Thursday 31 January 2013

New baby lustings.. The Sleepi by Stokke

Being pregnant has me lusting after "things".  I know it's material... I also know that as this is my second child that we don't actually "need" many new items... but sometimes it's so hard!! It might be a new product that's been introduced to the market since Ethan, or just something by a brand I wasn't aware of before.. I'm much more absorbed in "baby/child land" these days.  When I was pregnant with Ethan I knew little of all the products out there.  None of my friends had children.  It was a new world to me!  I've discovered things as I've gone along.  Some of the items we bought when expecting Ethan turned out to be useless or unnecessary.  I feel this time around I know what we actually "need".  However, sometimes there are some luxury products out there I just can't help lusting after..

One such product is the beautiful cot made by Stokke, a company who manage to combine practicality with timeless style so well.  I always loved their Tripp Trapp high chairs but couldn't justify the cost first time around.. the high chair we did get was OK but I never loved it... this time around, I'm hoping can find a bargain Tripp Trapp (either new or second hand).  Anyway, back to my original point... the high chairs were the first Stokke product I discovered.. but in the last year or so I have become very aware of their cot, "The Sleepi".  Like the Trip Trap, one of the key aspects for this product is how it "grows" with your child.  This cot is suitable from birth and using additional parts can "grow" with your child until approximately 10 years of age.  Impressive stuff if you don't want to be worrying about a toddler bed and then a children's bed!  Another appealing feature is that it's a wooden cot (available in four different varnished finishes) and made from renewable wood sources.

Image taken from the Stokke website

The Sleepi is aesthetically pleasing as well and so DIFFERENT!  It's oval and just looks so snug and cosy for a newborn.  As Stokke themselves say "it creates a nestlike environment that is comfortable and secure".  I can well believe it!  To be honest, I want to snuggle into one myself.

Image taken from Stokke Website

When we had Ethan we were offered a cot by my sister in law.  She used it with her son but because he mostly co-slept it hadn't been used a lot.  Happy to save money we took up her offer and as a result we never had to consider buying our own.  It was a good cot!  Ethan slept in it from birth until two months before his third birthday.  It served us very well.... I can't deny though that I would love to be able to buy a sleepi for baby two but unless we win the lottery, I can't see that happening.  The Sleepi retails at around £399.  Not a bad price for a cot and bed in one, but we can barely afford a UK holiday this year, so I know it's not realistic for us :(  However,  one of the aspects I enjoy most about being pregnant and having a baby  is the dreaming.. So, for now, instead of having a baby who will dream in a Sleepi, I shall dream about owning one!!

**I have not been asked to write this post or received any compensation for writing it, I simply want to share a product I love**

Wednesday 30 January 2013

Staying stylish in pregnancy

It's damn hard work, staying stylish in pregnancy.  For one thing, you are often tired and body confidence isn't exactly at it's peak.  Secondly, maternity clothing doesn't tend to be very varied.  Thirdly, often being in anything other than a loose dress or leggings can be uncomfortable.

I have some beautiful maternity clothing, but some of it is too special to be worn day to day (a couple of dresses for example) and some of it looks fantastic but feels uncomfortable when on (maternity jeans seem to fit into this catagory).  Day to day, from a  point of practicality and comfort I end up in layers of maternity tights/leggings and a long top or skirt and top.  It's not very exciting and I am getting a little bored!! It doesn't make for very exciting style blogging either!

Any maternity clothing companies out there reading? HELP ME!!!! I would LOVE to find "the perfect" pair of maternity skinny jeans.  I've got loads of pairs but all of them fall down throughout the day and pulling up jeans all day just drives me mad.

This is literally what I'm wearing right now, these photos taken when I got back from taking Ethan to preschool:

Jacket - Joules (non maternity - thankfully still fits over bump!)
Bag - Marc Jacobs
Beret - H&M
Purple top - Topshop maternity from 2009
Skirt - H&M non maternity, a few sizes bigger than normal
Tights - H&M Mama
Socks - H&M
Boots - Wrangler

It's a darn good thing I can still fit my rain coat over my bump.  It's my "practical" rain coat... My beautiful patterend Boden rain jacket doesn't do up over my bump.  I miss it!!!! This one is quite warm as well as being waterproof and it's very very handy seeing as it's been super rainy over the last few days.  That's the other thing that doesn't help bump-wear.  The weather.  It's cold and it's wet so I have to wedge myself into soooo many layers.  If it were warm I'd be swanning about in a maxi dress and birkenstocks.  Now that would be comfy!  Roll on spring...

