loves S&S in particular because they are bright and fun.

Kat created S&S because she felt there was a gap in the market for tights that were unisex.  It was something that I had spotted as well which is why I ended up finding her tights.  Like Kat, when Ethan was born I wanted to help keep him warm.  The solution is tights or leg warmers but it was quite tricky to find tights that weren't overtly "girly" (gah, detest that word) or frilly.  Now, I will push the boundaries when it comes to what I put my boys in and I was happy enough to buy "girls" tights for Ethan.  He had purple spotty ones.  Pink ones.  It wasn't an issue for me.  But it did create some stares.  As he got older, the issue continued.  Whilst I didn't mind putting him in "girls" tights, I'm not much of a pink fan.  It'd be the same regardless of the sex of my child.  I just don't like a lot of pink!  And so, discovering S&S was a great joy to me.  To be able to buy tights in a good array of colours with some fantastic child and adult pleasing prints on was wonderful.

I still continue to get some looks and raised eyebrows when people realise my boys are wearing tights.  I remember giving some of Felix's old pairs to a friend's wife for their baby daughter.  She had a very funny look on her face and she said "Where did you get the tights from?" I told her that they were Felix's, that he used to wear them.  She looked incredulous! However, we also get a great deal of compliments!

Just look at the wonderful bounty we received from S&S this week!!

Slugs and Snails unisex tights and clothing

I was bowled over.   Felix will be able to wear different tights every day of the week! Perfect timing for winter too.  Even more wonderfully, Kat branched out into clothing and Mama sized tights last year so the boys were sent some beautiful dungarees and elf hooded tops.  And a pair of tights for me so we can all match!  You all know how I love to twin.  I wonder if we could wear our Duns radishes and our S&S tights at the same time.......

Boys in tights?  What do you think?  Practical or weird?

Now it's over to you guys.  Got any kids fashion posts?  Please link them up below!  I would like to say a BIG thank you to my new co-host, Hannah of Make, Do and Push for hosting two weeks in a row - thanks gorgeous!  I don't know how she manages so well with a toddler and non sleeping baby.  Puts me to shame.   I would also like to wish her a happy first wedding anniversary :-)

The rules of the link are simple:

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Thanks guys and Happy Friday! X

Monday, 14 September 2015


Hey guys!

As our house move is imminent, I need to get rid of stuff.. Boo! I'm trying not to cry.  I have to be realistic though, I can't keep everything.  So, at present, my eBay account is full to bursting with goodies.  Everything from 6 months to 6 years and some ladies stuff to boot.  It's worth checking out to grab some bargains!  All fantastic brands, Molo, Katvig, Polarn.  Independents too!

Head over here!

Katvig, Smafolk, Molo, Little Bird, The Mini Classy, Bobo Choses, Brights and Stripes, Zara, H&M

Friday, 11 September 2015

Funky Kid Friday - changes afoot!

I have exciting news my lovelies!  It has been more than apparent that I have been struggling with hosting FKF in recent times.. because I suck at blogging/being a blogger/life has been getting in the way.  The super lovely Hannah who writes over at Make, Do and Push contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in having a co-host and I bit her text finger off!

Sooooo... as from now, Hannah and I will host Funky Kid Friday TOGETHER! Yay!  I for one am very excited about this.  I'm happy to have some "new blood" involved, as it were, I'm happy because I like Hannah and her blog.  I love her style, ethos.  There are a lot of similarities between us (love of non gender specific kids clothes, home birth, hypno birthing) so I think we'll do a great job.  It'll take a bit of pressure off me which is just as well because IT LOOKS LIKE WE'LL BE MOVING HOUSE IN UNDER TWO WEEKS OH HELL!!!!

I'm hosting this week, Hannah will host next week and so on.  Other than having two hosts, it'll be the same as ever.  Link up your new, and old, if you wish, kids fashion posts.  Please do visit others who join in.  Comment here, comment there, comment everywhere!  Spread the word.  Tweet us so we can RT your links.  Link back to whoever is hosting that week in your post (please do do this, it's a big part of it) and then get excited, because it might be your post that gets picked as our favorite from that week!

