Saturday 22 December 2012

Merry Christmas 2012!

Merry Christmas to you all from us!! We hope your Christmas 2012 is fantastic and that 2013 brings you all you wish for! Thank you for reading :)

Wednesday 19 December 2012

18 week bump - definitely showing.

A quick quick post.... I'm 18+4 now and there is no way you can fail to notice... This week was the first time I ventured out without a coat/jacket covering my bump and as a result my neighbours have started to notice!!! Funny.... Yes, the secret is fully out, the bump is on show.

I think once your bump pops out a bit it starts to get a bit easier to dress it... before that you're stuck in a no mans land where you're a bit too big for your normal clothes, but your bump isn't showing enough for it to be obvious that you're pregnant so you just feel kind of dumpy and don't know what to wear.. I think I'm coming out of that phase now.  I'm still wearing a mixture of maternity and non-maternity.  Generally speaking, I need maternity wear on my lower half, so it's mat jeans and tights.. Many of my dresses and tops still fit over the top quite happily.  It's quite a nice halfway house.  This is my fave look of the week so far... sorry I'm in the loo again!

Tights - Mama @ H&M
Boots - Kensington Uggs via
Dress - Primark (last year)
Cardi - New Look (earlier this year)
Belt - ebay
Snood - Primark
Hat - H&M (last year)

I've loved finding this dress at the back of my wardrobe... I didn't love it on me before being pregnant (despite adoring the print) but I feel it works really well over the bump, even if it makes the bump look bigger!! H&M Mama tights are a staple... they aren't toooo expensive and seem to be great quality.  I have 3 pairs and layer them up when it's cold.  Best of all are my Uggs though.  I really do love these.  I cannot believe how well they are coping with rain, they haven't stained and have remained watertight.  LOVE them. Comfy and warm as well....

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Wednesday 12 December 2012

17 weeks - time for a festive tee shirt

Howdy folks!

I'm 17+3 today and feeling it.... tiredness still not eased off... my restless leg syndrome has ramped up a gear, I still have a blocked nose most of the day and sleep sitting up.  It's wonderful, I'm really glowing.  NOT.  I just keep thinking about the 20 week scan.  It'll be lovely to reach that "half way point", to know what we're having and hopefully to get a tiny bit more energy!

Although I'm not feeling physically my best, I'm trying hard to keep upbeat.  It helps that Christmas is round the corner, so I'm keeping everything festive.  This includes the annual "bringing out" of my festive tee shirt from Cath Kidston.  I've had it for a few years now, 4 I think, and it comes out every year in the run up to the big day!!  I love this tee shirt, it always makes me smile, and quite often other people as well when they spot it!

I'm afraid my photos are a bit rubbish this week, I took a few when I was in the loo at my local coffee haunt.   yeah, I'm so classy!!  So, my apologies for that!!

Hat - M&Co
Coat - Red Herring Maternity
Tee shirt - Cath Kidston (old)
Jeans - Topshop Maternity (2009)
Kensington Uggs -
Jewellery - Stella & Dot (you can buy via me, stylist I.D. 145279)

My jeans are from my previous pregnancy and I'm still very fond of them. "Pippa" skinny maternity jeans from Topshop. They really are a "true" skinny, a lovely fit. Loved them last time, glad I have them to wear again!! Also really really thankful I bought this hat a few months back because it barely gets above freezing at the moment and it's so handy. Between the faux fur collar on my coat and this hat, I don't need to wear a scarf. I do love my scarves, but sometimes it's easier not to have to worry about grabbing one before leaving on the school run!!

I just want to take this opportunity to say a bit thank you to everyone who reads, comments and follows my blog. It's been about a year since I started to make a huge effort with it and it's paid off. I'm not one of the biggest blogs out there, but I've carved out a nice little niche for myself which I'm happy with. So, thank you for helping making that happen. I hope I can keep at it in the new year!! In the meantime, I feel I need a break from all things blog, so with Christmas coming up, I hope you won't mind if I take 2-3 weeks off... There's a chance I might feel like I have a quick blog post I want to type up in that time, but just at the moment, the blog is starting to feel a bit like a chore. I know I need a break. Normal service will resume in the new year, when I will be over 20 weeks and hopefully feel refreshed and ready to start again!! Don't abandon me forever and have a lovely lovely Christmas and New Year!!

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Friday 7 December 2012

Glow Blocks review

DKL Marketing Ltd very kindly gave Ethan and I some very cool building blocks to review a little while back.  They are made by Wonderworld and they are a little more exciting than your average building blocks because.... THEY GLOW IN THE DARK! Oh yes.... you can bet this got Ethan all excited!!

I'll admit that Ethan doesn't do as much building with blocks as I thought he would, but when I showed him these Glow Blocks, his interest increased.  Since then, he's been getting them out of their box whenever he fancies it and building "little towns" on his car mat for his cars to drive around.  Best of all, when they've been exposed to light for a while, we can switch off the lights, close the curtains and enjoy the glow coming from the blocks!!  I will say that they do have to be exposed to a decent amount of light before they glow though.

These blocks are a pleasure to play with. They are eye-catching, bright and nice and chunky.  Easy to hold and build with and the variety of shapes is excellent.  We like them at our house!

This set of Glow Blocks retails at £19.99 can can be purchased from various places including Amazon and Play Merrily Toys.

Thursday 6 December 2012

TEN Skincare review

Did you know I'm pregnant?  You didn't? Where have you been?  Ok, ok, I know that you know...When I was pregnant with Ethan was hugely paranoid about stretch marks.  As it turns out, I was lucky, I didn't get any.  Whether this is down to my genes or skincare routine, I don't know for sure.  I suspect genes have a big part to play - my Mum doesn't have stretch marks after having my brother and I.. however, I'm not one to take a risk and leave it up to chance. Last time I applied Bio Oil and other lotions and potions liberally, twice a day, if not more when my skin was feeling tight and stretched at the end..  I'm not writing about Bio Oil today though.  No, lucky old me, the lovely people at Clever Skin Care have given me some stretch mark cream from TEN Skincare to try out.