I popped into Asda this morning and spotted this cute little top for £2 so got that for baby two... Well, it was only £2!

Baby top - Asda
Jewellery - All from Stella & Dot which you can buy via me!

Before I sign off, I just want to mention my linky Trendy Tuesday.  If you've not heard about it before and you're a style blogger with trendy children then this is the linky for you!  It's held here on my blog every Tuesday and all you have to do is link up a blog post showcasing your trendy children.  Simple!

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Tuesday 29 January 2013

Trendy Tuesday - Rocking Red Jeans!

Roll up, roll up!  It's Trendy Tuesday - time to link up and show off our trendy little ones.

Ethan has grown a couple of cms recently which means I've been able to (finally) get out the age 3-4 trousers.  He's 4 in July!  Bless him.. So, the age 2-3 jeans have been packed away and the "new" ones are out.  Always love getting some fresh clothing into the mix, makes choosing outfits fun again.

His first new pair are a gorgeous pair of red skinny jeans from H&M.  I'm not sure when I bought these (if you are a regular reader you'll know that I buy clothing a year or two in advance) but ever since I bought them I've been looking forward to Ethan being big enough to wear them.  Who doesn't want to rock a pair of red skinny jeans?
Cardigan - Sam & Jo via TKMaxx
Top - Katvig
Jeans - H&M

I love bright colours on children, and I'm a huge fan of skinny jeans.  I love this pair - they have some cute detail with zips.  Makes them a little more funky than the usual!  I know that they wouldn't have cost me more than a fiver either.  H&M are fantastic for children's clothing, since he was a baby I've been a big fan of their children's clothing.  He finds these jeans comfy, he's been to soft play wearing them and played football in them so I know already that they are hard wearing and stand up to climbing, sliding and more.  A big thumbs up from us!

On a slight change of subject, a friend Janette has recently started sewing and is creating some gorgeous items for children.  In particular, bibs and dresses.

Every child needs a gorgeous bib and maybe you have a little girl in your life and you'd like a custom made dress for her - if you do, check out my friend's page on facebook.  She's just starting out but I can already vouch for the quality (Janette made a beautiful bib for baby boy 2).  I'd recommend a look.

What have your little one's been wearing/trashing/playing in this week?  Link up below and share the love!


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Thursday 24 January 2013

Hot Dots Junior review

As Ethan gets older, I am more and more concious of helping him learn as well as play.  After all, he will be in "proper school" in less than 8 months (OH MY GOD! SCARY!) and whilst I know that they will be teaching the basics when he arrives there, it'd be nice to think it won't be a shock to the system.

I'm not that great at this side of parenting.  Ask me to feed, clothe and organise him, I'm fine and dandy.  Ask me to do some imaginative play or teaching and I get a bit itchy.  I feel I freeze up when "playing".  I'm starting to get a bit more used to the teaching thing.  I'm not a huge fan of "sit down and we'll do a few hours of learning" - I don't think I'd be any good at home schooling.  However, something that seems like play but is secretly helping you learn?  I like things like that!  

A couple of months ago we were sent a Hot Dots card and pen set.  These are self checking flash cards for the age of technology.  No longer do you just have to flash a card at your child and ask them what is on there - you can use a cool "pen" which will flash a green or red light (green for correct and red for incorrect) and an encouraging phrase or sound.  We have some traditional flash cards but these are far more fun.

Ethan was entranced by the pen straight away.  Anything that flashes lights and talks is fantastic for a 3 year old.  We were sent "Numbers & Counting" which is just up Ethan's street - he loves numbers.  Other sets available include The Alphabet, Shapes, Colours and more.  Ethan found the concept easy to understand.  The only issue is that sometimes he gets distracted by wanting to make the pen flash red so he deliberately presses the pen on the wrong answer.  Silly thing!!

The positives out way the negatives with this set - it's very portable, will provide at least 20 minutes of entertainment and due to the cards being double sided, it feels like there are lots of different cards to look at. Some of the cards have "easier" questions that others, so you can build up towards harder ones.  The only real negative is that the pen doesn't have an off switch so if you leave it with batteries in, it can set itself off in the box when knocked.  Not really the end of the world though.

