Saturday 31 March 2012

Saturday is Caption Day!

There's the pic! Look! Below! Caption it if you wish and head along to Mammasaurus's hang out to see what everyone else has added!

Have a lovely Saturday!

Friday 30 March 2012

The Bottom Line

I have a big issue.  I'm starting to wonder if I'm the only one, or if this is a problem all us ladies share?!

I wear a UK8-10 depending on the shop.  This is the same for jeans, tops, skirts.  It's the same for everything, butt.. and I do mean BUTT by undies.. knickers, pants, under the belly-butt-cheek-holder.  Whatever you want to call them... I find that unless I want to feel like I'm spending the day flossing between my sweet-cheeks, I have to buy knickers in sizes far "bigger" than the size I wear everywhere else.  I'm talking buying pants in a size UK14-16.

I'm not going to pretend I have a tiny ass.  I don't.  It's a normal sized butt that quite happily fits into a pair of size 8 skinny jeans.  So why do I have to buy size 16 pants just to feel comfortable.  To actually cover my butt?

Do any of you have this problem, or is it just me?

I don't understand it... what is this obsession with small knickers that don't cover your behind sufficiently?  It's just not comfortable ladies!!  How do you do it?  Do you buy the size 10 because that's what "you are" only to spend every day fiddling with your behind when no-ones looking?  Doesn't it drive you mad?

I don't want to have to resort to the M&S Old Ladies Dept. and buy myself a multipack of pants that are so huge I could get a 9 month pregnant belly into them as well as my butt... but it's starting to look like I might have to.

I want to wear pretty pants, but I don't want to be uncomfortable!

Come on fashion, sort yourself out.  Provide me with a pretty yet comfy pair of pants.  Damn you!

Thursday 29 March 2012

Messy Play in the garden

I'm not the best at messy play... I still haven't even got the paints out for Ethan to play with inside our house (although I maintain that if we had a larger kitchen, or a dining room - anything so that the table wasn't on carpet in our living room right next to the sofas that I would more willingly get out paints).  However, messy play is something we do a lot more of when the weather improves.  Mess is a lot less worrying when you're outside!  If it's really warm you can even do your messy activities naked (well.. your child can.  They neighbours might get an eyeful if you join in with the nudity as well!).

Something we did last week was grab a couple of packets of well past their use by flour and head outside to find some pots and pans, buckets and water.  It provided a good half an hour - 45 mins of amusement.  Ethan enjoyed grabbing handfuls of flour and sprinkling it over water, watching it float.. he loved mixing it into the water, but best of all he loved splashing in it and plopping lumps of "dough" into a bucket of water to make even bigger splashes.

These all-in-one waterproof trousers/dungarees are brilliant, keep your child dirt free and dry -  from Lidl for about  £5!
All good dirty fun!

It wasn't too bad to clean up either - you just need the hosepipe on hand!

After all that excitement, and getting a little cold from hosing things down (it is still March after all!)  Ethan had to kick back with his own mini cup of tea in a china cup.  Only the best for his Lordship!

I've heard tell that cornflour and water is another great thing to muck around with, and I believe it's even easier to clean up, so we may well try that next time!! Of course, there's the classic mud pie... and drawing with chalks on pavements.

What do you and your children like to get up to outside when it's dry?

Wednesday 28 March 2012

How to loose 8lb in 60 seconds...

That got your attention, didn't it!

Now.. if I really knew how to loose 8lb in 60 seconds, I'd be a milionaire, I'm sure.  Of course I don't... I'm pretty sure there isn't really any way to loose that many pounds in a minute.  However, there is a way you can manipulate scales, and that's what I wanted to blog about today!

Did you know that the surface on which you place your scales can affect the weight that registers on them?  Perhaps you do.. it probably is common knowlege.  I know that I always knew, but I can't remember when I discovered it..  If I was told, or if it was something I found out by trial and error.  Asking around though, it seems that not everyone was aware.

It appears that you get the most accurate readings from your scales on hard surfaces such as laminate flooring.. however, if you use your scales on carpet, your scales are likely to be showing your weight as less than it actually is.

This morning, I hopped on the scales in the bathroom as I do from time to time and got the following weight:

When I jumped off, I thought to myself.. I wonder if it's really true about weighing yourself on carpet.  I wonder what reading I'd get.  So, I moved the scales and this was the result:

Well.. would you look at that?!  It really does make a difference..I weigh 8 and a bit pounds less when on the carpet.. if I wanted to cheat myself, I could go around telling people I weigh less and 8 stone and have a picture to prove it!

Well.. there you go.  Not much of a blog post, I know.. but I thought it'd be an interesting topic of conversation.  Where do you weigh yourself?  Have you ever changed the surface you weigh yourself on to see what the difference would be?

Send your answers to the Numberjacks please! Or just me.. in the comments box!!

