Monday 12 March 2012

Magpie Monday - Tea Towels

I love old tea towels.  I'm very fond of the retro and vintage look and there are some fabulous tea towels out there to collect. I love new tea towels as well, and any tea towel with an owl on it... but I thought I'd feature these three favourites of mine today for Magpie Monday (hosted by MissieLizzie).

First up, the tea towel that started it all.  This one was given to me by my Dad.  It belonged to his mother (my Grandma) who I never meet, she died a long time before I was born.  I fell for it straight away.  Striking pattern, and I love the fact it's an old (very well looked after) linen tea towel.  I believe it dates from the 50s.

Next up we have a tea towel bought on eBay.  This one is an Ulster Weavers tea towel dating from the 60s I believe.  It depicts the Owl and the Pussy Cat.. of course I was bound to love it due to there being an owl on it.  I think it's a fantastic image and always makes me smile when I use it to dry up.

Third and finally, it's another eBay find.  I would guess this one dates from the 70s, possibly 60s.  I love it, it's so of it's time.  Bright clashing colours, a wacky image, great fun to have in the kitchen.  Ethan calls it "Cat Face tea towel".  It always brightens up the kitchen I feel.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed having a nosey at my tea towels.  Don't forget to check out what everyone else has linked up for Magpie Monday!


  1. Yes I have enjoyed looking at your tea towels - I think the blue one at the top is my fave

  2. Hee hee that last one is fantastic!

  3. Love them! I collect vintage tea towels too, i have 3 of them framed in our living room and hallway and more in my fabric cuboard.
    I managed to buy so much this week, and all for so little. I would like to blame it on car boot season starting up again, but half of what i found were in the charity shops! Now ive just added all the photos to my blog i cant believe how much i came home with!
    Aqeela xx

  4. Great to see a a themed post. Like them all to be honest but perhaps the owls most of all


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