That very neatly brings me on to my top pick from last week.  I adored all 4 from last week but the item of clothing I most loved was Addison's Gardner & The Gang dress.  A brand who I've known about for a while now and do like, but for some reason have never bought.  Addy looking so cool has made me think I really need to rectify that!  If you want to read again, pop over here to Kara's lovely blog.

Now.  On to this week.  The linky is below.  As I'm a bit snowed (clothed) under this week (I've got to sort out a pile of clothing that needs to be sold that is now taller than me!) I'm just going to link a post of mine from earlier in the week below.  Please link up your own, and.. you know the drill!

Next week we'll be over to Make Do & Push to link up!

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Seasons change; practical AW15 fashions for kids

September.  One of my favorite months.  Of course, it is the month that sees the return to school and the end of the summer but I often find that weather in September is lovely.  Days are often quite warm and sunny but there is the added benefit of slightly snugglier nights in and dewy morning mists with autumnal fragrances in the air.  Autumn, that season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

Leaving June and July far behind, it's the time of year where layers are extremely useful.  It's not quite time to bring out the winter coat, it's not cold enough.  But the winds can bite and the rains come down all year round!!  I find with my boys it works well if they wear a fleece and then we carry a fold up mac or thin raincoat which can be used on top.

A brand I think do this very well are Joules.  Their fleeces are warm and very soft.  Soft being key with my boys and many children I think!  No one likes scratchy clothing!  The Joules clothing range includes a variety of coats and jackets ranging from thinner fold up rain macs.  These are great for popping over thick jumpers or fleeces but also easy to carry around.  I like to keep pack up macs in our car for emergencies!  I also keep one for myself in our buggy shopping bag.  You never know!  It's true that you can pick up cheaper rain macs but I can vouch for the quality in these, something you appreciate when the rains start to fall and the wind blows.  The elastic is tight enough and the zips are tough.  I've been caught out before in cheap macs and ended up wet and freezing!

Joules Hunter Kids Autumn 2015

I don't just think about coats in Autumn,  I take a good look our wellies, check they still fit and, most importantly, check they are watertight!  Another thing I've learnt to check from experience.  Puddles aren't quite so much fun when you can actually feel them!  Over the years we've had various brands of wellies but my favorites have to be Hunter and Joules (again!).  We all currently have Hunter but Ethan just grew out of his Joules mustache print wellies (can't wait for Felix to fit them!) and I just had to replace my pheasant print ones are a few years hard use!  I rate both brands for wellies, they are hard wearing, warm and have chunky soles with good grip.  Very useful when chasing a two year old around a muddy wood!

What are your essentials for Autumn?  Anything you can't do without?  I'd love to know!

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Decor inspiration for kids rooms

I've mentioned a few times that we are moving house.  Ever since we accepted an offer on our house and had our offer accepted on another house, I have been thinking about decorating.  I am slightly scared of the work that will need doing when we move (bathrooms, kitchen, carpets etc) but I am very excited about having a blank canvas again!

The rooms I am most excited about are the boys rooms.  Decorating children's rooms is so much fun.  One of the reasons I love Instagram so much is that there's just so much wonderful kids decor inspiration on there.  I think my boys already have pretty cool rooms but I'm looking forward to starting afresh in the new place.

I'm thinking white walls, feature posters/walls, cool shelves..  My boys already have the makings of super cool rooms but I think with the right carpets and walls they could really come alive.  Ethan likes the idea of a Minecraft theme so we're thinking maybe a Minecraft mural on one of the walls.  He's asked if his bedding could be made to look like a Minecraft bed (easy enough, a red duvet cover and a white pillow case!).  I love the idea of getting Ethan a high sleeper at some point.  I adore the way high sleepers allow you even more floor space to play with.  Plus you get the thrill of sleeping up high.. And, to be entirely honest, it's one of those things I always wanted as kid but never got.  Like a slide from a bed.  Wow, I would love something like that.. Nothing like vicariously living through your child!

For Felix, I want to go very Monochrome.  I am in the process of making a car play mat for him.  I fell in love with a car mat/rug that H&M were selling, it was black and white, but it went out of stock far too quickly.  So I thought, why not make my own?  I've bought a large piece of black faux leather/PVC type material and a white fabric pen.  I'm going to cut it to size and then draw on roads and a town!  I hope that it'll look good and make a nice focal point for his new room.  I'll have to feature that on the blog when it's done.