I've included a video to show the set in action.  We're pleased with this set and I'd be happy to recommend it to friends. The cards retail around £8 and the pens (sold separately but one pen will work with all cards) from £5-10.

**We were sent this set free of charge for the purpose of review but all views expressed are my own and no compensation was received**

Wednesday 23 January 2013

Isabella Oliver Maternity Wear

When I was pregnant with Ethan, I lusted over Isabella Oliver but never got round to treating myself to any.  With this pregnancy I was planning to remedy that.  As it turns out, I got very lucky and Isabella Oliver offered to send me a top to flaunt around my blog.

My word.  I'd always heard good things about Isabella Oliver maternity wear, but  I can honestly say that it is with good reason!  I opted for a fairly basic looking top in an army green type shade.  Nothing in your face.  I was tempted by the well known wrap tops that made Isabella Oliver famous but having read up on them, whilst they were no doubt very flattering, most women commented that they were a little high maintenance and best used for more special occasions.  I wanted something that could be dressed up or down.  I chose a v shaped neckline because I already have large boobs and don't want them to look any bigger (which a higher neckline tends to do).

When I received my package (which was received very quickly) it was beautifully wrapped.  It does make you feel a little special!  These little touches do help!

This is a top that definitely says more on than it does off.  But once it's on.  WOW.  I can say hands down that this is the most comfortable maternity top I've ever had the pleasure to wear.  It clings to your curves and bumps but only accentuates them.  The ruching affect is incredibly flattering serving to hide bumps and lumps.  I can see how this top would grow with you as your bump grows.  Despite clinging to my body, it doesn't feel restrictive.  It really stays in place as well.  My top covers my bum which is very handy, I feel comfortable wearing it on it's own with leggings.  The best thing is that it just stays put!  I can relax and not feel I have to keep tugging it over my bum.

Isabella Oliver Maternity "Poppy Top" in khaki green - RRP £55 but currently £33 in the sale

I honestly did not expect to be this impressed with what essentially looks like a basic top.  I will be sad when my bump is gone and the top too big.. what I'm hoping though is that it'll still come in handy (hello, Christmas dinner!!).   I think due to the v neckline it'll be a handy breastfeeding top.

Isabella Oliver, you have rocked my world!  Any pregnant ladies reading, get yourself over there, there's a sale on at the moment!!

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Tuesday 22 January 2013

Trendy Tuesday - Polarn O Pyret

Welcome to Trendy Tuesday everyone!  Not heard of it before?  Well, this is a weekly linky which started life as Trendy Toddler Tuesday, thought up by the very lovely Maria of Very Busy Mama.  Last year Maria passed the torch to me and as my son is rapidly heading towards 4 (and other bloggers with older children had asked if they could join in) I decided to drop the toddler from the name and just have Trendy Tuesday.  If you'd like to join in, it'd be fantastic.  You don't have to join in every week, just when you feel like it.  All you need is a trendy child (or children), some photos of them sporting their outfit/s and a quick blog post.  Once you've done that you can link up over here!  Easy!!  TT has gone a bit quite over the last couple of months with the run up to Christmas and the New Year so I'd like to give it a little kick up the bum.  If you are a reader who doesn't want to join in but knows other bloggers who might like to, please let them know about it!! If you are regular, thank you so much!  Don't forget you can help by tweeting links and letting other bloggers know as well!

OK.. enough boring stuff.  On to the fashion.  This week I'm all about Polarn O. Pyret.  I've talked about PO.P a lot on my blog over the last few years but I can't help it, they continue to be one of my favourite children's brands.  I love that they cater for children up to 12 years old.  So many of my favourite brands from Ethan's babyhood have stopped catering for him.  The other fantastic aspect of PO.P are the patterns - you can always guarantee a good selection of patterns from them and they are so different to what you'd find on the High Street.  Thirdly, the quality is outstanding with PO.P clothing.  I have a lot of 2nd and 3rd hand PO.P clothing for Ethan and it always washes well and keeps it's charm.

We were very lucky to be sent a top and leggings from PO.P just before Christmas in one of their new Spring prints.  We were sent "Olympic Village" in blues.  This print is amazing, so much going on!  My hubby is very jealous of Ethan's new threads, he commented on how cool they look!

We are using these as PJs.  That's the fantastic thing about these "basic" style items that PO.P does so well.  They can be worn separately as a top and leggings, or together, or as we are, as PJs.  They have been soft and comfy for Ethan from the get-go and I have washed them MANY times now and they are still looking great.