Tuesday 27 March 2012

10 things I tell myself every day (meme)

Yay! I've been tagged in a meme! It's like being at school and getting called up to join in with a netball team (or similar) when being tagged in a meme.  You feel all *included*.  Joy.

I've been tagged by the lovely Karis from What a difference a day makes.  The idea is very simple.  I have to tell you 10 things I tell myself every day, and then tag a few more bloggers so they can share the same.

Let's get on with it shall we!!

1) Ahh, hello 7am.. Only 12 hours 'til bedtime.. start the countdown clock!

2) It's OK.. It'll be Thursday soon, Grandma and Grandad will take over for a few hours then and I can have a break (if it's Thursday then I just think Thank God it's Thursday!).

3) *looking down* Hmmmm... I really do wonder if my feet are disproportionately large for my height...

4) What the Hell am I going to cook tonight? I CAN'T BE FARKED WITH THAT!

5) I'm not going to eat chocolate or cake today.

6) I'm not going to drink coffee today.

7) Damn.. I've just eaten a whole bag of mini eggs and drunk a vat of coffee.  Felt good though!

8) I wonder if I can manage not to go into a supermarket today.... (the answer is always.... NO!).

9) I'm going to do some sit ups today (I don't)

10) I am perfectly normal.. the way I feel is not unusual.. It won't be like this forever!

Ah.. that was easier than I thought it'd be actually! Rather like Karis, I thought it'd be harder than that, but I could have kept going!

I'm going to pass this fun meme on to....


You don't have to join in lovelies, but if you do, let me know!

Trendy Toddler Tuesday - Sunglasses & Suncream in March?

I could hardly believe it when Very Busy Mama was blogging about the crazy warm weather they are having over in the US at the moment... but that's America.. I did not think for a moment that we too would be cracking out the sun hats, sun glasses and sun cream in March! We have been though... and from what I hear, it's set to continue for the next week or so (mind you, I've known snow in April before as well, so things can change!).

Anyway, the hot weather has meant that I've had to root around in Ethan's clothes draws to find shorts, crocs, sun hats etc... he's grown since last summer, so I had to find shorts that would fit.  Luckily I kept the ones from last summer that I thought might fit him again in his chest of draws, so it didn't take me too long!  I kept his sun hat to hand as well (I learned the hard way last year when I put his hat away for the winter only never to be able to locate it again and have to buy a new one!).

So... this is what Ethan's been rocking in the sun:

Sunglasses - H&M
Hat - John Lewis
Long sleeved vest - Mothercare
T-Shirt - Liten
Shorts - Mini Boden
Crocs - eBay - 2nd hand

Don't forget to pop over to Very Busy Mama to see what all the other trendy toddlers are stylin'!  Long may the sunshine continue...


Monday 26 March 2012

Magpie Monday - Clothes for the future..

Last week's trawl of the charity shops in mine and my parents town was not very lucrative... hardly anything jumped out at me, and I went to a good 7 or 8... There were a couple of coffee cups in a branch of St Peter's Hospice that were nice, but they were asking £7 for each cup which I thought was really far too much for a charity shop.  Anyone else found this with St Peter's Hospice?  I find their prices are by far the highest.  When I was in there last week they were asking for £7-£10 for dresses that looked worn, and £8 for used shoes.  I just think it's crazy.

Anyway.. I did have a little success in the end in one of the other charity shops.  I got lucky in their children's clothes section.  I managed to get three totally unused items - a pair of Next shorts, a practical pair of cords and a GAP polo shirt.  They are all age 5-6 (Ethan isn't even 3 yet) but they cost me just over £4 for the lot, which I thought was a bargain, and well worth the storage space.

It has to be said, they aren't the most exciting items of clothing ever, the colours aren't very inspiring, but they are practical, worth the money and hopefully won't be out of style by the time Ethan is big enough for them.. something like a polo shirt is a classic look that will stick around.

My apologies for Ethan's feet in the first photo, I couldn't get him to keep out of the way!

I'm linking this post up with MissieLizzie for Magpie Monday.  Why not pop over there and see what everyone else has found this week?

Sunday 25 March 2012

#SunFun - Dress up!

Ethan put all his dress-up outfits on this morning.

Check out his nail varnish - he wanted to copy mine so now he has "sparkly fingers like Mummy!"

Have a Happy Sunday, and if you want a chuckle, pop by Actually Mummy's blog who is hosting this week... it's actually the last #sunfun... boo... but things change, so that's life!

Saturday 24 March 2012

Sat Cap!

Happy weekend all!  If you don't know the drill by now... well.. you know!

Caption it baby!

Thanks for dropping by! Now off to Mammasaurus's blog with you!

Friday 23 March 2012

A Massive Medicated Thank you!

You may have noticed a button/link that was up on my blog for a while.. you may have even clicked on it!  It was a button asking if you would very kindly nominate my blog for a Brilliance in Blogging award.  I didn't do much to advertise the fact I was hoping for nominations.. I'm still not quite comfortable asking for nominations, or drawing too much attention to myself with regards to awards (although I would love an award - who wouldn't!). I must just say I don't think there's anything wrong with tweeting and blogging about the fact you'd like to be nominated, if you don't ask, you don't get!  I just didn't feel confident enough for that!

