Wednesday 16 October 2013

Doc love & rose print dresses.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the '90s I had a pair of docs.  A beautiful, lovely, comfy pair of docs.  They were everything from my school shoes to the shoes I'd wear to the school disco.  I LOVED them.  My friends all had pairs and we all customised our boots with beads on the laces, painting and drawing pictures on them.  Even after I stopped wearing them I kept them.  Couldn't bear to part with them!! Even now, I think they are somewhere in a box at my parents house.. don't think they'd fit any more though!!

For years now, I've fancied getting myself another pair.  They've become a bit more popular again lately, and although that doesn't make me want them any more (I'd want them anyway!) it has pushed the desire to the front of my mind.  The trouble is, docs aren't cheap.. I tried bidding on a few second hand pairs on ebay but they were still going for £45+ and in the end, I decided it'd be nice just to have a brand new pair.  I found a style I loved the look of, sold some things on ebay and then last week, treated myself!!  I've not worn them out yet, I need to wear them in a bit yet before I step out on the school run or on a walk into town (need to make sure I'm comfy!!) but I'm excitedly planning outfits around them!!  Do you have any docs?  Love or loath them?

I do a lot of my clothes shopping in Asda at the moment when I pop in to buy food - I picked up this cute dress there this week for £6.  Can't resist a bargain!! Apologies for the quality of the photos but I have to operate as a stealth blogger these days, when the baby is napping, and I had to take the photos in semi darkness without the flash on!!!  Hopefully you get the idea though!

It's a nice dress, comfy and bright.  I need to tone up after having Felix though and at the moment it shows too many lumps and bumps for me to wear it without a cardi.  I'm planning to do the 30 Day Shred again once I've shifted this cold!

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Tuesday 15 October 2013

Trendy Tuesday - The New Maxomora A/W collection from KyNa

I love Maxomorra and I love KyNa!  Jenny always stocks items I love, I've said it before, and I'll keep on saying it because it's true.  That lady has taste!!

As you will (probably) know, we were away at Centerparcs last week, but one evening, whilst chilling out, I checked in on Twitter (it's hard to stay away when you have a smart phone and free WiFi!) and I noticed Jenny tweeting the arrival of the A/W13 Maxomorra stock... owls and tree prints!! Some of my favourites.  She said that they'd be live on the KyNa site from 9pm, so I set an alarm (yes, on holiday!! - that's how sad I am!) and then allowed myself two new items for Felix.  Something to wear now and something to wear in a few months.

We arrived back from our holiday on Friday evening and my package from KyNa was waiting on the doormat.  Such a lovely welcome home!  Felix then spent the weekend rocking his owl vest.

Ethan also wore a bit of Maxomorra this weekend, his pink jeans.  I bought them from a while ago.

Ethan wears:

Green jacket - H&M
Red jeans - H&M
Purple Cardigan - TK Maxx
Pink jeans - Maxomorra via bebaboo

Felix wears:

Knitted cardigan - Charity shop
Owl vest - Maxomorra via KyNa

I do love how unisex Maxomora items are.  Honestly, I like to dress my boys in an interesting and funky fashion, I don't like to stick with blue, green, red and tractor/car/boat prints.  Though ironically, blue & green are pretty much my favourite colours, at least for me!!

I also wanted to show off Ethan's warm fleecy jacket from H&M.  It's so furry, bright and cosy and he always gets comments when he wears it (at Centerparcs I heard "Doesn't that green look fantastic on that little boy!").  I want one of my own... it's like wearing a teddy bear!

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Sunday 13 October 2013

Back to the grind..

The blog has been quiet for a few days, but if you follow me on Instagram, you'll know why - a break at Centreparcs, Longleat!

We've been going to Longleat for the last few years, this was our 5th time.  We've always gone at the same time of year, the first or second week of October.  This will probably be the last time for a while though, due to Ethan's age.  At the moment, it's OK for us to take him out of school because he isn't 5 and therefore doesn't legally have to be there, but this time next year, he will be, and schools really don't like you to take children out of school.  Personally, I don't see the problem with a week off for a holiday a year when your child is young.  I actually think holidays are hugely important family times, and can be educational as well.  The fact is that for us, as for many families, holidays are too expensive during school holidays.  If we were to go to Centerparcs in the October school holiday, the price would triple!  There is no way we can afford that!!  SO, this was a bitter-sweet visit for us...

It was lovely taking Ethan again this year, each time we've visited he's got more out of the experience.  This year he enjoyed a pottery painting session with Pete and I, he painted a picture of his Gloworm on a plate.  We all had fun splashing around in the pool together and it was lovely taking Felix in.  Getting changed and dressed after as a family of four was more of a challenge, but never the less, the pool is always a fun family activity.

Ethan has really got the hang of his bike without stabilisers now and it was fantastic seeing him enjoy whizzing around the bike routes.  So nice not to have to worry about loads of traffic!!

As we go with my parents, we have babysitting on tap which is lovely.  Pete and I had a lovely night time walk one evening and a meal out another evening.  So good to spend a bit of time together without the children.  It's such a rare thing to be able to have a conversation without being interrupted!