Top - £18.50
Leggings - £18.50

Have you got any PO.P clothing?  You should check them out.  They still have some gorgeous bargains to be had in their winter sale and the new Spring prints have just been released.  I know that any PO.P clothing we have will be worn by at least two children, and as I plan to save them, hopefully by grandchildren as well.  The pattern and quality of the material will stand the tests of time, I know!

Now it's over to you - what have your children been sporting lately?  Link up below and don't forget to pop back to see who else has linked up and visit them!


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****This is not a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.  We were provided the clothing by PO.P for the purposes of review****

Sunday 20 January 2013

A snowy weekend

I have very little energy at the moment.  Lots of pelvis/hip pain = restless nights :( Ethan has a cold as well so he's falling asleep late, sleeping fitfully and waking early.  We're all a bit tired.  We've had some snow though (like much of the UK) so that's been a nice change from the norm.  Despite all being a bit under the weather we've all enjoyed it.

The cold weather has me rocking multiple pairs of maternity tights and leggings, layers of vests and tops and that's about it.  Nothing very stylish or cool.  Haven't even been wearing much jewellery because it tends to get in the way of all the hats, coats and gloves!!  So.. not much fashion to share from me I'm afraid!  Luckily my boarding/ski jacket fits over my bump still so I've been able to keep warm.

My hat - M&Co
Neck warmers/snoods - Polarn O Pyret

I've received a maternity top/dress from Sotto e Sopra to review, I've been wearing that quite a bit over the last couple of days.  I'm enjoying it, very comfortable and flattering.  It's not in your face or showy, but something that will easily become an "essential" piece of maternity wear I feel.

Rubbish photo via my phone! - Sotto e Sopra Tunic

Ethan loves the snow.  It's the first time it's snowed in his lifetime and he's been old enough to really enjoy it.  He's got quite addicted to snowball fights!

As usual (at the moment) I apologise for the lack of blogging... I'm rather tired.  Earlier in the week my laptop wifi wasn't working which made blogging hard work as well.  So.. thank you for reading even if things are a bit patchy at the moment!!

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Sunday 13 January 2013

Nesting - 22 weeks.

I'm 22 weeks now.  Wow.  It amazes me, but honestly, I am SO HUGE compared to last time.  I know I'm not doing much exercise (I'm too bloody tired!) and I'm probably indulging in the chocolate a bit too much (Christmas didn't help) but generally I'm not doing anything different from last time.  I suppose it's just because I've been "stretched" before! Nice...

I must admit I feel quite rubbish about my appearance a lot at the moment   Not so much how I look now (although a bit) but more along the lines of "If I'm this big now, what the hell am I going to look like at 40 weeks?"  I'm worried.  I think the midwife is going to tell me I'm far too big at my next appointment :-/

Something that has really kicked in is the nesting.  I was up in the loft last week hauling down the baby clothes, well, 0-6 months anyway.  Pete was cross with me for this, says I shouldn't have been up there whilst pregnant.  I know he's right really, but I was super careful and I just like to get on with things.  I hate to have to ask for his help.  I know what it's like, if I ask him, due to work he won't be able to get up into the loft until the weekend and by then my desire to get on with a task has morphed into anger that I've had to delay getting on with it.  I won't be going up there again any time soon though.  It was hard work doing that, no way I'd want to do it at 25 or 30 weeks.  Don't think my bump would actually allow me to access the loft at that stage anyway!!  The cot and baby bouncer/chair still need to come down, but there's no where for them to go at the moment so we won't do that until March/April.

I sorted through the clothes, put some aside that I didn't want to use again (some we were given that aren't our taste, some that were really well worn due to being 6th hand). When I told Pete I'd put some aside for the charity shop he asked if we'd have enough.. I just had to direct him to the overflowing chest of draws.  When I was pregnant with Ethan I got lucky on ebay and bought masses of vests/sleepsuits in bulk.  Crazy amounts.  All neutral.  We have loads and neutral really isn't our style.. sooooo... I've been dying and tie-dying!!  I did an orange batch, a purple batch and a pink/black tie dye batch which I am especially pleased with.  Just want to dye the baby towels now and I'll be happy.