Anyway, I had the buttons up and that was it, I pretty much it. In fact, when Brit Mums announced that the nomination period was over, I took the buttons straight down.  And I forgot about it all..

That was until this morning when I was sitting in the local park enjoying the sunshine and a child-free half hour.  I checked Twitter on my phone and saw a tweet from my blogging buddy WordsWithWine asking if I'd seen the list of nominations that Brit Mums had announced this morning.. I hadn't of course.  I didn't even realise they were being announced today!

I'm on there!!!!!!!

I've been nominated in the style category!

So... I want to thank all of you wonderful people who have clicked on that button, filled in the form and nominated me.  I am so surprised, and bowled over really... Honestly, I'm so surprised, I truly did not expect even one nomination.  Thank you for taking time out and nominating me, I really really appreciate it.

If you want to check out who else has been nominated, click here

And of course... I'm going to ask now!! If you'd like to vote for me now in the Style category, I will kiss you.... and love you forever!!  Voting closes on 30th April at 5pm.

I might have to scrape together some cash for a Brit Mums Live ticket now.....

I'm off to open the champers now... any excuse (I've been hoarding this bottle for two years...)

Friday Fashion - Colour Blocking & Nautical S/S12

Unless you've been hiding under a rock recently, you are probably aware of the main trends for Spring/Summer 2012.  Colour blocking, the ever present Spring favourite Nautical and stripes.  Colour blocking and stripes are something I do without realising.  I love playing with colour, and stripes are always an easy way to add fun to an outfit.  Nautical is not something I do so much.

I thought today I'd show off one of my Spring looks, especially now the daffs are in bloom and it's nearly time for the clocks to "spring forwards".  We've even had a bit of sunshine recently...  I have to be honest and say that really, it's my usual look, but with a nod to the nautical.  I'm talking bright skinny jeans, bright tshirts and cardies and a slightly nautical blazer/jacket.  Bright skinnys are really in at the moment.. just so happens I have a wardrobe full of them anyway (thank you Primark, at £8 a pop it'd be rude not to!).  I've teamed my jeans with some gorgeous flats from Clarks (if it weren't for Very Busy Mama I'd never have bought these!) but I often wear converse or boots with my jeans.  Depends how smart I want to be (read: how likely I am to be wading through mud at the local park).

Right.. photos:

Please excuse my awful expression...

Ethan watches Mummy taking photos of herself.. decides he's better off eating...
Jacket/Blazer: New Look (bought this season)
Cardigan: New Look (bought last season)
Vests: H&M (had for ages... my essentials!)
Jeans: Primark (bought last season)
Shoes: Clarks
Ring: H&M
Earrings: Buttons I bought at a local shop and fashioned into earrings!

I'm very happy with this outfit.  I feel smart yet comfortable in it - I feel good when I wear it.  Like I'm actually someone in charge of things!  I think that's down to the jacket.. but it helps when you feel comfortable in clothes.  I always think it's important that even though I'm a Mummy who has to get down on my knees countless times a day and get mucky with mud, sand, paint, food (and worse..) that I can still look and feel good about myself.

What are you going to be taking from this season's trends?  Bright colours?  Stripes?  Big chunky accessories?  Let me know... share pics!!  (let me know if you blog about it, I love to see what everyone's wearing!).

Wednesday 21 March 2012


"Who's that gut lord marching... you should cut down on your bloglife mate.. get some exercise!"

I've been thinking a lot about blog-life balance recently.  I know companies like to harp on about work-life balance.. how much they "care" about you, their employee.... are you getting home early enough?  Not taking work home with you?  Make sure you switch off when you leave the office you know.. just so long as you've put in an extra half hours work without claiming overtime, we'll be happy to encourage a healthy work-life balance!

What am I getting at exactly?

Well... I suppose it's the age old dilemma of how you go about fitting everything into your life without becoming a run down mess.  Many of us are familiar with Muso Dad who very recently gave up blogging and is currently taking a break from social media all together.  I can understand why he'd do this.  I've been blogging for years on and off, but it's really only in the last 6-8 months that I've made a real stab at it, trying to blog once a day, keeping an eye on stats, tweeting my posts, networking, making contact with other bloggers.. and it has to be said that at times it feels like work.

I'm a stay at home Mum.  Just because I don't go to a paid job doesn't mean I don't work though, as I'm sure any parent reading this will agree.  The majority of my day is bloody hard work.  When evening comes, I, need to relax.  Whilst I love blogging and having a space to vent, it does sometimes feel like something I "have" to do if I want my blog to be a "success".

