Friday 23 March 2012

Friday Fashion - Colour Blocking & Nautical S/S12

Unless you've been hiding under a rock recently, you are probably aware of the main trends for Spring/Summer 2012.  Colour blocking, the ever present Spring favourite Nautical and stripes.  Colour blocking and stripes are something I do without realising.  I love playing with colour, and stripes are always an easy way to add fun to an outfit.  Nautical is not something I do so much.

I thought today I'd show off one of my Spring looks, especially now the daffs are in bloom and it's nearly time for the clocks to "spring forwards".  We've even had a bit of sunshine recently...  I have to be honest and say that really, it's my usual look, but with a nod to the nautical.  I'm talking bright skinny jeans, bright tshirts and cardies and a slightly nautical blazer/jacket.  Bright skinnys are really in at the moment.. just so happens I have a wardrobe full of them anyway (thank you Primark, at £8 a pop it'd be rude not to!).  I've teamed my jeans with some gorgeous flats from Clarks (if it weren't for Very Busy Mama I'd never have bought these!) but I often wear converse or boots with my jeans.  Depends how smart I want to be (read: how likely I am to be wading through mud at the local park).

Right.. photos:

Please excuse my awful expression...

Ethan watches Mummy taking photos of herself.. decides he's better off eating...
Jacket/Blazer: New Look (bought this season)
Cardigan: New Look (bought last season)
Vests: H&M (had for ages... my essentials!)
Jeans: Primark (bought last season)
Shoes: Clarks
Ring: H&M
Earrings: Buttons I bought at a local shop and fashioned into earrings!

I'm very happy with this outfit.  I feel smart yet comfortable in it - I feel good when I wear it.  Like I'm actually someone in charge of things!  I think that's down to the jacket.. but it helps when you feel comfortable in clothes.  I always think it's important that even though I'm a Mummy who has to get down on my knees countless times a day and get mucky with mud, sand, paint, food (and worse..) that I can still look and feel good about myself.

What are you going to be taking from this season's trends?  Bright colours?  Stripes?  Big chunky accessories?  Let me know... share pics!!  (let me know if you blog about it, I love to see what everyone's wearing!).


  1. I absolutely LOVE this outfit. I just bought a pair of green skinnies too! And I miss Primark more than you know. As for accessories, bigger is better and certainly layering is chunky necklaces, big bows in the hair and big rings. I get so many compliments on my flats, they are to die for aren't they?? And I like the look of the blog and the bigger images, I like being able to see the detail in your pictures.

    1. Thank you Maria! I love my green skinnies.. I actually have three pairs, all slightly different shades! Primark is soooo good for jeans. I have a pair of JBrand jeans, but I don't know if they are really worth as much as I paid for them when I consider how cheap and cheerful the Primark ones are!

      The shoes are lovely. Much comfier when I can wear them without socks now it's a little warmer!

      I'm glad you like the new blog arrangement and the bigger photos - I did it for you!! :)

  2. Looking lovely Alex - really like that H&M ring and the green skinnies. I am writing this, sat in my dressing gown with greasy hair. You have inspired to to GET DRESSED!

    1. Why thank you lovely! The ring is fab - I re-discovered it this week, it'd bee hiding in my jewellery box. I'm glad you're feeling inspired now! x


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