The baby's rooms is being planned out in my head now.  We won't be having a wardrobe in there, at least not to start.  There's a sofa in the room at present but it should be going to Pete's sister when she moves in March.  I'm glad of that really.  It's a good sofa but we don't need/use it at the moment and it's taking up masses of room.  My plan is to have the cot, feeding chair and chest of draws.  The rest of the room will have some (small) space for toys and some floor cushions.  I've got some under-bed (cot) storage that will initially be housing the 3-6 month clothes but will do for toys in the future.  I want to put more shelving up for books and toys.  Maybe some hooks for hanging outfits on, though I admit that would've been a bigger deal for me if this baby was going to be a girl (who doesn't want a few cute dresses on show?!).  At the moment the chest of draws is a rather old sorry looking flat pack chip board Ikea one which I've wanted to replace for an age.  I found a nice wooden one in the charity shop to replace it.. much more character I feel!  Just need to arrange to pick it up.  We went to the charity shop warehouse at the weekend to pick it up (after emptying the car boot and removing the car seat, always a pain in the ass) and they weren't open.  Grrrrr.  Somehow we'll get our hands on it - seeing as I've paid for it! Only £30 though...

My bump makes me very visible now.  I may be pregnant but I still wish to be colourful and stylish.  I hope I'm managing that..

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Thursday 10 January 2013

Ideas for expectant mum's - Baby Beau changing bags.

babybeau changing bags
If, like me, you are pregnant, the chances are you are planning (with care!) your choice of changing bag and travel systems.  As you will know, I'm pregnant with my second child, so this isn't quite as applicable to me, though I have to say that it's 4 years since I was pregnant with Ethan so despite already having most baby "stuff" I do want a few new things...  Something I want is a new changing bag.  I used my previous one (a lovely Pink Lining number) loads and it's looking a little... worn!  Probably because it was second hand when I bought it (I wanted one with a design they didn't stock any more so it was harder to track down!).  Anyway, whatever the reason (most likely that I just like to have something new!!) I want a new changing bag.

Since I had Ethan, the market for changing bags has exploded!! It's a tough choice now and it's much easier to find something that is stylish as well as practical.  As a style blogger, this is important to me!!  Probably the most stylish changing bag brand out there is BabyBeau. Babybeau were created by Rebecca Gono, a mum who felt there was a gap in the changing bag market for stylish, fashionable and practical changing bags. They have been on my radar for a while now, and I'm not the only one.  These bags are practical and SUPER stylish and as a result are especially popular with celebrities such as Tia Mowry (remember her from Sister Sister? I loved that show!).  You can see Tia here talking about the Eden changing bag which is her favourite "diaper" bag.  I can see why.  Of all the bags BabyBeau sell, this would be my pick as well! It's true, you'd never know if was a changing bag.  The leather looks so soft.  If anything says "Congratulations on getting through 30 hours of labour" this is it.  We all deserve a treat!

Eden by babybeau
BabyBeau bags are high end changing bags, but you get what you pay for.  The Eden for example retails at £220.  There are many of us who like to splurge on a handbag and let's face it, the changing bag you choose will effectively be your handbag for at least two years.  My current hand bag is a beautiful Marc Jacobs number (a very special treat to myself a year ago) and it's going to be hard to go back to lugging a changing bag around again instead.  Whatever I choose, I want to LOVE it.

Baby Beau currently have a sale on (up to 50%) so if you are a pregnant or new mum looking for a changing bag, it might be worth checking out their site.  Other bags (in the sale) retail from £107.50.  Not quite such a hefty price tag.

Sale items.

Perhaps you have a partner who is planning on being a stay at home Dad? They stock men's changing bags as well (I think the men's ones would suit women as well actually, they look lovely).

Men's changing bags.

I know that I'd love to be sporting a babybeau bag along with my new baby!!

***This is not a sponsored post, I have not been given any compensation for writing this blog post, I simply like and support this brand***

Wednesday 9 January 2013

WIWW - stripy bump

Does anyone else find maternity trousers/jeans uncomfortable and annoying?  No matter what style or where I buy from I seem doomed to pulling up trousers all day long.  Whether they are over the bump or under the bump, it's all the same.  It's starting to drive me mad and I'm only half way through this pregnancy!!! Can anyone recommend a brand?  I've got maternity jeans from Topshop, ASOS, Next, M&S, H&M.  They all do the same thing. Grrrrrr!!!

