Tuesday 30 October 2012

Trendy Toddler Tuesday - Slugs & Snails Boys Tights

Did you know that one of the commonest search terms used to stumble across my blog is "boys tights"?  Well.. it is!! Now, let's just hope that it's a clean and family friendly search term, not something dodgy.  It could well be!! After all, I am a Mum of a boy and I've used the internet to search for tights for him that aren't covered in hearts etc.

Earlier this year I heard about a fantastic company called Slugs & Snails.  The owners, as parents of boys saw a gap in the market and filled it!! I suppose the idea of boys in tights may seem a little strange to some, but in some countries (lots of the Scandinavian ones for example) tights are the norm for both boys & girls. It's the most practical way to keep warm.

I've put Ethan in tights almost since birth (well, a few months after, he was born in July).  At first I bought him girls tights.  I found a pair by Trumpet that were black & white, dotty and stripy.  I loved those!! Once he was bigger, it was harder to find pairs that appeared unisex (believe me, I'm not saying boys can't wear pink, just that it's a step too far for me to put Ethan in a pair of pink sparkly heart covered tights) so I started googling and going on eBay.  I found a few pairs on eBay that were "boys" tights from Norway I think.  They were OK, but a bit cheap....

Eventually, I found Slugs & Snails.  Best of all, they are a much more local company (based in Ireland).  I was extremely excited when Kat from S&S offered to send us a pair for review - yay!!

We received our pair about a month ago and as soon as I got them out of the packet I could tell they were much better quality than tights Ethan has worn previously.  They are thick, the pattern goes all the way up and they have slip resistant soles - something that is essential with Ethan running around like a mad thing!

Ethan has been wearing them for a few weeks now and they are going strong after a few washes.  I've found them to be great for days hanging out at home, but equally fab under trousers or shorts.  They've really kept him cosy when he's been out on his bike (where his shorts or trousers often ruckle up).  We love them.

Slugs & Snails tights come in a variety of gorgeous patterns (the new range was launched recently featuring hedgehogs, owls, toadstools and more!) and retail from £12.99.   Good value I feel!

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Monday 29 October 2012

Orla-bout Autumn

I don't know about you, but I think that many of Orla Kiely's patterns are Autumnal, both in colour and pattern.  I suppose it could be because she takes her inspiration from nature, and we all know what beautiful colours Autumn offers us!

When I discovered Uniqlo were doing a collaboration with Orla Kiely, I was super excited . I was also too late to the party and everything was sold out.  Thank goodness for eBay in these situations.  I'm not usually able to afford Orla unless I find bargains or items on sale, but the Uniqlo pieces were being sold at very affordable prices.  Of course, on eBay they'd been hiked up a bit, but for some Orla, in my opinion, still worth it!

I managed to bag myself a scarf/stole for £15 and a dress for £40.  They are both in the same pattern (my favourite I think!) and I'm extremely pleased with both.  Well worth the money I think.  The scarf/stole is excellent quality, nice thick material so it was definitely worth what I paid!  As soon as I opened the package containing my scarf, I put it on and it's remained round my neck most days since!

What do you think?

I think it makes any outfit!!  The above is from a few weeks back when I held a Stella & Dot event at my husband's workplace.  I wanted to look smart.  This dress was a total bargain, £15 from Tesco.  I think it looks far more expensive than that and the fit is fantastic.  This was a very cheap outfit all in all.. but it doesn't look it (well... I think! You tell me!).

Dress - Tesco £15
Cardigan - Room31 £3
Tights - Primark £1
Shoes - Matalan £12
Scarf - eBay £15

Are you lucky enough to own any Orla? Or did you get some from Uniqlo?

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Thursday 25 October 2012

Skeanie Shoes Review

As the daughter of a Chiropodist, I have always been very aware of footwear.  Growing up, I was only allowed to wear sensible comfortable shoes that wouldn't impede my foot growth.  I must admit that at times I was frustrated at not being able to wear the "cool" shoes that all the other kids were wearing ( I remember not being allowed Magic Steps because my Mum believed them to be a little too pointed) but I don't remember feeling all that put out.  Now, at the age of 30 I have feet that are in good condition.  Even now, I don't like to wear heels or pointed toes very often - I'm all about comfort when it comes to footwear, but that doesn't mean I forgo style!