I've been using this cream for about 6 weeks now I believe, applying it every day, most days twice a day (unless I forget).  I'm applying it all over my belly, the tops of my legs, side/hips and on my boobs.  My first impressions were good.  The cream is a lovely consistency and has a nice smell.  It's not overpowering at all, just a nice light fragrance.  It sinks into skin nicely though of course massaging it in is one of the huge benefits!  Now, as I said above, I suspect my genes have treated me well in the stretch mark department, but there is something I do suffer with that this cream is REALLY helping with.  Itching.  My breasts aren't small normally, but when pregnant they become vast (I'm not joking, last time I reached a 30J).  All that growing and stretching equals sore itchy skin for me.  Applying this time twice a day is reducing the itching I feel considerably.  I really notice on the days when I forget to apply it - my boobs are much itchier.  So, in my mind, this cream is worth it's weight in gold just for the anti-itch properties!!  Just something to note, before I used this cream I used other moisturisers on my boobs but they made no difference.  I'm not saying that there isn't something else out there that would help as well, but the fact is, this cream is helping me!!

Stretch mark wise, it's too early to tell I think.  Scientific evidence tends to suggest that it's not so much the properties of anti stretch mark creams that make a difference, but the actual act of moisturising and massaging you skin regularly.  That is quite probably the case, but if you ask most women, I think you'll find they air on the side of caution and buy some sort of "bump" cream to apply when pregnant!!! I know I did last time, and when this one runs out, I will again!

Something I like about TEN Skincare is their philosophy - a good mixture of science and nature (isn't' that the name of a Bluetones album - I love them!).  As much as I can, I try to use "natural" products on my skin. I'm a big Lush fan and my body moister of choice is by Jergens Naturals.  This anti-stretch mark cream has lots of lovely ingredients including jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil and shea butter. It doesn't include parabens, ethanol, SLES, formaldehyde, dyes, colour, phtalates, lanolin, soap, paraffin mineral oil and nitrosamine. This makes it safe for you and your baby when it arrives - great news if you are continuing to apply the cream to your breast area and are breastfeeding!

Would I recommend TEN stretch mark cream? Yes, I would. In particular I would recommend it to friends who I know are suffering from itchy, stretched skin. Is it worth the money? Well, it's not cheap (RRP is around £34.50 for 200ml and you can buy TEN Skincare from Clever Skin Care) but I feel it's going to last a long time. So far it's lasted me a couple of months almost and I still have loads left - this is with applying twice a day. You never know, it might last the whole pregnancy. Last time I must have spent at least £40 if not more on Bio Oil... All in all, it gets a thumbs up from me!

***I was provided with TEN Stretch Mark Cream to try out and review for free but I have not received any compensation and all views provided are my own***

Wednesday 5 December 2012

16 weeks - some disapointment

Today I had my 16 week appointment with the midwives (I'm actually 16+4).  I was quite excited.  Well, there aren't many appointments with your second, so any appointment is a source of excitement   It also forces me to focus on what we're actually doing because most of the time I'm too busy with Ethan, going to and from pre-school, doing housework, food shopping, blogging, stella & dot work, organising stuff for Christmas.. the usual, most of the time I forget to actually "connect" with this growing bump.  I don't quite forget I'm pregnant due to the fact that the nausea hasn't completely left, my boobs are still growing (by the second it feels) and are terribly itchy, I still get odd cravings and feel hungry all the time, I'm always exhausted and my bump is growing.  But it's almost like it's not connected to the growth of a new human.  Just a load of stuff that's happening to me on top of every day life.

So... yes, it's nice to have an appointment.  To stop and take stock.  To think about the fact that 5 and a bit months from now (maybe 6) we will have another child.

Unfortunately, my good mood was soon destroyed during my appointment today.  When I went in for my booking in appointment I told my midwife I would like a home birth   She was happy with that as my choice, didn't mention any issues, wrote it down in my book and that was that.  Since then I've been happily planning the birth I want in my head.  What music I'd have, how to hire a birthing pool, where to put it in the house and all the other bits (ironically as I write this an advert for Call The Midwife is playing).  I've been getting really excited about it.  I don't want to go to hospital if I can avoid it.  I don't want to have to go on a ward again.  I hated it.  I know no one really likes it, but I think my PND was compounded by the night we spent on the ward.  I felt so scared, so alone.  There was so much noise, I didn't sleep a wink.  That lack of sleep (after the 30+ hour labour) compounded my tiredness and it all spiralled down from there.  I know there isn't always very much control in birth and labour, but whatever control I can have, I want to have.

I digress... Today I saw a different midwife (as often you do) and I mentioned the home birth to her.  Her face dropped straight away and she proceeded to tell me that despite her and her colleagues being huge advocates of home birth, it's not something they recommend.  She told me "It's an option, but I have to tell you that most ladies who opt for a home birth in our area end up giving birth on their own because no one can  get to them on time".  She even told me if I were to call an ambulance it might take up to 40 minutes to get to me.  She went on to explain how it works on an "on call" basis, which is fine, but the area they cover is HUGE.  Far too large for the number on midwives who are on call at any one time.

I feel my dreams have been shattered.  I appreciate this is the reality of the situation   I don't know where to go from here.  The midwife told me I can still have home birth as an option, but is it really a valid option?  It doesn't feel like it when someone tells you that in the same breath as telling you that safety of the baby is the most important thing and that you may be left to give birth on your own.

I honestly can't express how disappointed I am about this.  I know this isn't a countrywide issue.  My friend who lives in London is having a home birth with her baby (due in January) and from the get go she has received nothing but support and confirmation that unless complications arise  her baby will be born at home, as she wants.  I feel jealous of that.  Terrible useless emotion, I know..  I also know that 5 years down the line, most likely all this won't really matter as long as I have a healthy child at the end of it.  It's just so bitterly frustration to have choices removed from you.  I feel like the carpet has been pulled from beneath my feet.

I'll get over it.  I have to.  This is the reality of the situation.  But today, I feel low :(

Tuesday 4 December 2012

Trendy Tuesday - Festive Tops!