I suppose one answer would be not to care.  After-all, what am I doing it for if not for myself? What does it matter if no one reads?  It does though... Why would Google provide us with the ability to check our stats if no one was interested?  We humans are ego lead.  It's a great ego boost for me to know that a few people each day have popped by and read my thoughts, admired my photos, commented and perhaps even  (on occasion!) learned something or found something thought provoking.

No.  I can't not care about the stats.  I can't just do it for the love of it I'm afraid.  Maybe that makes me shallow.. I'm not sure.

Something I do try to do is not actually blog every day.  I tend to blog on Sunday and Wednesday evenings with the odd extra bits thrown in here and there.. I schedule a few blog posts.  The idea is that I then have some evenings where I'm not thinking about blogging.  This doesn't really work though.  I think this was something Muso Dad was struggling with as well.  It's very hard to switch off from blogging.  Even if you're not actually writing a post every day, if you want to do well, you have to keep the networking up which means dedicating time you're not writing to reading other people's blogs, or promoting yours via twitter or facebook.

I'm not ready to give blogging up.  I do love my blog.  I'm happy with my achievements, I love the fact I've made online friends with a lovely group of people.  I enjoy reading other blogs, getting ideas and being inspired. I'm just concerened about other areas of life.  My mental health, my physical health, my relationship with my husband (poor blog widower!).

I'm interested to know how other bloggers manage it?  So many of you seem to find far more time, both for blog posts and twitter.  Ethan hardly gives me any time away from him in the day.. even nipping onto twitter is an impossibility most of the time.  When he naps, I'm often out of the house and my phone gets a rubbish signal so I can't even do much then.. and that's if he does nap, which isn't that often!!

How do you all do it?  Answers on a postcard... or just the comment box ;-D

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Trendy Toddler Tuesday - Yes Chef!

It's Tuesday! I have a toddler! He's (mostly) trendy! Time to link up with Very Busy Mama and Little M.

Ethan has been doing a lot of "helping" Daddy in the kitchen lately.  He and Daddy like to cook on Saturday mornings, it's their thing.  For ages it's been beans on toast, but lately Ethan has decided he likes eggy bread, so he and Daddy have been perfecting their technique.  Of course, Ethan has to look the part!

This adorable "Chef" set (apron and hat) came from Dunelm Mill and were in a sale at £5.  Well worth it I think!  Cute, adjustable and easy to wash.  Ethan will be able to rock these for years to come!  He loves being a "chef" and they are practical as well.  He particularly loves looking at all the different insects pictured all over.  Something every toddler needs I feel...

Monday 19 March 2012


Why am I so obsessed with it?

I know it's not possible.. and yet... I can't resist striving for it.  Everywhere I look I see fault.  Actually, that's not entirely true.  Everywhere I look in my house, car or on my person I find fault with.  I don't expect other peoples houses to be perfect, or bodies to be perfect.  So why do I expect that for myself?  Why do I even want that?  It'd be a bit boring, wouldn't it?

It's so hard wired inside me now, I don't know if I'll ever change.  I don't know if I want to change.  That's probably the bigger problem.  A learned behaviour is one we're used to, isn't it.  Like an old coat that's waaaaaaaay out of style and falling to pieces.  You know it's not doing you any favours but you're used to it and it's comfy.

If this is me now though, unless I make some changes, things aren't going to get easier for me.  It's so bloody hard though.  I only really relax when I leave our house.  I don't feel confronted by chores and imperfections at every turn then.  When I'm at home, I'll get one job done, and then I notice another.. it feels like chasing a tail.

I know it's silly.  I know it's not helping me.  I know it doesn't matter.

Change is so bloody hard.

I called that Positive Steps number today... I'm waiting for someone to call me back to go through a questionnaire with me... then hopefully I can be referred for CBT.

Magpie Monday - Converse

I love Converse trainers.  I have two pairs myself.  They are comfy, don't look too chunky and are brilliant as "Mummy-wear".  They also happen to be excellent for children as well I feel.  Ethan has had several pairs now, he's on his 4th pair I think.  It has to be said though, Converse aren't the cheapest footwear... well, children's footwear in general is quite pricey I think, considering how long they are in some of them..  Obviously you have to pay for quality, but unfortunately I need to make savings wherever I can.. and I am not above second hand footwear.  As long as the shoes are still in good condition and supportive to the feet, I have no problem.  In terms of how long children are in their shoes, this often seems to be the case.  I know the pairs of shoes I have bought Ethan brand new have been too small within weeks sometimes and I've sold them on being in almost brand new condition still!!

I normally buy clothing for Ethan well ahead of time - it started when I was pregnant and it has carried on since.  Ethan is 3 in July... upstairs I have clothes to fit him until he is about 6.  That's including some pants, socks, wellies, coats and PJs!!  I don't tend to buy shoes ahead of time due to storage.. however I recently saw a bargain on eBay and went for it.  Ethan will no doubt move into a size 8 (child) before long.  For about £8 including the postage I got him these three gorgeous Converse numbers!