I apply the same theory to Ethan's footwear.  Like my Mum, I don't put him in "silly" or cheap shoes that don't support his feet.  That doesn't mean he goes around in nothing but Clarks though.  Far from it.  Other shoes can be just as good as long as you wear the right size and fit.  For example, Converse are excellent for Ethan, he has narrow feet (just like his parents) and the Converse boots I've bought him fit very well and are supportive - I had this confirmed when I went into Clarks on one occasion  they were impressed by the fit and support they gave him.

When Kids One Stop Shop offered us the chance to review a pair of Skeanie Shoes, I was very excited.  I'd heard about Skeanie before and I knew they are Podiatrist approved with strong Eco principals - just up my street!  In fact, this is what Tracy Byrne, a UK Podiatrist has to say of Skeanie:

“Skeanie shoes provide all the protection and flexibility needed to ensure good foot development. As well as providing room for natural growth, Skeanie’s soft soled shoes allows sensory feedback from the ground, which is especially important for little ones learning to walk and getting to know their surroundings. Research shows that young ones who wear flat, soft soled shoes have improved proprioception, balance and foot and ankle strength.”
Sound great, don't they!

I was allowed to choose from the whole range - it wasn't easy! In the end I plumped for a pair of the "riding boots" in red. I knew Ethan would love red shoes - as would I!!

When they arrived, we were really excited to try them on. On getting them out of the box, I could feel the leather was butter soft (mmmmm!) and I loved the bold red colour. Ethan put them straight on (the tags on the boots make it easy for children to put on and take of the shoes themselves - no laces or Velcro!) and started stomping around the house in them. We found out quickly that the pair we bought are a bit too big for them, which is a shame, because we haven't been able to try them out as much as I'd have liked yet for review purposes, but I can tell you now that when his feet do grow he will be in them all the time!

What do I like about the boots? Well, everything really! The colour is bold and bright, the tags make them easy to pull on and off (going to be so useful for preschool!), the sole of the boot has excellent grip, the leather is soft and eco friendly and I know they are going to be kind on his feet, flexible and supportive. My Mum agrees!

I'd be happy to recommend Skeanie to parents, the price tag isn't cheap (£39.99) but in all honesty, that's not much more than Clarks shoes, and I think at Skeanie you get something more stylish for your money, and something you know is going to be good to your child's feet. We love them!

***We were sent these shoes free for review purposes by Kids One Stop Shop and Skeanie but all reviews expressed are my own and no payment has been received***

Wednesday 24 October 2012

What I Wore Wednesday - New (old) boots

On Friday Ethan and I were in Nailsea visiting my parents and decided to trawl through all the charity shops there.  We found some fantastic bargains, but I think the best find was a pair of Wrangler boots for £4.99.  Suede and in excellent condition.  I had to snap them up!  They have a heel but are actually very comfortable to wear.  I wore them all afternoon on Sunday and they remained comfortable.

Dress - MOST by Smafolk via bebaboo.com
Necklace - Olivia Bib Necklace by Stella & Dot
Cardigan - New Look (last year)
Belt - New Look (old)
Leggings - Asda
Boots - Wrangler via charity shop

I really do love this dress.  It looks like a sack unless you wear a belt, but with a belt I love it.  The print on it is sooooo cute.  I think it worked really well with my new (old) boots.  I do think it needs a statement necklace thought!  I think this outfit is quite smart for a Sunday doing nothing much, but it was all very comfortable, so I was happy :)

As you can tell from my photos, I was "haunted" by Ethan the helpful ghost.  Bit freaky isn't it!  Must be because Halloween is around the corner.

Have you snagged yourself any good second hand bargains lately?  I couldn't do without charity shops these days - about the only place I can afford to shop!!

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Tuesday 23 October 2012

I spy... something beginning with the letter Q...

I haven't joined in with Mum of One's meme for ages, I'm sorry!!  Today's letter is Q.  I'll admit I've struggled to find anything in my photos beginning with Q, so what I've got for you is very obscure.  What I'll say (to give you a clue) is that it's something that I am being...

Have a guess!! Make me laugh!  You can see other entries over here.

Trendy Toddler Tuesday - Nice and snug

We had a very "local" weekend, not wanting to travel too far (and with it being close to the end of the month, low on funds!).  On Saturday we went to Tyntesfield, one of our local National Trust properties.  We visit quite a bit, we don' tend to venture into the house, just explore the grounds with Ethan.  Tyntesfield is great for children, there is a play area with a farm theme and loads of grounds to explore, old greenhouses to poke around and two cafes for cake and tea.  A lovely way to spend an afternoon!