I had a little break from Trendy Tuesday last week.  I'm still not quite over this cold (16 days and counting) so that combined with pregnancy leaves me feeling very drained and tired a lot of the time.  Pete (hubby) is now quite poorly with it as well so I have a patient to look after.  Combine all of that with getting ready for Christmas, I'm tired... and blogging is falling behind a bit.  I might take a bit of a break for a week or two over Christmas, I'm feeling the need for some time away from it all, it's starting to feel more like a chore than a passion...

Anyhoo, on to today's subject for Trendy Tuesday.  Festive clothing!  I love a bit of Christmas clothing, I'm a sucker for anything with a fairisle print, or snowflakes.. Even better though is something with Father Christmas on.  This year I've found my No.1 favourite Christmas top EVER.  It's designed by one of my favourite brands, Smafolk and I bought it via  They don't have any in stock now unfortunately.  Luckily I'm signed up for their emails so as soon as they had them in stock I was able to dash over there and click buy BUY BUY!!  I'm glad I did.  I love it.  I got it a size too big so it should do Ethan for this year and next.  I'll be happy to see it come out again!

I've bought a couple of other festive tops for Ethan this year, one (pictured above) I bought in a charity shop for 75p (originally from Asda) and the other is a fantastic knitted reindeer jumper from Primark.  I got myself a very similar one so Ethan and I can look really cheesy!! Unfortunately I don't seem to have a photo of it on my laptop or phone, but believe me, I will have pics of us wearing them over the next few weeks!!

Do you like to buy "festive" clothing?  Do you buy a special outfit for your children to wear on Christmas Day?  Something else I like to do for Ethan is to buy new pyjamas to wear on Christmas Eve night - all part of the excitement!!  I wonder if others do that.

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Sunday 2 December 2012

Cold weather - time for boots (Cloggs Boots Review)

It's late on Sunday evening and I'm sat downstairs tapping away on my laptop.  Ethan is fast asleep and hubby is in bed due to the evil cold I've had for the last 2 weeks taking a grip on him.  Our gorgeous Christmas tree is up and smells wonderful.  I'm feeling quite festive!  We've had a busy week and what with the cold dragging on, I'm looking forward to the wind down to Christmas now.  Don't be surprised if my blog gets even quieter!

In baby news, I'm now 16 weeks and I feel SO SO HUGE.  I'm finding it really hard to get my head around after being so small when I carried Ethan.  I know it's different second time around, but honestly, I feel like it's getting out of hand.  I don't think I'm eating too much, but maybe I am!  I'm starting to get quite worried about loosing the weight post birth.  I know, I'm being silly, but it's the way my mind works!!

Beret - H&M
Scarf - New Look
Cardigan - H&M Maternity
Tops (underneath) - New Look & H&M (old)
Skirt - H&M 
Tights - H&M Maternity
Socks - H&M
Boots -

You might remember I mentioned my gorgeous new Ugg boots recently?  Well, kindly asked me if I would like to review another pair of boots for them.  Cloggs have brought out their own Merino wool boots (similar to Uggs) as part of their Signature Range. There are two styles to choose from, The Catherine, a short boot and The Victoria, a tall boot.  Both styles are available in chestnut (like tan) or black.  I chose to review a The Victoria in Black which retail at £89.99.

Now, I've tried quite a few pairs of Ugg "substituites" over the years and to be honest, never really been impressed by any of them.  There are the dirt cheap "fashion" ones you can pick up in places like Primark or New Look which in my experience are so poor they are pretty much slippers... Then there are brands like Bearpaw.  I had a pair of Bearpaw boots.  As much as they were a vast improvement on "store own brand" styles, there was something about them that just didn't work for me so I sold my pair... After that, I just decideded to save up and buy a pair of "real" Uggs.  I've never looked back.

I have to say that for £89.99 I feel these boots by Cloggs are good value for money.  Yes, they aren't quite in the same legue as Uggs, but for less than half the price they are a good alternative.  The lining isn't quite so thick, but I've actually found that quite handy because I love the look of thick tights and socks worn with boots.
The Victoria - Merino Wool - Black
Image source -

I think the outer of the boot is great.  I love the detail on the back, or as Cloggs call it the "crown stamped back plate".  It adds a little something, makes them stand out and not look cheap.  My absolute favourite thing about these boots, though, has to be the sole.  Described by Cloggs as a "Snowflake anti-slip sole".  These boots are a dream to walk in because of this sole.  It is so flexible and the grip is excellent.  I would rate the sole on these boots higher than those on genuine Uggs.  Walking is comfortable because they flex with your foot.  A big thumbs up from me on that score!  Would I buy these boots myself? Yes, I would.    Value for money, they look good and feel comfy.  Well done Cloggs!

Before I go, I thought I'd share a few snapshots of our Christmas decorations and tree.  Are yours up yet?  We decided the 1st December was the right time for us, but I know that's too early for some.  Ethan is so excited this year.  It's his 4th Christmas and this time he really really GETS it.  I thought he did last year, but he understands so much more this year.  He keeps asking for snow bless him because he wants to "make a snow castle and the snowman" (note, not "a snowman" but THE SNOWMAN!!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend - have a fantastic Monday!

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Wednesday 28 November 2012

Bump Fashion - week 15

Slowly I'm getting over this horrible cold and finding a little more energy to dress nicely again.  Thought I still feel like living in PJs really..  I can't bring myself to drop Ethan at preschool or do the food shopping in them though!! I've seen people who do and I'm not a fan... Anyway, I digress.. Today I'm going to show you the other pair of skinny jeans I got from ASOS:

Stripe vest top - Asda
Plain vests - H&M
Batwing top - New Look
Maternity Jeans - ASOS
Kensington Ugg Boots -
Necklace - charity shop

I love the colour of these jeans, just as I love the green pair.  It's so lovely not to feel drab and dowdy when pregnant.  The only issue I have with both pairs is that they tend to get baggy and fall down.  I'm not sure if that's because I need a size bigger because the legs are quite thin/tight so maybe not staying up as well as they could.  I used the adjustable sides to make them as tight as possible at the top which helps a little but they aren't perfect.  Perhaps I'll buy another pair and try the next size up just for comparison..  For £11 though I'm happy with them.