Humpty Dumpty room decoration, homify, kids bedrooms, monochrome
Designer: Humpy Dumpty Room Decoration via homify
I think the biggest issue I'm going to have is knowing when to stop.  Probably never.  What with Instagram, Pinterest and all the other websites dedicated to decor inspiration I'm going to need a bottomless purse!  Talking of cool inspirational websites, I stumbled across homify.  I think they have images of just about everything decor-wise you could imagine on there!  Slides from beds?  Check! Colour schemes? Check.  It's endless.

Image Source: homify.  Designer: Raumdeuter
I'm not sure if I ever will live out the fantasy of a slide from a bed but it is such an epic idea.  What I love about all these cool rooms is how they inspire creativity and imagination.  I can't imagine a child wanting to leave rooms like these either, which is great for parents;  nice and easy to have a cheeky cake, coffee and book break that way!

I love the colours used by designer Desjeux Delaye in this room.  It still has a monochrome feel.  I love the softness of the grey and the colour pop of the blue.  Good sturdy looking ladder as well!

Designer: Desjeux Delaye via homify
For now, I will have to be happy with taking screenshots from websites, pinning on Pinstagram and loving photos on Insta.. in the hopes that one day soon folks will be doing the same with the images I share of my boys news rooms!  Not long now, I hope...

Where do you like to get decoration inspiration from?  Or are you a source of inspiration yourself?!

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Save Syria's Children

It Could Have Been Me #SaveSyriasChildren

I don't think I need to tell you what this blog post is about.  I don't think I need to mention that photo.  This week the refugee crisis in Syria has become pretty much all anyone is talking about.  Of course, it has been happening for years.  All summer long we have heard about drownings and deaths due to people fleeing their homes in an attempt to seek safety.  It took one distressing photograph to bring this to a head though.

I am a mother.  Seeing the photograph of that darling little boy washed up on a beach broke my heart.  It is stuck in my head on replay.  Every time I close my eyes I see him.  My thoughts when I saw that photo were "What if?"  What if that were my child?  Ever since becoming a parent I've been plagued by the thought that I might loose my children.  That they might go to sleep one night and never wake again.  That a car will run them over.  That they will get cancer.  Those things could happen, of course they could, and I pray they don't.. but.. but, due to where I live, in a comfortable home, with a regular income and with little threat to my safety, I can be pretty sure my child isn't going to die at sea after a desperate attempt to reach a safe place.

So much happens in this world of ours that I feel helpless to change.  So often we are caught up in the minutiae of our daily lives.  Getting the kids to school, getting food on the table, trying to keep up with hobbies, friends, family, our fitness.  Something about this photograph has made almost all of us stop and think for a moment though.  It's like that saying, "There but for the grace of God go I".  If we had been born elsewhere, we might not be worrying about whether we will be 1 minute late for school but if we will even make it down our street alive.

This week I have been struck by the desire to do SOMETHING to help in this crisis.  I am not in a position to take a refugee in to my home.  I don't have a heap of spare money.  What I do have, though, is a small social media presence.  I am part of a wonderful community of bloggers and together we are hoping to make a difference.  There are various ways we can help in this crisis, there's an Amazon wish list that has been set up to help refugees in Calais.  There are various charities offering to collect up care packages (spare clothing, toys, toiletries, food) and charities like Save The Children are accepting donations to help the refugees.

As for us, we are trying to raise awareness and encourage donations by sharing photographs of our children.  It's a small and simple thing to do but we hope one that will attract attention and draw donations in.  Because we need people to know about this.  We need them to be educated and we need to help in any way we can.  We are human,  The refugees are human.  They are in need and we CAN help.


Save The Children - Donation terms & conditions

Make a web donation.

Save The Children - Syria Appeal

Friday, 4 September 2015

Funky Kid Friday - AW15

It's Friday, so it must be Funky Kid!  Here we are for our weekly fashion fix..