The starting point for Ethan's outfit was his cute Quicksilver shirt which I picked up in a Charity shop on Friday.  I was so pleased to find it, I know it's going to be an all year round staple!  The cords he's wearing are from Vertbaudet and were given to us to feature on the blog.  Ethan has been wearing them a lot.  I love cords because they can be casual, but also smart, smarter than jeans which sometimes you want!  They are very hard wearing as well, he's got them muddy several times!

Shirt - Quicksilver (via charity shop)
Long sleeved top - Polarn O Pyret
Gilet - Next
Cords - Vertbaudet
Wellies - bought in France.

On Sunday we had a very quiet day, we ventured to a garden centre.  Ethan loves garden centres, he likes to do "tree races" (running between the rows of trees!) and look (for hours) at all the garden ornaments/stone oddments etc.  He especially loves filling them with stones!  We over indulged with cake at the cafe after, it was soooooooo good!

Jumper - TKMaxx (can't remember the brand name)
Scarf - H&M
Jeans - George @ Asda
Shoes - Converse

I love this jumper.  When I saw it TKMaxx I knew it would be coming home with me.  It's so perfect for the cold months, and a little bit old fashioned.  I think it works perfectly with these orange jeans.

I want to thank you all for sticking with me for TTT.  I know things have been a bit all over the place over the last few weeks, but I don't want to let TTT slide.  Hopefully today sees things being back on track.  Please use the linky to join in and spread the word!

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Sunday 21 October 2012

Hello Canvas review

About a month ago we were very kindly offered the chance to review a photo on canvas from HelloCanvas.  What an opportunity, who doesn't like a canvas photo print?  A chance to have a beautiful photograph become art work.

I found the whole process very simple.  The hardest part was choosing what photo to get printed.  I trawled through hundreds of photos, ideally I wanted one with the three of us in, but we have surprisingly few photos of the three of us, and the ones I do have just weren't quite right.  I wanted it to be a recent photo as well.  I finally chose one I thought would look good blown up, that would be bright and eye catching.  All I had to do then was let the HelloCanvas team have a copy of the photo and tell them if I had any special requirements (cropping or if I wanted it in colour, sepia or black and white).  It was easy with this photo, I didn't want it cropped and decided it'd look best in colour.  After that, it was all over to HelloCanvas and I have to say I was very pleased with the time-scale  it didn't take them long to get our canvas printed and sent out to us, I'm sure it was within a week - it was a few weeks ago, but I'm sure it was no more than that.

I was impressed with the packaging, the canvas was encased in a strong cardboard box with a decent amount of bubble wrap, it arrived in excellent condition.  Getting our photo canvas out of the box was so exciting and I have to say I was impressed again!  To be honest, the quality of the print surpassed my expectations, it's high quality and the image is continued around the edges which is a fantastic effect.

We weren't able to get our canvas on our wall straight away due to our Centreparcs visit, but we got it up there shortly after and it's been a focal point in our living room ever since.  What do you think?

We think it fits in with the room perfectly!

Now, I know we were sent this canvas to review at no cost, but I can honestly say I recommend HelloCanvas.   The customer service was excellent, the delivery quick and the end result fantastic.  The prices are great, starting at £13 and if you're not happy, they offer a money back guarantee!  I've used other photo printing companies in the past and not been impressed.  I know we'll want to order more canvas prints in the future and I know HelloCanvas will be the one I think of going to first.

You can follow HelloCanvas on twitter and on facebook - a good way to keep up-to-date with deals!

***This is not a sponsored post, I received the canvas free for review purposes but no payment was received and all views expressed are my own***

Some Autumnal Colours

I'm still a bit behind with things - this outfit is from a couple of weeks ago, so I hope you don't mind me sharing!

I love Autumnal colours, as I've said many times before.. These are some of my favourites to mix together, orange, burgundy and turquoise.  What do you think?