What do you think of this top?  It's not a maternity top.  It is a bit of an odd item I think, a bit like a net bag or string vest.  I like it enough though.  It's working quite well with my bump I think because it's baggy.  I can wear it over tight vests/tops but not feel like I'm shoving my bump in everyone's face!  It was only a fiver so worth it.

Again I'm rocking my Kensington Uggs from Cloggs.  I am really really loving them.  Over a week of wearing them and they are so comfy and so cosy.  I was wearing them today walking to and from preschool and was very glad of my toasty toes.  They are coping well in rain showers as well.  Love them.

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Monday 26 November 2012

15 Weeks

OK, so I'm a bit more than 15 weeks now, but only by a few days.  It's a good title for this post anyway.  I want to start recording this pregnancy before I get much further into it.

So, here we are, definitely in the second trimester now.  I'm still feeling tired and I'm still getting nausea.  Perhaps 16 weeks will herald a change.

This pregnancy is very different from the last one (Ethan).  I don't know whether it's down to being 4 years older, having a 3 1/2 year old, faded memory or just different symptoms, or maybe all of those, but it seems different to me.  This pregnancy is proving far harder.  I am SO much more tired than I was with Ethan, even though I was working.  I suspect that in general my days are much busier and more physical than they were when I was working.  Though of course I had to be in work, I was mostly sat at my desk all day which, whilst uncomfortable as I got bigger, was easy.  There's so much more day to day housework (house-maintainance!) these days, walking Ethan to and from preschool, picking up toys all day long.  Plus, there's my blog, my Stella & Dot work and all the Christmas craft I'm trying to fit in.  I'm done in.  If my blog is quieter these days, please bear with me because that's why.

On top of tiredness, I seem to have cold after cold and this current one (now on day 8) is still dragging on.  I can't breath through my nose well so nights are proving hard. A good reminder of what's to come!

Last pregnancy, I was tired, but not this tired.  My allergies cleared up, this time they haven't.  My skin was great last time, this time it's terrible.  My boobs are MUCH MUCH sorer and have got bigger even quicker. I am generally bigger much earlier than I was last time.  My nausea is worse, far worse.  Part of me would love to tell myself "it's different because this time it's a girl!" but I'm not going to tell myself that.  I would love a girl, really really love it.  But I keep telling myself it'll be a boy.  We plan to find out at my 20 week scan.  Talking of which, I need to book that!  No one told me when I was at the hospital for my 12 week scan that I needed to book my 20 week scan whilst I was there.  It's only since I've spoken to friends that they've told me that's what I was supposed to do. Why did no one tell me?!!

I'm opting for a home birth this time round.  As long as nothing goes wrong, that's what I should get.  Just have to hope this little one doesn't come as late as Ethan did otherwise it'll cause problems with a home birth.  I need to start getting my butt in gear, finding out about hiring a birthing pool.  Anyone reading, did you have a home birth, in particular a home water birth?  I don't know many people who have.  Everyone I tell makes a face at me... a "are you mad?!" face.  Perhaps I am, but I know I don't want to be in hospital unless necessary.

I'm definitely showing now, although some people insist I'm not.  I think it's because they only see me when I have my (baggy maternity  coat on or a dress and a cardi.  I definitely am though.  The bump gets bigger as they day goes on and is really quite comical by the end of the day.

I'll show you a comparison photo so you can see I'm bigger this time.  I couldn't find a 15 week photo for last time, I managed to find an 18 week one and I'm still smaller than I am now.  Also, I'm wearing the same pj bottoms in each photo... hehe!!! The mirror has changed though.  See what you think:

At least the pjs are still going strong even if I feel a wreck.

I've got to sign off for the night now.  I don't think I'll manage a Trendy Tuesday tomorrow because I'm going to be busy, got to try and get some Christmas shopping and crafting done.  It's all getting a bit too close for comfort and I don't feel very organised!

Bear with me whilst the blog is in flux!

Thursday 22 November 2012

Hippychick all in one waterproof review

I've been writing over at Direct2Mum today.  You can check out my review of a fantastic Hippychick waterproof over here!

Wednesday 21 November 2012

Kensington Uggs - my new "go to" boots

I won't deny I like Ugg boots.  I know lots of people hate them, think they are chunky, unattractive and impractical   Each to their own - though I do suspect many people who hold that opinion are basing it on a) fake Uggs they've seen on people, the ones that tend to go baggy and make people scuff along the floor when they walk and b) have never worn a (genuine) pair.  They are just so comfy.

I bought my first pair of Uggs (short classic in a tan colour) when we were on honeymoon in America.  I knew I'd be able to get them for a good price there due to the exchange rate (there's no denying that Uggs are pricey).  I bought them in Macys in San Francisco.  They travelled through 9 different states with us and then came back on the plane, keeping my feet lovely and snugg.  I still have them now and still wear them.  I have looked after them very well and they are still in good condition.  I don't think I could ever part with them due to where they came from and where they've been....

Whilst I love my classic Uggs, it has to be said that they don't fair well in the rain.  I don't wear them in the rain at all.  If it even looks like it might rain, I won't put them on.  Even though they don't go in the rain at all, I still keep them protected with sheepskin protector.  Just in case!  However, I've always lusted after a pair of Ugg like boots that would keep my feet toasty but that I wouldn't have to worry about (so much) in the rain... I then discovered the Kensington Uggs on  Now, these are leather boots, not suede and as such, won't go sopping wet in the rain.  I don't suppose you could call them "waterproof" exactly.  They are leather and we all know leather can stain and be affected by water, buuuuuuuuuuuuut they are infinitely more practical that classic suede Uggs.  You can even polish them if you want to make them repel water!

Glasses - Gok @ Specsavers
Earrings - Room.31
Cardigan - New Look (old)
Dress - ASOS Maternity
Necklace & Ring - New Look (old)
Navy tights - H&M Maternity
Kensington Uggs -

I'd read online that you should by the size up from your normal size, but I didn't because in my experience  when you wear Uggs, the wool inside gets flattened down over time, moulding to your feet and if you buy the next size up, within a couple of weeks you could have a saggy wobbly pair of boots.  I'm glad I stuck with this choice because when they arrived on Monday and I slipped them on, they were perfect.  They went on like a dream, I didn't have to yank and pull to get them on.  They are firmer and hold their shape better than classic Uggs due to the leather being stronger.  I've already worn them out in the rain and they coped well.  I think you'll be seeing a lot of these boots on my blog from now on!!

