Sunday 20 January 2013

A snowy weekend

I have very little energy at the moment.  Lots of pelvis/hip pain = restless nights :( Ethan has a cold as well so he's falling asleep late, sleeping fitfully and waking early.  We're all a bit tired.  We've had some snow though (like much of the UK) so that's been a nice change from the norm.  Despite all being a bit under the weather we've all enjoyed it.

The cold weather has me rocking multiple pairs of maternity tights and leggings, layers of vests and tops and that's about it.  Nothing very stylish or cool.  Haven't even been wearing much jewellery because it tends to get in the way of all the hats, coats and gloves!!  So.. not much fashion to share from me I'm afraid!  Luckily my boarding/ski jacket fits over my bump still so I've been able to keep warm.

My hat - M&Co
Neck warmers/snoods - Polarn O Pyret

I've received a maternity top/dress from Sotto e Sopra to review, I've been wearing that quite a bit over the last couple of days.  I'm enjoying it, very comfortable and flattering.  It's not in your face or showy, but something that will easily become an "essential" piece of maternity wear I feel.

Rubbish photo via my phone! - Sotto e Sopra Tunic

Ethan loves the snow.  It's the first time it's snowed in his lifetime and he's been old enough to really enjoy it.  He's got quite addicted to snowball fights!

As usual (at the moment) I apologise for the lack of blogging... I'm rather tired.  Earlier in the week my laptop wifi wasn't working which made blogging hard work as well.  So.. thank you for reading even if things are a bit patchy at the moment!!

I'm linking up with Patti for Visible Monday, Sunday Style & Watch What I'm Wearing.  Have a lovely week all! x


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    1. Thank you Sandy! Ethan is on the mend.. as for my symptoms, I doubt they'll improve much until baby 2 is here, and then I'll have different issues to contend with! x

  2. Yes, pls feel well soon! Such cute snow pictures. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  3. Oh, Alex! You and your little man are both so darling!!! Here's hoping you start getting a bit more sleep and feeling a bit more energetic very soon, Lovely. ~Sarah

  4. Wow it looks sooooo cold there. Love your blog!

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