I have to be honest, over the last few weeks I've been debating whether to keep FKF running or whether to throw in the Bobo Choses towel.. I know that I've not done it justice for a while.  I am rubbish at actually commenting on your lovely posts and I feel terrible about that.  I know that I need to make more effort.  Otherwise what is the point in you guys linking up?  I know this is a small linky but it's never going to get any bigger if I can't even make the effort with a few peeps joining in.  I think I find it tricky because at the moment the only time I can really do blog stuff is when Felix is at nursery.  Which is for 5 hours a week.  In those 5 hours I have to try to fit in the house work and other chores as well.  Felix continues to be a very full on child who requires constant interaction and supervision.  He doesn't really nap any more, is often not asleep until 8:30/9pm and wakes at 5:30am.  There is very little time for anything!  Everything in my life has slipped.  Exercise?  Forget it!  Anything I want to do comes at the cost of me getting enough sleep.  As we are in the process of moving house I am trying to sell as many of our bits and bobs that we no longer need..  I also have various craft projects on the go.  Most nights I get to bed a bit after 1am and I'm often up with Felix by 5:30am.  So I am chronically tired.  Leading to a need for a coffee, treat and wine every day!!!  I know much of this isn't unusual for a parent of young children, but it's my reason for being a bit crappy with blogging.

All that said, I don't want to give up on FKF yet.  I'm going to try to schedule some reminders on my phone to get me to visit the blogs who've linked up.  I try not to do too much social media stuff when Felix is awake because it always seems a little neglectful to me.  I'm also going to give a little back.  I've decided to add an extra feature to FKF - my pick of my fave outfit from the previous week!  This will give you guys a little shout out :-)

OK, enough blah.  On to the fashion.  In the last few weeks we've seen super cool brands like Mini Rodini, Bobo Choses, Indikidua, Beau Loves and Pop Up Shop launching their AW15 ranges.  As these are quite high end brands, I can't afford to get everything in the collections - that would bankrupt us!! But I do try to get one or two items from most of the ranges.  So far I've bought a few Bobo items and one from Mini Rodini.

This season BoBo have an outdoorsy feel with their "The Unknown Mountain Journey".  I love all the new prints, in particular the moon print.  I'm a sucker for anything with a moon on.   I've got a moon print raglan tee for Felix, a moon print denim bag and a gorgeous snuggly warm infinity scarf - which I'll probably wear myself!

Mini Rodini are all about animals in their prints with a bit of a jungle feel this time.  I am completely in love with the peacock print so that was a must for me.  I got a sweater for Ethan to wear.  It's stunning.

Bobo Choses Mini Rodini AW15 Peacock, Moon, Mountain

As always with these brands, the quality is fantastic.  Which you would expect, for the price.  Whenever the boys are wearing their new items or I use the moon bag, I have a big smile on my face.  I love how cheering they are!

Have you bought anything from the new ranges?  Please do link up your kids fashion posts below.  Next week I'll be featuring my first fave outfit!

Happy Friday! X

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Kids and dogs are DISGUSTING...

Do you know what?  There is a little too much poop in my life right now.. and far too much poop eating for my liking.  Yes, you read that right.  There is considerably too much consumption of faeces for my tastes in my life.  Let me be entirely clear, too much poo eating is ANY poo eating. THERE SHOULD BE NO SHIT CONSUMPTION IN MY LIFE!!!

Don't worry, dear readers, it is not I who is devouring brown nuggets of nutty delight.  Not at all.  No way.  Not ever.  Well, possibly in exchange for several million pounds and instant access to a stomach pumping device.  But from day to day, no, I am not eating poo... So, who is, you are all screaming at your screens?  My child.  And dogs.