I couldn't be happier with my new boots!!  I have to say I'm very happy with the customer service I received from Cloggs as well, I've used them quite a few times over the last few years and I've always been pleased.  My packages come quickly, everything is well packaged.  Most of all though, they have great prices.  Their Ugg boots are often a good £20-£25 cheaper than on other sites and they have free postage which helps.

I'm linking up today with Transatlantic Blonde, The Pleated Poppy and Everybody Everywhere.  Thank you for reading! x

***All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own. very kindly offered me 40% off my new boots in exchange for a feature on my blog***

Tuesday 20 November 2012

Trendy Tuesday - Hatley & Emma Levine

Have you seen Hatley children's clothing?  I'm sure you have, even if you didn't realise.  Their clothes are perfect for children with their cute designs and repeating patterns.  Admittedly it isn't a "cheap" clothing brand, but if you're buying something like a coat which is going to be worn a lot and over a 6-12 month period (or longer if you are Ethan, he's not big!) I think they are a good brand to choose.

About two years ago I spotted a gorgeous Hatley coat with a tractor design in a shop that was closing down.  I was able to snap it up for a bargain because they were closing (sad that they were closing, but what can you do?!) I believe I paid £14.99 which is about half of the RRP.  The only thing was Ethan already had a coat, and one in the next size up, so I bought it in age 3.  I do that a lot...  Anyway, the time has come for him to wear it at last!  His apple print coat from Smafolk still fits him and is fine, but it's a thin material.  It's getting quite chilly here at the moment and that's where the Hatley coat comes in handy.  It's waterproof but has a nice cosy terry lining as well to keep out the chill.  Ethan is enjoying the tractor print as well!

What do you think?  Do you like?  I belive Hatley are stocked in lots of different places from large department stores like John Lewis, online retailers like Amazon and from lots of independant shops (such as the one I got Ethan's from).  I will admit I'm hankering after some more Hatley items...  For example, they have a lot of clothing with moose on them, and I LOVE moose:

Image source: Amazon
I'm a bit mad over this waterproof suit, it's gorgeous.. Maybe something for the new baby.  I think it'd be ok for a boy or a girl.  I know it's perhaps leaning a little more to the "girly" spectrum, but what the heck!

Image source: Amazon

I've had my attention brought to another gorgeous children's clothing brand, Emma Levine.  This brand started up in 2011 catering for girls aged 0-9 initially, but as of this Autumn/Winter, they now cater for boys. The ethos behind Emma Levine is to provide designer quality and style but at a fraction of the price.  I think they do a good job.  Yes, they aren't Primark prices, but if you are after a gorgeous knit or a special outfit, I think they are worth baring in mind!! Here are my top picks:

For boys: 
peace love calm boys top   no flies on me baby shirt

For girls:

patchwork dress winter pines baby dress

You can look at the whole range here.  Images are from the Emma Levine website.

Right, that's enough rambling from me!! It's over to you now.  It's Trendy Tuesday so I want to see what the young trendies in your life have been rocking.  It's simple to do, write up a blog post and follow these rules!

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**This is not a sponsored post, I haven't been paid to mention these companies, I am just expressing my own thoughts and opinions!**

Sunday 18 November 2012

Bumping with style?!

Hello folks!  Last time I was writing about my lack of (nice) maternity wear and what I would by (from ASOS in particular) if I could afford it.  Well, my Mum very kindly handed my Christmas money last week, so as soon as I'd paid it into my bank account I was straight on the ASOS website.

In the end, I didn't go for quite the same pair of skinny jeans, I found some other pairs that were reduced, so for the price of one pair, I got two, a pair of green skinnies and a purple pair.  I also ordered a stripy short sleeved dress because I thought it'd be more practical than other items and get more wear.  I think I will invest in one gorgeous (smarter) dress soon though.

My purchases arrived on Friday (if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen me post a quick pic of them!) and I'm very very happy.  The jeans are a great fit.  They are a true skinny, so if I get a bit swollen/bigger as I go on, I might have to buy the next size up, but they only cost £11 so I'm fine with that.  When I was pregnant with Ethan, the only skinny maternity jeans I could find were from Topshop and we all know their jeans aren't cheapy cheap (not mega pricey either, but for a pair of jeans you might only wear for a few months, nearly £50 is more than I really want to spend).  The dress is a little longer than I would like, being a shorty, but again, it was in the sale (£12.50) and it may well shorten as it gets taken up by bump!!

The other item I was in desperate need for was a winter maternity coat.  After all, I'm due in May and if you live in the UK, you'll know as well as I do that it can be coat weather long into May (sometimes I never even get round to packing away winter coats!!).  My lovely yellow duffel coat no longer does up, well, not without making me feel like a tightly packed sausage.  It's my boobs more than my bump at the moment, but the bump isn't far behind!  It's too cold not to have a warm coat.   I've been making do with a coat I found in a charity shop 15 years ago.  It's an original 1960s swing coat and is lovely, but a little frail with age and not very warm... I liked the ones on ASOS but had very little budget yet.

Berret - H&M (last year)
Coat - Charity Shop (a long time ago, 60s original)
Dress - Jojo Maman Bebe
Tights - H&M Maternity
Boots - CAT

I'd heard the Debenhams 25% off sale was on though, so took myself down there. My my, for a large department store they have a TINY maternity range.  It was basically one rail at the back of the shop, all Red Herring (which is a decent enough brand, so that's fine!).  There was one coat on the rail.  One.  Size 16 (UK).  I was so disappointed   I knew they'd have more online, but something like a winter coat I really prefer to try on there and then. I did a quick check around the area and then noticed that one the shop dummies was wearing a maternity coat.  I had a feeling it would be my size and thankfully it was!!  I located a shop assistant (whilst asking my friend to guard the coat and "beat off any coat desiring pregnant bitches"!!!) whilst I disappeared   I would have taken the coat off myself, but I couldn't get it passed the arms.  I glad I asked for help in the end because it took two SAs and the removal of the poor dummies' arms!!  It was worth it though, the coat fitted and looked lovely.  It's really soft to the touch as well and has a stylish removable faux fur collar.  I wish I had a full picture of it to show off! I will do soon, I'm sure..

