Tuesday 29 January 2013

Trendy Tuesday - Rocking Red Jeans!

Roll up, roll up!  It's Trendy Tuesday - time to link up and show off our trendy little ones.

Ethan has grown a couple of cms recently which means I've been able to (finally) get out the age 3-4 trousers.  He's 4 in July!  Bless him.. So, the age 2-3 jeans have been packed away and the "new" ones are out.  Always love getting some fresh clothing into the mix, makes choosing outfits fun again.

His first new pair are a gorgeous pair of red skinny jeans from H&M.  I'm not sure when I bought these (if you are a regular reader you'll know that I buy clothing a year or two in advance) but ever since I bought them I've been looking forward to Ethan being big enough to wear them.  Who doesn't want to rock a pair of red skinny jeans?
Cardigan - Sam & Jo via TKMaxx
Top - Katvig
Jeans - H&M

I love bright colours on children, and I'm a huge fan of skinny jeans.  I love this pair - they have some cute detail with zips.  Makes them a little more funky than the usual!  I know that they wouldn't have cost me more than a fiver either.  H&M are fantastic for children's clothing, since he was a baby I've been a big fan of their children's clothing.  He finds these jeans comfy, he's been to soft play wearing them and played football in them so I know already that they are hard wearing and stand up to climbing, sliding and more.  A big thumbs up from us!

On a slight change of subject, a friend Janette has recently started sewing and is creating some gorgeous items for children.  In particular, bibs and dresses.

Every child needs a gorgeous bib and maybe you have a little girl in your life and you'd like a custom made dress for her - if you do, check out my friend's page on facebook.  She's just starting out but I can already vouch for the quality (Janette made a beautiful bib for baby boy 2).  I'd recommend a look.

What have your little one's been wearing/trashing/playing in this week?  Link up below and share the love!


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  1. The red colored trouser is looking quite dashing and it also suits Ethan the most. But the blue colored sweater with this red colored pant looks funny (: ... Really a big thumbs up to you for such a nice post.

    1. LOL it's more purple in person and I think it looks good, perhaps it looks better when you see it in the flesh! Anyway, that's fashion and style, each to their own :-D


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