Sunday 11 March 2012

#Sun Fun - A conversation about food.

Ethan "Mummy, I hungry now.  Want my din-dins please!"

Me "OK!  Daddy made a lovely chilli this morning, so if you give me a min I'll go and heat some up for you!"

Ethan "No.  Daddy's chilli is HORSE FOOD. I DO NOT EAT HORSE FOOD!"

Me "Sorry?  Daddy's chilli is horse food?  What does that mean?  You don't like chilli?  I thought you did like chilli..."

Ethan "No.  I not like chilli.  IT'S HORSE FOOD MUMMY. I not a horse.  I ETHAN!".

Me "OK then..."

Ethan "I want marmite on toast and baked beans please Mummy.  NOT HORSE FOOD."

I'm linking this lovely and strange conversation up for #sunfun.  Why not check out what everyone else is linking up for #sunfun.  Actually Mummy is hosting this week.


  1. How funny. Did you ever get to the bottom of why chilli is horse food? I can't wait until my little one starts talking.

    1. No.. I didn't! They do come out with some really odd things..

  2. Replies
    1. I'm glad you think so :) It's been making me laugh all week!

  3. Hahahahaha!!! Actually, in Pete's defence, he does a bloomin' lovely chilli.. Ethan is being RUDE! (For a change). He did actually eat some a couple of days later.

  4. lol! Horse food? Bonkers and oh so funny!

    Now horse eat sugar cubes - you'd think he'd be loving that ;)


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