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Alex Bridger

I am first and foremost a Mummy to my gorgeous boys; Ethan born in July 2009 (he will be 8 this July) and Felix born at home in May 2013 (4 in May 2014).

You may be wondering "Why Medicated Follower of Fashion?".  Well, hopefully you will have heard of The Kinks song, Dedicated Follower of Fashion.  I love fashion and style, I love blogging about it.  I needed something catchy.  When I started blogging I was suffering from Post Natal Depression and taking medication for it.  It came to me quite easily really - I was a Medicated Follower of Fashion!  I'm no longer medicated, but I'm still a lover of fashion.  The name has stuck now, and I love it!

My blog is centered all around our adventures together, what we get up to and what we wear doing it!  I am a lover of clothes, colours, craft and food.  I am carving out a niche for myself in the blogisphere.  I am happy to provide reviews for products and am particularly keen on spreading the word for unusual and lesser known children's clothing companies.  I believe that you can have as much fun with your child's clothes as you can have being a child!

If you would like me to provide a review for you, please contact me using any of the following:

Twitter: @MedicatedFollow

You can follow me on Instagram where I am @followers_of_fashion and on Pinterest.

I have worked with Junior Style London providing regular blog posts focusing on children's clothing brands I have discovered.

I have been lucky enough to be nominated for some awards and although I didn't make the finals, I'm very happy to have been nominated!

Style Shortlist

MAD Blog Awards 2012

I've also been nommiated in 2013!

candis blogging awards fashion nominee


MAD Blog Awards

Thanks for dropping by and reading about what my boys and I get up to!