I know that dogs have slightly less discerning taste buds than our own.  Or just different tastes.  I know that dogs love a bit of fox, horse, or cat poo.. but for my taste it is taking it a little far to discover how much they enjoy the excrement of a human.  How did I first discover this, you might wonder?  Around 3 years ago we were on holiday in Cornwall.  We were staying in a lovely cosy self catering cottage set on a farm, the only other building nearby being the farmhouse.  Not surprisingly, the farm had two dogs.  These dogs were very friendly and roamed free.  They were often to be found outside the backdoor of the cottage looking for a playmate or some attention.  They were adorable.  Now, at this time, Ethan had not long been potty trained and was still using a potty in preference to the loo, especially for No.2s.  One evening he had taken himself off for a poop.  Pooing in a potty had been quite a thing to get used to for Ethan, it took 6 weeks before he would go anywhere other than in his pants.  So, at this stage, whenever he "produced" we were very full on with our praise.  It was not unusual for us to encourage him to go around the house and show off his full poopy potty to anyone who was there.  Ethan had just evacuated his bowels and was proudly making his rounds of the cottage.  He had shown Pete and he'd come into the kitchen to show me, carefully cradling the potty so as not to spill it's precious load.  At that very moment, the farm dogs came bounding to the door.  In a split second of stupidity, I said to Ethan "Oh look! The dogs are here! Why not show them your poo?  I bet they'll be impressed!".  What was I thinking?  Honestly! As soon as had he placed the potty in front of the dogs they were lapping away at the contents.  There was nothing I could do.  It took seconds and it was gone.  The dogs were smacking their chops.  Flecks of faeces were being flicked around the door frame.  I was both mortified and hysterical.  I couldn't believe we'd just fed two dogs our son's excretions.  It was an event that has stayed with us all.

Fast forward to now; this years school summer holidays has once again brought us the joy of toilet training, this time, of course, with Felix.  Felix has been out of nappies for nearly 3 weeks now and I must say has done very well.  However, it has not been without event.  We have been lucky not to experience many accidents; whilst he is young, especially for a boy, at 26 months, he is very much ready for it.  That, though, is an aside to this tale.  I am here to weave missives worthy of Point Horror fiction.

We are still in those early stages of potty/toilet training with Felix.  The stage where the potty has to be on hand, easily accessible and visible.  This week we are dog/house sitting for my parents and I have to tell you that in just three days there have been 4 'dog eating from the potty' instances.  The first was at the weekend when my brother's new pup Monty was visiting.  Felix had done his business but before I could reach the potty, dear little Monty was over there filling his face with fresh faeces.  It only went downhill from there.  On 3 occasions since I have discovered my parents dog, Alfie licking his chops after chowing down on some potty sausages and pee soup.

The thing is, I can forgive the dogs.  They are, after all, dogs.  We all know they go mad for a bit of fox poo.  I suppose it's not a great leap to indulge in child poop.  However, I am considerably more grossed out when my own child eats their excrement.  Yup, that's right.  Felix has eaten some of his own poo.  Not just once either.  The first occasion was in the bath.  He'd gone through that right of passage they all go through, the bath poo cloud bomb.  Ethan and Felix were in the bath together.  I had popped out to grab something and suddenly I heard yelps of "MUM!! Felix has done a poo in the bath!".  I rushed back in to find that Ethan had leapt out and was scrubbing himself with a towel whilst Felix sat with, frankly, a psychotic look on his face surrounded by poo, a handful of which he was fisting into his mouth with gleeful abandon.

Obviously I was completely disgusted, told him that "WE DO NOT EAT POO!" cleaned him off and removed him from the bath and hoped the matter was over.  I was wrong.  It seams to me that children have very different taste buds to us.   In fact, research supports this.  But how can anyone not be bothered by the taste of poo?  It's not like it smells good!  I have since discovered Felix sampling his own delicacies on a few occasions.. sometimes it's a quick finger up the bum and a lick.  I've even found him dipping his hand in his wee and licking it off.  He seems to delight on my disgusted reaction so it's got the point where I no longer react.  What can you do?  He's the same with pretty much everything.  This child has not grown out of putting everything in his mouth and I'm not sure he ever will.  Stones, slugs, snails.  They all get put in the mouth over and over.  He actively seeks out sand to eat by the handful.  Crayons and pencils.  They are like sweets to him.  Anything he can find on the ground or from a bin.  Old plasters.  Fag butts.   I have to watch him like a hawk.  If nothing else, I reassure myself that his immune system will be amazing when he's older!

When I became pregnant 7 years ago I had no idea of the journey I would take.  All I can say is thank goodness I have a strong stomach.  Now, where's the potty?  I fancy a snack!