I think the clear/see through pair are quite unusual and will look really funky with some of his cool socks showing through.  The brown pair hardly look worn at all.  Having three pairs in the same size is a bit overkill.. but they came as a package.  And it gives him some different options!  Quite handy if one pair is dirty as well.. (another thing I love about Converse - you can Chuck (Taylor) them in the washing machine ;-D )

I'm linking this up for Magpie Monday with MissieLizzie.  Why not pop over to her blog to see what all the other bargain hunters have been up to?

Happy Monday all :)

Sunday 18 March 2012

#SunFun - More Toddlerisms

Grrr.. I just posted this on my mobile and the internet ate it.. let's try again!

Firstly, Happy Mothers Day to the mothers among you. Hope you have a lovely day!

It's time for a Sunday chuckle folks. Last week I enjoyed sharing some of Ethan's little gems so I thought I'd do the same today.. especially as I've been ill all week. We've been nowhere, done nothing and taken few photos to laugh over!

So.. but from the mouth of babes:

"I live in Mummy's bum, but I don't like it!"

"Mummy has a door bum with a door-bum-bell on it which makes bum noises!"

"Once there was a little boy who fell down a toilet. He said help! Mummy! Get me out! I stuck in a toilet!"

"What's happened to that goose? I'm looking up it's bum! It's smelly!'

Well... You can't say he hasn't got the hang of toilet humour!

Don't forget to see what others are linking up for #SunFun this week, over at Actually Mummy's blog!

Happy Sunday!

Friday 16 March 2012

Saturday is Caption Day!

Saturday is caption day! I post a pic, you lovelies provide a caption! Go wild.. and then check out what else has been linked up over at Mammasaurus's Blog

I am alive...

.. it's just I've been really ill.  That probably makes it sound worse than it is.  When I say really ill, I don't mean hospital or serious illness, just a nasty illness that has really taken over my life for the last week.  I managed to get a couple of blog posts written last Sunday which were scheduled for Monday and Tuesday this week but apart from that I've had no energy to go online, let alone blog.

I just wanted to reassure people I am here, I'm OK, it's just a horrid virus and I'm nearly all better.  I will resume normal blog activities soon.

If you've been popping by to see if I've been posting, thank you :)

Back soon!

Tuesday 13 March 2012

Trendy Toddler Tuesday - I'm so cool!

The sun has been out quite a bit recently and we're getting very excited about the prospect of Spring (mostly in the hope that it clears up all these horrible bugs and viruses we've been getting).  Ethan has been rocking the shades a lot as a result of the sun.  He calls them "Cool Dudes".  I happen to think he does look pretty cool in them:

Here Ethan is rocking:
Shades - H&M
Shirt - H&M
Jumper - Next (via the charity shop)
Jeans - Next
Socks - Boots
Shoes - Converse

Daddy is dressed to cycle to work though he still has his Moccis on!!

What are your little trend setters wearing this week? Don't forget to head over the Mummy's Busy World to see what Little M's been wearing and link up your own posts!

Monday 12 March 2012

Magpie Monday - Tea Towels

I love old tea towels.  I'm very fond of the retro and vintage look and there are some fabulous tea towels out there to collect. I love new tea towels as well, and any tea towel with an owl on it... but I thought I'd feature these three favourites of mine today for Magpie Monday (hosted by MissieLizzie).

First up, the tea towel that started it all.  This one was given to me by my Dad.  It belonged to his mother (my Grandma) who I never meet, she died a long time before I was born.  I fell for it straight away.  Striking pattern, and I love the fact it's an old (very well looked after) linen tea towel.  I believe it dates from the 50s.

Next up we have a tea towel bought on eBay.  This one is an Ulster Weavers tea towel dating from the 60s I believe.  It depicts the Owl and the Pussy Cat.. of course I was bound to love it due to there being an owl on it.  I think it's a fantastic image and always makes me smile when I use it to dry up.

Third and finally, it's another eBay find.  I would guess this one dates from the 70s, possibly 60s.  I love it, it's so of it's time.  Bright clashing colours, a wacky image, great fun to have in the kitchen.  Ethan calls it "Cat Face tea towel".  It always brightens up the kitchen I feel.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed having a nosey at my tea towels.  Don't forget to check out what everyone else has linked up for Magpie Monday!

Sunday 11 March 2012

Re-Medicated Follower of Fashion

I don't think I actually managed to update things with regards to my anxiety after having a bad day the Wednesday before last.

I thought I was getting back on top of things, but I'm now nearly 2 weeks into another course of antidepressants.  I don't mind.  I've come to terms with being on them.  I don't think my family are so convinced, but I think it's one of those subjects where it's hard to understand if you've not been through it yourself.  There is still so much stigma attached to mental illness.  Some of us just can't create the right amounts of chemicals in our brains and need extra help.  Sometimes it's for a short time, sometimes it's forever.  You wouldn't tell a diabetic to come off their medication, so why do people feel it's ok to tell someone on medication for depression or anxiety that they should?