Skinny Jeans - ASOS Maternity

So... all in all, I'm feeling a lot more settled in myself this week.  I'm fully in maternity clothes on my lower half, but at least I have stylish, bright and comfortable items to wear.  This cheers me up no end!!  I'm well passed the 12 week mark (14 weeks today) and my mood seems to be balancing out a bit.  I'm still quite low on energy and I still retch my way through the entire day.  My skin itches and my boobs are sore, but I'm ok!!  I think my bump is a bit smaller - I suspect some swelling/water retention is to blame for the huge bump I was sporting until this week!!

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Wednesday 14 November 2012

Bump makes an appearance

I am so relived that we've been able to tell everyone our news this week because I have been having a hard time disguising my bump!  It's almost impossible now, unless I have a baggy top or coat on.  This being my second pregnancy, things are popping out much sooner and MY BOOBS ARE VAST!!!  They aren't small normally, but they are crazy now.

I'm struggling a lot with the comfort virsus style factor at the moment.  I need the help of pregnant fashionistas (or failing that, ASOS Maternity to take sympathy on me, sponsor my blog and offer me a few gorgeous outfits to stomp around in - beg beg!!).  Talking of ASOS, have you seen their maternity selection?  I am in serious lust.  Most places offer a few pairs of skinny jeans (standard denim blue and black) some leggings, a pair of tights, some bump bands, a couple of basic tees and maybe a dress.. that's about it!! ASOS have normal fashionable clothes but with bumps in mind! Love it...

These are on my want list:

Image 1 of ASOS Maternity Knitted Midi Dress With Keyhole Back                  Image 1 of ASOS Maternity Leggings In Metallic Snake Print

Image 1 of ASOS Maternity Skinny Jean in Teal                  Image 1 of ASOS Maternity Skinny Jean In Washed Green

I could go on... there are so many items of clothing I love on there.  This is the kind of maternity wear that makes me feel excited about my changing shape.  Most maternity wear makes me want to close my eyes whilst running off a cliff shouting "lalalalalalalaaaaaaaaa".  I am going to be getting at least one pair of bright maternity skinnies for sure.

Anyway, in the meantime, I'm making do with what I have.  I don't love much of the mat wear I have from last time.  Just a few pairs of skinnies and a few tees.  The rest of it mings a bit.  I'm trying to stretch normal clothing (haha) as far as I can for now...

I won't be able to for much longer though.  Thank goodness my Mum has given me my Christmas money early.  I'm broke and I need a maternity coat and a few other essentials SOON!!

Dress - charity shop
Cardi - New Look (last year)
Belt - ebay
Tights - H&M Maternity
Shoes - Matalan
Bling - Stella & Dot
Broach - from a street sale

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Tuesday 13 November 2012

Trendy Tuesday - Surprise!

A little deviation this Tuesday, don't worry, I still want you to join in and link up your trendy children - it wouldn't be Tuesday without that!  I just want to blog about something else today..

Yes, finally, FINALLY I'm able to share the news.  We are expecting a brother or sister for Ethan, due in May 2013.  We don't know the sex yet (the onesie I'm "modelling" is one I bought when I was pregnant with Ethan, I've never minded if a boy wears pink or a girl wears blue).  We've known for what seems like forever so it's a relief to share the news.  We are planning to find out the sex this time (we didn't last time) and I can't wait to find out.  It'll be a couple more months before we can find out though.  Feel free to take a look at my scan pictures and have a guess!!

I've made a couple of purchases for the new baby though I've restrained myself.  After all, we don't know the sex yet and we have loads of stuff from when we had Ethan.  I got the gorgeous star print onesie from Boys&Girls - who doesn't love stars!  I got the baby a new blanket by Maxomorra from because I'm pretty sure that Ethan won't want to share his blankets!  It's nice for the baby to have some new things though, stuff that's "just for them".  I also got a Gloworm on ebay.  Ethan loves his so I want this baby to have one too.  This one is an earlier model (2002 I think!) than Ethan's.  I don't want them to be too similar.

Pink & Yellow stripe bodysuit/onesie - Brights & Stripes (was Ethan's) similar
Star print bodysuit - Boys&Girls
Blanket -

I suppose I ought to share a few photos of Ethan so he doesn't feel left out (something I'm concerned about since becoming pregnant!!).

No.. we haven't had any snow.  One of the garden centres near us does Christmas in a big way and I always take Ethan along several times in the run up to the big day.  This year they've outdone themselves with fake snow everywhere and an ice rink (or ice drink as Ethan says).  Ethan did a good job skating.  He fell backwards and hit his head but we managed to get him back on it again after a few cuddles.  You can see him with his "Aunty" Luc (my fantastic friend who I've known for over 23 years!).  Doesn't he look cute giving a polar bear a kiss!!

Hat - Metoo (at TKMaxx a couple of years ago)
Coat - Smafolk via
Jeans - H&M
Converse - ebay

So... there we have it!  In a good few months from now we'll have a new little person to show off on Tuesdays! In the meantime, you can enjoy pictures of my growing bump (it's popping out far quicker this time!).

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Wednesday 7 November 2012

Cosy Winter Hat - WIWW

Hello there style buddies!! Are you keeping warm?  I got myself the cosiest winter hat the other week and it's been very useful ever since.  It's not quite so cold today, but we had a frost the other morning and whilst we were away at the weekend, parts of the UK were hit by a snow storm!  We missed it by a few miles only, just got hail instead, but it was still very much hat weather.

Do you like my new shirt.  It's not "proper" new, I got it on ebay, but I'm pleased with it.  I like the pattern, quite timeless, but also very in at the moment!

