Friday 23 March 2012

A Massive Medicated Thank you!

You may have noticed a button/link that was up on my blog for a while.. you may have even clicked on it!  It was a button asking if you would very kindly nominate my blog for a Brilliance in Blogging award.  I didn't do much to advertise the fact I was hoping for nominations.. I'm still not quite comfortable asking for nominations, or drawing too much attention to myself with regards to awards (although I would love an award - who wouldn't!). I must just say I don't think there's anything wrong with tweeting and blogging about the fact you'd like to be nominated, if you don't ask, you don't get!  I just didn't feel confident enough for that!

Anyway, I had the buttons up and that was it, I pretty much it. In fact, when Brit Mums announced that the nomination period was over, I took the buttons straight down.  And I forgot about it all..

That was until this morning when I was sitting in the local park enjoying the sunshine and a child-free half hour.  I checked Twitter on my phone and saw a tweet from my blogging buddy WordsWithWine asking if I'd seen the list of nominations that Brit Mums had announced this morning.. I hadn't of course.  I didn't even realise they were being announced today!

I'm on there!!!!!!!

I've been nominated in the style category!

So... I want to thank all of you wonderful people who have clicked on that button, filled in the form and nominated me.  I am so surprised, and bowled over really... Honestly, I'm so surprised, I truly did not expect even one nomination.  Thank you for taking time out and nominating me, I really really appreciate it.

If you want to check out who else has been nominated, click here

And of course... I'm going to ask now!! If you'd like to vote for me now in the Style category, I will kiss you.... and love you forever!!  Voting closes on 30th April at 5pm.

I might have to scrape together some cash for a Brit Mums Live ticket now.....

I'm off to open the champers now... any excuse (I've been hoarding this bottle for two years...)


  1. This is fantastic..your blog is brilliant. When I get to a computer tomorrow I will certainly vote for you. I can barely trust my phone to make a call let alone fill out a form..this is my second attempt at the comment using the apparently smart phone xx

    1. Thank you Karis, you are a total star :)

      I'm still amazed I've been nominated! I feel honoured! xx


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