Sunday 30 June 2013

Little Casa Clothing Review - My Little Super Hero!

Recently a lovely new clothing company were brought to my attention - Little Casa.  They are a very new start up company, their website has only just gone live, but they stock some really cute items for the little people in your life!

We were sent a cute Superman top for Felix to review.  The t shirt arrived really quickly, nicely packaged.  The quality of the material and print is great, just what you'd want.  It's a nice bold design and everyone notices when your child is wearing something as bold as this!!  The print was a bit hit with hubby as well.

I've washed the top and it's come up well, which is essential with children's clothing I feel - especially baby clothing - we all know how often baby clothes need washing!!

I feel the sizing is accurate.  I got 0-3 months for Felix and it fits him nicely with some room for growth.  He's not a huge baby, but not tiny.

If you fancy something a little cuter and less in your face, Little Casa stock a cute Peter Rabbit range.  They also stock Batman and some Rock influenced items.

As Little Casa have only just got their website live, they are offering a little something for customers - 10% off orders of £15 and over and if you spend £30 or more, you get free delivery, 10% off AND £10 off your order.

You can follow Little Casa on Twitter here and like their Facebook page here.  Their webshop can be reached here or from any of the links above.

***The Superman t shirt retails at £8 but we were provided it free for review purposes***

Wednesday 19 June 2013

What I Wore Wednesday- Tired Mummy

I've been very lucky since having Felix. Most of the baby weight went straight away. I've lost a little more now.  I have some toning up to do now but overall, I've been lucky.

The big benefit of this is that I can get back into most of my normal clothes.  My boobs are still a little too big for some of my dresses and my hips a little big for some of my jeans but day by day my options get wider.

So.. This is what I'm wearing today.  I'm tired after the night feeds and the fact Felix likes to start his day at 5:30am but I'm not looking too bad.

I'm wearing my skinny ankle length GAP jeans and an H&M vest top.. With my moccis on my feet & the baby in the carrier!! The only way I could get the washing hung out!!  Not too exciting, I know, but I do have a 3 week old baby & a 3 year old to contend with!

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Sunday 9 June 2013

Felix Jakub's birth story

My second son Felix Jakub was born at home just over two weeks ago, 2:51pm Saturday 25th May. 

I was 40+6 so had started getting anxious about my chances at having a home birth. I had had a stretch & sweep at 1:30pm the day before. At 2:45pm on the Friday I had my first contraction whilst walking to the supermarket. My contractions continued throughout the afternoon & evening. They were manageable & irregular so just very early stages but we got the living room ready, pool up, towels down, nest area made etc. I went to bed at about 11pm & slept through the night waking from time to time with the off pain.

Mini Birth Pool set up
Belly during the set up!!
In the morning I was disappointed things hadn't progressed but none the less we got my parents to pick up our son for the day. It was gorgeous weather. I pottered around the house, did some washing, sat in the garden. By about 11am, whilst my contractions were still irregular in duration and time apart, I was feeling a lot of pressure. I called my midwife but she was sure it was the head engaging. I tended to agree. My previous labour was 30 hours & I had my waters broken & only dilated when they gave me the drip. She told me to keep in touch.

I rested on my sofa for a while & walked around the house.
At about 2pm I was sitting on my birthing ball when my waters suddenly & loudly popped. I wasn't surprised as the contraction had been quite painful, I had felt like a balloon about to burst! We has towels to hand but there wasn't much mess. I went upstairs to clean up. In the bathroom my contractions were now coming 3 minutes apart & were very intense so we called the midwife & my husband started filling the pool. The midwife said she'd be there as soon as she could but it might be 20 mins. I knew now it wasn't going to be long.
Stood in the bathroom I thought to myself "I have to get downstairs!" So I waddled to our bedroom for clean pants & a pad for the show & waters leaking out, put them on & slowly made it downstairs. I got on all fours in my nest area. I was pushing & pushing, I had to go with my body. Hubby was rushing around in the background getting things ready but I felt calm. It was peaceful. I knew I had to stay in control & just breath.
I could feel that the head was crowning so had a feel & could feel my baby's head, all slimy, just waiting there! As the midwife wasn't there, I was waiting, holding back from pushing. I didn't want to tear either & new this would stretch things. I visualised the head crowning in my mind & just keeping it there.
Soon, I could wait no longer. My pants were still on & I knew I was going to push him out. I thought hubby was going to have to deliver. I yelled "Help!" & just at that moment the midwife arrived. She was calmly bringing her equipment in but her demeanour changed a bit when she saw me. was calm but obviously saw there was no time! Pete mentioned that the pool wasn't ready but the midwife told him it was too late for that!!
She was very calm with me, got my pants off and then told me to push when I liked. I pushed. Felix was born 5 minutes after she arrived. It was amazing looking down & seeing him there. So different from my last birth where I'd been given pethidine.
After the cord had stopped pulsating & had been cut we got into the pool together for our first feed. It was wonderful. So calm. I could hear the birds outside & the sun shining through the curtains & I was on such a high.

It was a shame not to have given birth in our pool but I feel nothing but happiness when I think of this birth.  I was in control, it was at home, just as I'd wanted.  Thinking about it empowers me and makes me smile.  It was a wonderful experience.  We still enjoyed the pool afterwards,  it was easy to use, set up and empty.
Home birth is wonderful! No tears, no stitches, no pain relief. I feel humbled to have experienced this.
**Our birthing pool was provided by The Good Birth Company**

Blossom Nursing Bra Review

Well, my blog has been pretty quiet for a few weeks now and the reason for that is currently frogging on my chest as I type, warm and snuggley and smelling gorgeous.  I'm typing one handed though...

Since I had Felix, I've been using a rather fantastic nursing bra.  Whilst I was pregnant, Royce Lingerie offered to send me one of their Blossom Nursing Bras. I had a quick read about them and was keen to try one out.

Blossom Nursing bras are different to most nursing bras on the market.  It's designed to be worn both during pregnancy and after, when nursing.  It's a wire free bra available in back sizes 32-40 and cup sizes C-H.  Each bra covers 3 cup sizes to accommodate changes in your breast size.  For example, my Blossom bra is a 32G,GG,H.  The bra has one fantastic feature that others don't.  You can adjust the middle of the bra using pull strings turning it from a crop top style to a lower cut style.  This was my favourite feature.  I found when feeding Ethan, the nursing bras I had really limited the clothes I could wear.

Image source (left) Royce Lingerie 

I've been wearing this bra constantly for two weeks now.  It is so comfortable and supportive that I haven't missed underwired bras at all.  It stays comfortable all day long.  It's easy to unhook the clasps for feeding, it looks great under clothes and I've been able to wear low cut tops and dresses with no problem.

You can find out all about the Blossom Bra here, but if you want my recommendation, I'd say this is honestly the nursing bra to choose. It's the best I've worn!!

The Blossom Bra retails at £30.00.

***I was sent a bra for review purposes but all views expressed are my own***