Dress - Primark (last year)
Waistcoat - New Look (years ago)
Belt - Matalan
Top - New Look (last year)
Tights - New Look
Socks - New Look
Boots - CAT
Bracelets - Stella & Dot
Necklace - Charity shop

I'm really starting to love these boots.  I bought them in May with some birthday money, I searched hight and low for a pair of brown boots I liked.  I settled for these and at first I wasn't 100% happy, but I am now I've worn them a lot.  They are comfy and look great with skirts/dresses and jeans I think.  I like that they have a little heel on them, they aren't all that high at all, but I think this small heel makes them more comfortable to wear.  Also makes them a little smarter!  I apologise for my face.  I think I might have to start cutting my face out of photos, it never looks that great!! Ick...

What are you Autumn staples?  Colours? Chunky knits?  I think Autumn really is my favourite season fashion wise..

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Wednesday 17 October 2012

Getting back into the swing of things..

Blogging has really taken a back seat over the last few weeks.  Obviously I took a planned break when we were at Centerparcs, but when we got back, I was ill and this week Ethan has been ill.. with all that illness and a few other things thrown into the mix, I'm afraid I've been very slack and have been neglecting my blog.. even my emails are going a bit crazy.  I'm trying to get back into things now.

I'll start off with something nice and simple.  What I Wore Wednesday.  This is literally what I wore today.  We didn't leave the house much, just for a stroll after lunch to retrieve Ethan's wellies from preschool.  I went for a nice warm Autumn look...

Jumper dress - New Look (at least two seasons ago)
Leggings - Asda
Socks - Primark (last year)
Snood/scarf - Primark
Boots - Sugar Shoes
Kalahari Bangle - Stella & Dot

This jumper dress is an Autumn/Winter staple of mine.  Very cosy and snug, it also has a gorgeous Nordic style pattern which I love.  I'm afraid you can't really make out the pattern on my socks, but it's very similar, just different colours!

I found this snood in Primark at the weekend.  I was queueing up to buy a few pairs of PJs I'd spotted for Ethan when I noticed this had been dumped by someone else.  It cried out to me "Pick me up! Take me home with you!"  As I had robins around my neck, I thought I'd bring out my birdy/owl boots.  These boots have been with me for years now.  They are a little tired, but I love them.  The print has to be one of my favourites EVER.  Just soooooo cute!

Can you spot my Stella & Dot bling?  I recently invested in a Kalahari Bangle which comprises of two zebras.  I like to think they are kissing!! Love it.

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Hopefully this is me getting back to my usual blogging form now... fingers crossed!

Tuesday 9 October 2012

Trendy Toddler Tuesday - It's all about winter cover-ups!

Brrr... it's cold, isn't it!  Well... I'm assuming it is where you are.  I do have some US readers, so perhaps it's not quite so cold there.  Depends where you are!  All I know for sure is that it's cold and (currently) wet here.

I don't mind the cold though.  I get a little fed up with rain though. I do like what the cold means though - wrapping up in warm knits and cosy cover-ups!  I love getting them out for Ethan to wear as well.  Of course we have the standard jumpers and hoodies, a fleece and cardigans, but we also have something very different and on trend for Ethan to rock this year!  A poncho from Boys&Girls!  It was a bit of a gamble, ordering something like a poncho for a toddler, after all, it might be warm, but would it be practical?  After a good few days of wear I can confirm it is.  It does poke out a bit under his coat, but it's very snuggley, I like the fact it has a hood and I cannot tell you how many times we get stopped and asked about it!  My friend's partner took Ethan round one of the playgrounds at Centerparcs when we were there last week and in ten minutes he said he got stopped twice to be complimented on Ethan's poncho!

Ponch - Boys&Girls
Orange long sleeved top (underneath) - Liten via Bebaboo.com
Scarf - H&M
Gloves - A gift
Skinny jeans - Next
Wellies - Bought in France

What have your little trendies been wearing recently?  Are they wrapping up warm?  Link up using the linky below and please if you can, share the link around.  Trendy Toddler Tuesday needs lots of love and publicity - we need to get more than 3-5 people linking up!  There must be more bloggers out there with trendy kids!

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Monday 8 October 2012

I'm back, but taking a little break..

I'm sorry it's quiet on the blog.. we had a lovely holiday but since we got back I've been ill and I'm still not feeling up to blogging/replying to emails/ reviewing products. Don't worry, it's nothing serious, just a horrid cold which has wiped me out. I will be back in action soon. If you are awaiting a reply to an email or a review to be written up, don't worry, I haven't gone awol. It will be done, I just need a little break!

Thank you for putting up with me folks..