Hat - M & Co
Coat - ebay (a few years ago)
Shirt - ebay
Vests (underneath) - H&M
Belt - New Look (old)
Jeans - Primark
Boots - C.A.T
Charm Necklace - Stella & Dot

I still love my faithful winter duffel coat, it's bright and cosy, but I think this year might be the year I get a replacement.  Or at least something new.  I'm not quite sure yet.  I was looking at Modcloth, but I'm worried about paying a huge customs charge (a postie told me recently that all packages coming in from the USA are being lumped with big customs charges). So... I'm not sure, I'm looking around.  Ideally, I want something bright, an orange, purple, green or blue.  Something like that!

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Tuesday 6 November 2012

Boo! Crash! Trendy Toddler Tuesday.

Welcome to Trendy Toddler Tuesday!  If you've not taken part before and you have some trendy children, why not join in today?  I'm always looking for new people to join in and it's such a fantastic way to get inspiration for children's clothing!

I thought I'd share some Halloween and Firework photos today.  Not the most exciting outfit wise, I'll admit, but I've not taken many photos of Ethan in cool outfits over the last week so it's the best I can do for now - will try to have something more "trendy" for next week!

Last Wednesday was Halloween and Ethan attended a party at a friends house with all his other little friends (all from our antenatal group - it's nice to be in touch still, 3 and a half years down the line!).  He had a fantastic time.  It was a lovely afternoon, no tears, no one fell out, no fighting over toys.  The children all had their faces painted.  Ethan wanted to be a scary dog, but the colours were limited, so please excuse my face painting skills, it looks a little strange!!  Plus, as always, he sweated bits of it off!!

For Halloween, Ethan wore a cute Bat costume I got from a charity shop in town.  It only cost me £1.25.  I didn't realise until I got it home that it was 18-24 months.  It just about fitted him though, it's fine for dressing up!  Ethan loved flapping his bat wings around.  Great fun!

This weekend just gone we visited my Uncle and Aunt in Dorset and whilst we were there we went to a firework display.  Ethan is somewhat obsessed with fireworks.  He doesn't like the hanging around though.  The display didn't start until 8pm (which is pretty normal for firework displays I find) and if it weren't for Angry Birds on Daddy's phone, I'm not sure what we would have done!  Once it started though, he was entranced.  Bangs don't seem to phase him at all.  It was so cute, he was making lovely "Ooooo" and "Wow!" noises and describing the fireworks as various different things like wiggly worms, or trees with stars on them.  Lovely.

Ethan's pair of Slugs & Snails tights came in very handy again for keeping him warm - he wore them under his trousers.  To keep him extra snug and to save his clothes from mud he wore an all in one suit from Hippychick.  I am loving this all in one.  It's waterproof, windproof and big enough to fit plenty of layers underneath.  Another great thing about it is how adjustable it is on the wrists, hood, waist and bottom of the legs.  I can see this fitting Ethan for a good while.  You can machine wash it as well!!

All in one - Hippychick
Hat - ebay
Scarf - H&M (similar)
Gloves - Christmas present from last year.

Did you do anything for Halloween and Bonfire night?  I hope you stayed warm!

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Monday 5 November 2012

Hama Time!

I can't help say that... hama beads.  Have you heard of them?  I remember them from my childhood, I remember them as an activity on Brownie Pack Holidays in particular.  They were right up my street then, and they still are now!

A few weeks ago, DKL Marketing Ltd offered Ethan and I the chance to try out and review a Hama Beads set on my blog.  I knew I'd love it, I wasn't sure if Ethan would or not.  Turns out he loves "Hama Time" as we now call it.

We were sent a "My First Hama Beads" set which is suitable for ages 3+ and are the largest sized Hama Beads.  Bigger than the ones I was used to as a child (but I was much older than Ethan when I used them!) but just right for his grip and fingers.  The set includes three peg boards onto which you place the beads (three designs, a whale, a bear and a tortoise) and enough beads to make at least two of each.  As soon as Ethan saw the box he wanted to have a go.  As it turns out, Hama Beads are the perfect half term entertainment!!

The first design Ethan wanted to have a go at was the whale.  I was surprised by how well the beads kept his attention and how well he was able to follow the guide picture.  He stuck to the design (with some guidance from me) apart from one difference - he wanted his whale to have pink lips.  That was fine with me!! I'm all for following a design, that's a skill in itself, but I also want him to have his own creative flair!

It took Ethan about 15 minutes to get his design finished  and then we went into the kitchen so I could do the "adult" part of the craft - ironing the beads.  This is essential.  The heat of the iron melts the beads together so your design can come off the peg board and be played with/looked at/enjoyed/mounted in a frame.  Don't worry, you use special paper (rather like greaseproof paper but provided by Hama) between the beads and your iron.  Otherwise you'd have a real mess!  I found this bit easy easy.  You have to do it quite slowly, moving your iron in circular movements, but it's easy to do.  You can tell when the design is melted together sufficiently because it's much clearer to see through the ironing paper.  Once you've ironed your design, that's it.  You can't use those beads again.  But why would you want to when you have such a lovely craft item to show off!!!

Ethan is very proud of his whale and we have since made a bear.  We'll have a go at the tortoise next.  I'm planning a purchase of beads for myself because I think I'll be able to make fab tree decorations for Christmas with them!!

I think this is truly the craft for us.  It's bright, fun, easy for Ethan to do with quick results and it's pretty mess free (a great thing in my book!).

***This is not a sponsored post.  We were provided the Hama Bead set free of charge from DKL but all opinions are my own***

Tuesday 30 October 2012

Trendy Toddler Tuesday - Slugs & Snails Boys Tights

Did you know that one of the commonest search terms used to stumble across my blog is "boys tights"?  Well.. it is!! Now, let's just hope that it's a clean and family friendly search term, not something dodgy.  It could well be!! After all, I am a Mum of a boy and I've used the internet to search for tights for him that aren't covered in hearts etc.

Earlier this year I heard about a fantastic company called Slugs & Snails.  The owners, as parents of boys saw a gap in the market and filled it!! I suppose the idea of boys in tights may seem a little strange to some, but in some countries (lots of the Scandinavian ones for example) tights are the norm for both boys & girls. It's the most practical way to keep warm.