On another note, I'm getting on much better with maternity tops, they are much more comfy!! I got myself a new "basic" from H&M this week, along with a pair of maternity "treggings" (before you ask, yes they are falling down).  Love the top, it's a nice fit and stripes are a firm fave of mine.  Love the colour of the treggings.  Don't love having to pull them up all day :(

Top - H&M Mama
Treggings - H&M Mama
Coat - Red Herring Maternity (Debenhams)
Uggs -
Necklace - Stella & Dot (you can buy Stella & Dot via me)

If it weren't for the "pulling up" issue with these trousers, this would be a perfect maternity outfit for me.  As it is.. it's not bad I suppose.  Love it all in theory.. could just do without the discomfort.  This pregnancy is uncomfortable enough as it is!!

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Tuesday 8 January 2013

Trendy Tuesday

We're back in action! Time to gather up the photos of your trendy little (or not quite so little) ones and link up so we can all enjoy their superior fashion skills (or yours, if they are still young enough not to dictate what they're wearing!).

I've been having a good look to see what I could share for Ethan this week and to be honest, it's been hard.  Over the Christmas holidays he's mostly worn his Christmas tops in rotation because, let's face it, it's the only time they can be worn!! As a result, there's not a lot of variety to show off!! So... scraping the barrel, I'm going to show you a Wall-e vest I got him for Christmas in a charity shop - for 50p!! He loves it (he loves the film) so it was 50p well spent!!

Wall-e top - Disney via charity shop
Orange top (underneath) - Liten via
Jeans - H&M
Socks - Lidl

The hand puppets in the above photo were also bought in a charity shop for 50p each.  Hand knitted and so cute!!! A great stocking filler..

So.  It's over to you now!!  Link up and don't forget to visit the other peeps who link up - it's all about the love!

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Monday 7 January 2013

Happy 2013!

Happy New Year all! I'm back.  I really, really needed a break from my blog over Christmas and the new year.  I love having a blog, but it can be hard work at time, and that's just it, I don't want it to feel like "work" or forced.  So, I'm back, somewhat refreshed.  Only somewhat, because how refreshed can a pregnant woman be?!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year?  Overall, we had a good time. Pete had to work a few days here and there which was a bit annoying, breaking up the holiday a bit and making it feel a bit funny.  We've been lucky the last few years and Pete has been able to take 2 weeks or so off (his birthday is 4th Jan so he usually stays off work til then).  It did make Christmas a bit odd because Pete had to go into work on Christmas Eve (not so bad), New Years Eve and then back to work properly on the 2nd... I know it could be far worse, but it put a slight dampener on things for us.  Overall though, it was a good time.  Ethan LOVED Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  I think he found it all a bit overwhelming, even though we didn't go crazy with presents.. but it's still so much, especially with a stocking as well!!  I think one of the funniest things was finding him in bed with his stocking on Christmas night covered in chocolates and marshmallows (or mashymoes as he calls them).  What a sticky mess.

On New Years Eve, we let Ethan stay up with us.  It wasn't a crazy night, just the three of us (and bump) watching TV and playing games.  At midnight our neighbours held a firework display which Ethan stayed up for - he ended up staying up until nearly 1am which amazed me (Pete fell asleep on the sofa!!) and he loved the fireworks.  He never really caught up on that missed sleep but it doesn't seem to have had an affect.

New Years Eve was exciting for another reason because we had our 20 weeks scan and found out the sex of baby 2!  If you've missed the news, we're expecting another boy! I must admit I was hoping for a girl so we'd get to experience both, but you get what you get and what we're getting (unless they're wrong, but it didn't look like that to me!) is another boy.  A little brother for Ethan.

Dress - bought from New Look in 2008 when I was last pregnant - not maternity, just a size up from normal!

I'm 21 + 2 now and hoping I've passed the half way mark.  I made it to 42 weeks with Ethan, so when everyone was saying to me at 19/20 weeks "Oooo, half way now!" I must admit I've been thinking... possibly not!!  I am very happy to report that over the last two days I HAVEN'T FELT SICK!!!!!  I don't know if that will last, but it's amazing!! A nasal spray from the doctors is allowing me to breath at night again so I'm able to sleep... that is helping a lot... and *shhhh* I think my energy levels are picking up a little.  I still have itchy huge uncomfortable boobs of doom, but we can't have everything, can we!

Today marks the start of getting back into the routine of every day life.  Ethan is back at preschool despite protesting and I am back blogging... Tomorrow marks the return of Trendy Tuesday so if you're reading today and you have a trendy child in your life, pop back tomorrow and link up a blog post showing off their style!!

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