Anyway, no matter what, I am back on them for now.  I know they take a while to kick in, but even if it's just a placebo effect, or a security blanket type feeling, I already feel better.

I know I need more than medication though.  I need.. no, I HAVE to get myself referred for CBT to help me learn not to get anxious and stress about unimportant things.  I can't believe I've not phoned the self-referral number yet.  Please, if you're reading this, comment and tweet me - help badger me into phoning them!  It's a combination of putting something off and being genuinely ill/forgetful.  I need to get it done though.. I'm supposed to go back to the Doc in a couple of days to tell them how I'm getting on and tell them that I've phoned up for the CBT.. I'm behaving like I used to at school when I was trying to avoid coursework in the hope that somehow it'd do itself!  Silly behaviour.  Doing nothing gets you nowhere in these situations!

I feel I've been calmer with Ethan since admitting I was struggling again.  It does help to be honest and talk to people.  My anxiety causes me to become far too introspective and very paranoid.  I was imagining that friends were ignoring me or talking about me. Stupid.  When you get low though, you loose perspective.  You feel down about yourself so you assume everyone else feels you are scum that doesn't deserve anything.  I was feeling low about everything, feeling fat, spotty, unhealthy, paranoid.  The reality is that I'm no fatter than I've been for months.  If I feel unhealthy, it's because we've all been so ill for weeks on end!  Spring is around the corner, hopefully the germs will die off and then I can get my energy levels back up and actually feel like exercising.  I got myself some acne cream whilst at the Docs as well and it's already improved my skin.

Things are looking up, and that's a good thing. Yes, I am ill again but it'll be over soon.  I'm so lucky to have a wonderful husband who helps out at home and fantastic parents who are always willing to help out despite their own ailments.

Tomorrow I WILL call that number.

#Sun Fun - A conversation about food.

Ethan "Mummy, I hungry now.  Want my din-dins please!"

Me "OK!  Daddy made a lovely chilli this morning, so if you give me a min I'll go and heat some up for you!"

Ethan "No.  Daddy's chilli is HORSE FOOD. I DO NOT EAT HORSE FOOD!"

Me "Sorry?  Daddy's chilli is horse food?  What does that mean?  You don't like chilli?  I thought you did like chilli..."

Ethan "No.  I not like chilli.  IT'S HORSE FOOD MUMMY. I not a horse.  I ETHAN!".

Me "OK then..."

Ethan "I want marmite on toast and baked beans please Mummy.  NOT HORSE FOOD."

I'm linking this lovely and strange conversation up for #sunfun.  Why not check out what everyone else is linking up for #sunfun.  Actually Mummy is hosting this week.

Saturday 10 March 2012

Saturday is Caption Day!

Saturday is Caption Day with the wontubulous Mammasauras.  I post a pic, you come up with a caption.  Easy as.

Ethan fell asleep in his buggy this week, looking like a slightly mental old man with many blankets on and his sunnies.  It makes me laugh anyway!

Sorry it's a bit rubbish quality wise! Comment away, but don't forget to head over to Mammasaurus land to see what everyone else is linking up with!

Friday 9 March 2012

Fashion Friday - Statement Pieces

So.. having failed to get myself some Marni from H&M yesterday (you can still view the collection here) I thought I would blog today about statement pieces.

Of course, I was hoping that I would be talking about a statement Marni necklace (drool.. drool) but unless I get very lucky on eBay, I don't think I'm going to be rocking this number.

I do own a few statement pieces though.  Not so much designer (although my Marc Jacobs bag is I suppose).  I've mentioned before how much I like bright colour and pattern. Many of my clothes make that obvious.  I think the one item I really love the most at the moment though is my scarf.  It is so unusual and every time I wear it I get heaps of comments and compliments.  Always a mood booster.

My scarf was designed by Donna Wilson.  Not heard of her?  Check out her site and blog.  She makes wonderful woolly creations.  He is a gorgeous fox.  According to Ethan, he's a sleeping fox.  He likes to sleep snuggled around my neck, and I'm very appreciative of his warmth!

He's lovely, isn't he!  Not a cheap scarf at £47, he was a treat a few months back when I made some money selling on eBay.  100% lambswool and knitted in Scotland.  I can't recommend him enough.  I recommend Donna's wonderful creations in general.  She makes wonderful cushions and cuddly creatures.

I thought I'd have more photos of me wearing Mr Fox, considering he's hanging out around my neck most of the time..but I don't.  He's a bit shy here, but you can see how lovely and bright he is. Orange is a happy colour!

Well, have a very happy weekend all.  I'm linking this post up for Blow your Blog Horn with Mummy's Little Monkey.

Wednesday 7 March 2012

Review - Elodie Details Buggy Bag

Elodie Details are a company I often rave about, especially on my blog!!  They are a Swedish Design company who's mission is to "create innovative and truly unique baby accessories" .  I believe they do that very well!   