I've put Ethan in tights almost since birth (well, a few months after, he was born in July).  At first I bought him girls tights.  I found a pair by Trumpet that were black & white, dotty and stripy.  I loved those!! Once he was bigger, it was harder to find pairs that appeared unisex (believe me, I'm not saying boys can't wear pink, just that it's a step too far for me to put Ethan in a pair of pink sparkly heart covered tights) so I started googling and going on eBay.  I found a few pairs on eBay that were "boys" tights from Norway I think.  They were OK, but a bit cheap....

Eventually, I found Slugs & Snails.  Best of all, they are a much more local company (based in Ireland).  I was extremely excited when Kat from S&S offered to send us a pair for review - yay!!

We received our pair about a month ago and as soon as I got them out of the packet I could tell they were much better quality than tights Ethan has worn previously.  They are thick, the pattern goes all the way up and they have slip resistant soles - something that is essential with Ethan running around like a mad thing!

Ethan has been wearing them for a few weeks now and they are going strong after a few washes.  I've found them to be great for days hanging out at home, but equally fab under trousers or shorts.  They've really kept him cosy when he's been out on his bike (where his shorts or trousers often ruckle up).  We love them.

Slugs & Snails tights come in a variety of gorgeous patterns (the new range was launched recently featuring hedgehogs, owls, toadstools and more!) and retail from £12.99.   Good value I feel!

Now, if you have a trendy tot or child who's style you want to show off, why not link up today for Trendy Toddler Tuesday!  It's simple, use the linky below and follow the rules:


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Monday 29 October 2012

Orla-bout Autumn

I don't know about you, but I think that many of Orla Kiely's patterns are Autumnal, both in colour and pattern.  I suppose it could be because she takes her inspiration from nature, and we all know what beautiful colours Autumn offers us!

When I discovered Uniqlo were doing a collaboration with Orla Kiely, I was super excited . I was also too late to the party and everything was sold out.  Thank goodness for eBay in these situations.  I'm not usually able to afford Orla unless I find bargains or items on sale, but the Uniqlo pieces were being sold at very affordable prices.  Of course, on eBay they'd been hiked up a bit, but for some Orla, in my opinion, still worth it!

I managed to bag myself a scarf/stole for £15 and a dress for £40.  They are both in the same pattern (my favourite I think!) and I'm extremely pleased with both.  Well worth the money I think.  The scarf/stole is excellent quality, nice thick material so it was definitely worth what I paid!  As soon as I opened the package containing my scarf, I put it on and it's remained round my neck most days since!

What do you think?

I think it makes any outfit!!  The above is from a few weeks back when I held a Stella & Dot event at my husband's workplace.  I wanted to look smart.  This dress was a total bargain, £15 from Tesco.  I think it looks far more expensive than that and the fit is fantastic.  This was a very cheap outfit all in all.. but it doesn't look it (well... I think! You tell me!).

Dress - Tesco £15
Cardigan - Room31 £3
Tights - Primark £1
Shoes - Matalan £12
Scarf - eBay £15

Are you lucky enough to own any Orla? Or did you get some from Uniqlo?

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Thursday 25 October 2012

Skeanie Shoes Review

As the daughter of a Chiropodist, I have always been very aware of footwear.  Growing up, I was only allowed to wear sensible comfortable shoes that wouldn't impede my foot growth.  I must admit that at times I was frustrated at not being able to wear the "cool" shoes that all the other kids were wearing ( I remember not being allowed Magic Steps because my Mum believed them to be a little too pointed) but I don't remember feeling all that put out.  Now, at the age of 30 I have feet that are in good condition.  Even now, I don't like to wear heels or pointed toes very often - I'm all about comfort when it comes to footwear, but that doesn't mean I forgo style!

I apply the same theory to Ethan's footwear.  Like my Mum, I don't put him in "silly" or cheap shoes that don't support his feet.  That doesn't mean he goes around in nothing but Clarks though.  Far from it.  Other shoes can be just as good as long as you wear the right size and fit.  For example, Converse are excellent for Ethan, he has narrow feet (just like his parents) and the Converse boots I've bought him fit very well and are supportive - I had this confirmed when I went into Clarks on one occasion  they were impressed by the fit and support they gave him.

When Kids One Stop Shop offered us the chance to review a pair of Skeanie Shoes, I was very excited.  I'd heard about Skeanie before and I knew they are Podiatrist approved with strong Eco principals - just up my street!  In fact, this is what Tracy Byrne, a UK Podiatrist has to say of Skeanie:

“Skeanie shoes provide all the protection and flexibility needed to ensure good foot development. As well as providing room for natural growth, Skeanie’s soft soled shoes allows sensory feedback from the ground, which is especially important for little ones learning to walk and getting to know their surroundings. Research shows that young ones who wear flat, soft soled shoes have improved proprioception, balance and foot and ankle strength.”
Sound great, don't they!

I was allowed to choose from the whole range - it wasn't easy! In the end I plumped for a pair of the "riding boots" in red. I knew Ethan would love red shoes - as would I!!

When they arrived, we were really excited to try them on. On getting them out of the box, I could feel the leather was butter soft (mmmmm!) and I loved the bold red colour. Ethan put them straight on (the tags on the boots make it easy for children to put on and take of the shoes themselves - no laces or Velcro!) and started stomping around the house in them. We found out quickly that the pair we bought are a bit too big for them, which is a shame, because we haven't been able to try them out as much as I'd have liked yet for review purposes, but I can tell you now that when his feet do grow he will be in them all the time!

What do I like about the boots? Well, everything really! The colour is bold and bright, the tags make them easy to pull on and off (going to be so useful for preschool!), the sole of the boot has excellent grip, the leather is soft and eco friendly and I know they are going to be kind on his feet, flexible and supportive. My Mum agrees!

I'd be happy to recommend Skeanie to parents, the price tag isn't cheap (£39.99) but in all honesty, that's not much more than Clarks shoes, and I think at Skeanie you get something more stylish for your money, and something you know is going to be good to your child's feet. We love them!

***We were sent these shoes free for review purposes by Kids One Stop Shop and Skeanie but all reviews expressed are my own and no payment has been received***