In the past few years I have bought many items for Ethan from them ranging from bottles to bibs to hats.  All have been excellent quality and value for money.  Most of all though, they are different and eye catching, which is just up my street!

I have recently been given the wonderful opportunity to test out one of Elodie Details' gorgeous stroller/buggy bags.  I can say now that this was a review item that both Ethan and I enjoyed very much!

Whenever perusing the Elodie Details website, these stroller bags have jumped out at me.  They look practical but are also attractive.  After-all, why shouldn't your buggy look eye-catching?  

It has to be said that there are many different stroller bags on the market, but the selling point for this one, I feel, is that it is water resistant.  It has been my experience that you either find a stroller bag which is attractive and funky, or one that is a plain colour but water resistant.  For example, our Mothercare My3 buggy came with it's own stroller bag which was plain red.  Quite bright, perfectly functional, warm and water resistant, but not really that exciting to look at.  Just like my glasses, when it comes to something I'm going to be using on a daily basis for a few years, I want it to look attractive!  So.. the included stroller bag quickly went by the wayside.  Other stroller bags I've found have been attractive to look at, with bright colours and patterns, but have been made from fleecy material which isn't always as warm and certainly isn't much good if you're caught in the rain without the rain cover (which we all know does happen!).

I should mention, of course, what a good invention stroller bags are in general!  There are times when I've used a blanket on Ethan when in his buggy, but they always fall off, get thrown off, or get caught in the wheels!  For me, a stroller bag is an essential item.

So.  On to the item itself.  We received a stroller bag with the beautiful Cherry Blossom Birds print. A lovely red stroller bag with pink floral details and funky long tailed birds perching here and there.

Here are the all important vital statistics:

-Wind and water-resistant rip stop surface that keeps rain and snow safely on the outside. 
- Openings for 5-point belt, compatible with most stroller models.
- Elastic top end that can be folded around the backrest, or used as a hood in windy or cold conditions.
- Detachable top piece with zip that opens at both ends - perfect when moving from outdoor to   indoor conditions.
- Darts at foot end allow movement of the feet and increased comfort
- Easy maintenance, mashine wash and tumble dry.
- 53 x 110 cm, fits a majority of strollers on the market.

When ours arrived I was very impressed by the quality of the packaging, which is always reassuring when packages are coming from overseas.  I knew straight away that this was a good quality item.  It feels very robust (which when tested by a kicking, pulling and squirming 2 and a half year old is a good thing).

 I fitted it to our buggy as soon as it arrived.  I have to admit that it was a little bit fiddly to fit, and this would be my one and only criticism, and it's really only a very small criticism.  As stated in the product details, this stroller bag will fit a 5-point harness, and it certainly has the necessary slits in the right places on the back of the bag.  The issue I had was in the size of the slits, I had a little trouble fitting some parts of the harness of them through the slits.  I did manage it though after a couple of attempts.  I have now removed and re-fitted this stroller bag several times and have found it's got easier with each fitting, so I don't think this a big issue.  It could even be that the Mothercare My3 has unusually large harness clips!  It fits onto our OBaby stroller much more easily.

Once it was on, I marvelled at how gorgeous it looked and called Ethan through to take a peek.  He was suitably impressed and eager to get in and try it out.  So, we did!  When Ethan jumped in, he commented on how warm and snuggled he felt in there.  To be honest, I wanted to get in there myself!  He told me he really liked the birds as well.  It was very easy to zip the bag up around him, the zips run very smoothly and are nice and big, so easy to grab which is again very handy when it comes to zipping up a squirmy baby or toddler.  One of the features I love  is that this stroller bag zips quite far up, so if you choose, you can pretty much just have your toddler/babies face peeping out, keeping them very cosy inside.  However, if it's a warmer day, or they don't like to be too enclosed, you can button down the front half.  I like to button it down over the guard/hand rest.

I would say that size and age wise, Ethan is getting close to being too big for this stroller bag.  He does fit in it, but there's not much room left for him.  I feel that a few months from now, he will be too big for it (or at least, he could fit in, but it would squash him up).  I think this is just fine though, as he will be 3 in July and as it's March now, there won't be many more cold months (I hope) and by next winter he shouldn't need to be in a buggy as often.  If you were to buy this stroller bag when your child is young, you should get a good few years use out of it, I'm sure.

We were able to test out the water resistant feature the very first day we went out with it on the buggy.. not unusual for a February day in the UK!  I can confirm that no water got anywhere near Ethan's snug little body.  He remained nice and toasty.

Overall, I think that Elodie Details stroller bag is excellent.  Using current rates of exchange, the stroller bag will set you back £87.25 which I will admit is by no means cheap, but I do think you are paying for quality and style here.  This is not your average stroller bag, and there are quite a few gorgeous designs to choose from.

If you used this for your child from birth, it would be excellent value for money.  Let's face it, a lot of us spend a fair bit on the buggies/prams/strollers themselves. If you really want to style out your buggy, Elodie Details sell nappy bags, rain covers, hats and boots to match.. You could go mad!

As a very special offer for all my wonderful readers, Elodie Details have very kindly given me a code to use in their webshop.  This code will get you a pretty fantastic 30% off any of their items in the Cherry Blossom Birds range. All you need to do is enter cherrywinter in the relevant code box when checking out.

***Disclaimer*** Elodie Details very kindly provided me with the stroller bag for review and we are very lucky to be able to keep it, use it and love it.  I have not been paid for this review and all thoughts and views expressed are my own.

Tuesday 6 March 2012

Trendy Toddler Tuesday - Comfy Clothes

Ethan has been really poorly over the last week and a half.  I don't know about you, but when I'm ill, I only want to wear soft comfy clothes that aren't in any way restrictive and make me feel snuggled.  I always imagine Ethan feels the same, so when he's ill out go the jeans, shirts and waistcoats he loves to wear and in come the soft trackie bottoms and cotton tops.  You can still look cool whilst dressing down though!

Top: Katvig
Trousers: GAP (via charity shop)
Slippers: H&M

My apologies, the photo is a bit blurry, but the subject wasn't really up for many photos that day!!  The Katvig top is one of my favourites, and Ethan loves it too.  The pattern is unusual (birds, clouds and rainbows) and I think it works on a girl or a boy.  Very versatile.  The trousers were a bargain in the local charity shop.  GAP make lovely quality trackie bottoms!

I think Very Busy Mama & Little M are taking a little break from Trendy Toddler Tuesday, but I love writing about Ethan's clothes once a week, so thought I'd carry on.. that doesn't mean you shouldn't go and check out there blogs though!

Monday 5 March 2012

Monday Magpie - Gloworm

I only recently discovered Magpie Monday, and I love it.  It's a meme close to my heart.  I'm all about buying things second hand, from eBay, car boots, jumble sales and charity shops etc.  I love bargain hunting and I love the thrill of finding something rare or unusual for a bargain price.  However, I haven't found anything for a couple of weeks now.. Well, I bought a pair of jeans on ebay for £5 last night but they won't be here for a few days, so I don't know if I'll love them yet!

So.. I've been racking my brains to think of something suitable to fit in with today's post.  Looking around our house I can see many things bought second hand, but this one jumped out at me.  It is buy far one of the best bargains ever in terms of value for money. I would go so far as to say this particular item is invaluable to us now. I'm talking about Ethan's Gloworm.

I coveted Gloworms when I was a child in the 80s.  I always wanted one but never had one.  When I discovered that they are still made today, I was very excited and determined that as I couldn't have one, my son could.  One evening whilst browsing on eBay I noticed a seller selling one in excellent condition, so I though, why not bid?  They aren't rare I know, and aren't all that pricey to buy brand new, but I thought I'd see how the bidding went.  Any money saved helps, and Ethan wouldn't be able to tell new from nearly new!  I bid, and I won.  £3.99 Gloworm set me back including postage, and £3 of that was the postage!  He really was in excellent condition when he arrived, he hadn't been used or loved at all.  All that is changed now.. he's been though the washing machine a few times (a very handy skill for a toy!).

Ethan adores him.  Gloworm is always there to comfort him in the night, to cuddle and to sing to him (press his tummy and he plays lullabies).  Ethan couldn't have a better buddy.  He was well worth the money.

Here's a bit of Gloworm love.

If you'd like to find out what other bargains people have been snapping out, head over the MissieLizzie's blog Me and My Shadow and click on the linky.  I will be!

Thursday 1 March 2012

They f**k you up, your parents do..

I hate that now Ethan is old enough to know emotions, he knows when I am upset and low. This anxiety/PND/whatever it is takes over and I sit there crumpled on the floor, hot tears streaming down my face. He knows I'm crying. He comes over and hugs into me so I end up sobbing into his hair.

"I kiss it better Mummy"

My little man.

What is this doing to him?

At the Doctors, he hears what we are discussing. I have no option but to take him in with me. He hears snippets of conversation and pipes up:

"Mummy is very sad. She cries on the sofa. Mummy shouted at me today. Mummy sorry to me".

My heart breaks just hearing him uttering those words.

Before, when he couldn't speak, I couldn't know for sure if I was affecting him. Now I feel sick at what I might be doing.

Ethan. If you ever read this. I love you little man. Mummy really is trying to be the best mummy she can. I promise. I'm going to keep trying. It's all I can do.


I realised something just now.... When Ethan is ill, ironically, I'm more relaxed. I think it's because it gives me good reason to let all the other things in life slide for a bit. The house work, exercise.. All important, but not as important as my son.

It's horrid really that it takes him being ill to allow me to relax a little.

I don't mean I'm relaxed over his being ill, or that I like it. I don't. It just gives my mind a chance to think clearly for a while, over one thing.