It's been refreshing to have a break... back to the grind tomorrow, back to school for Ethan, work for Pete and normal life for all of us.  Unfortunately, we've come down with another cold, so none of us are looking forward to the alarm tomorrow!!

Sunday 6 October 2013

Claire - The Race For Life

I have lived a life online for a long time.  I'm sure many of you know what I mean by "living a life online".  What was once the preserves of the "geeks" is now the norm for many of us.  Who isn't a bit of a geek these days?  It's not unusual to have your own website and at least know some basic HTML.

My first "life online" was all down to my obsession with The Rocky Horror Show.  Always a bit of an obsessive fangirl, when I saw Rocky Horror for the first time aged 16 I was obsessed.  The year was 1998.  We had just got dial up at home and my school had also just got connected.  The Internet was proving quite the place for geeks and obsessives to hang out "together" and I discovered some forums and websites dedicated to Rocky.  I was in my element.  My parents allowed me half an hour online in the evening.  As my school had just got connected, I would head in early in the morning to hop on the computers before lessons..  My group of friends were quite the geek collective.  One was obsessed with Neil Finn/Crowded House/Split Enz and another with The Matrix.  We had charmed a teacher into giving us the key for the Geography block I.T. room each lunchtime so we were always in there, tapping away, living our online life, making friends we might never meet in the flesh.  These bonds we made were important.  We might never meet the people we chatted with online, but it was such an amazing way to meet like-minded people.

In around 2006 I discovered Lush.  Don't know who Lush are?  You do really.  Ever gone shopping and smelt a gorgeous but overpowering scent?  That'll be coming from the Lush shop, the combined scents of their soaps and bath bombs.  Being an obsessive person, Lush took over my life.  OK, that's an exaggeration, but I got really into their products and it didn't take me long to discover their forums online and that is where I met a wonderful group of ladies.  These ladies are still in my life now.  We chat online most days.  We know pretty much all there is to know about each other.  Since we first "met" online, forums have come and gone but we've always stayed connected.  There's a strong bond between us all, we truly support each other.  I count these women as true friends.

Many bloggers will know what I mean, the blogging community is quite similar I feel.  With our blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and more there are so many ways to get in touch.  When you chat to people so frequently, they really do feel like "real friends".  I know how the blogging community rallys round in hard times, helping out when someone needs help.  Offering support, sending surprise gifts. Lifting spirits.  This is true friendship.  It's not unusual these days to live miles from family and friends.  I like to think that whilst it's not quite the same as a face to face visit from a friend, these connections online are meaningful, they are genuine, and in some cases, essential and life saving.

You might be wondering just where I am going with this post.  It's not something that's easy to write, but I have to.  You see, one of our wonderful group of "Lush" ladies was taken from us earlier this year.  Our dear friend Claire, one of the key members our group was taken by cancer.  Claire was like an anchor, keeping our group together.  She was always there with a wise word, with the truth, even if it wasn't what you wanted to hear.  Many of us never fully understood how ill she was.  I mean, we knew, but we didn't know.  Or we didn't want to know.  Then one day, almost all of a sudden, she was gone.  Ripped from the world, ripped from our lives, from the lives of her children, husband, family and friends.

Claire has left a hole in our group.  We miss her daily.  As a group we have decided to walk the Bristol Race For Life in a couple of weeks.  We're going to walk as a group because a) we're a huge group and b) not all of us are able to jog/run and we want to do this as a group, together.

I know, dear readers, that you get bombarded every day by people and charities asking for your money.  I know budgets are tight.  This is such a good cause though.  We must do everything we can to prevent cancer taking more wonderful people from this world.  People with so much to give.  We need to donate what we can to finding a cure and to help those already suffering.  Anything you can spare, 50p, £5, whatever it is, it all helps and it would mean the world to us as a group.  We can't ever get Claire back.  I miss her, my friends miss her.  She left behind two young children and a husband and I can't even begin to imagine how much they miss her.  I hate cancer.  I hate that it was taken Claire and left such an gap in so many lives.  Please, please, if you have anything to spare, will you consider sponsoring my friends and I?  If you can, do can do so here.

Thank you for reading.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart if you sponsor.  It means so much.

Tuesday 1 October 2013

Trendy Tuesday - Hot Picks!

I thought this week I'd share with you the clothes & shoes I would love to buy for my boys for this season.

Many of you already know about KyNa Boutique I'm sure, but if you haven't heard about KyNa before, you must check them out!

Jenny from KyNa has a very similar taste to me so I know she'll always have loads of stock I'll want.  Which is lovely and dangerous at the same time!!  She's recently stocked a new brand, Modeerska Huset, and I am in love!!  Another favourite is Indikidual & Maxomorra.  These brands are fantastic, so bright and fun & their clothes wash well, maintaining their bright colours.  These are my top picks (lustings) from KyNa this season:

Leggings by Modeerska Huset at KyNa

Fox print all in one by Maxomorra & Borris hat by Indikidual from KyNa
 In terms of shoes, Felix doesn't really need any yet, but if he did, I'd be buying him some from Livie & Luca.  Their shoes are so beautiful.  I've never owned a pair but always wanted some so I think I'll have to put some money aside to make an order.. A pair for Felix when he's a bit bigger and a pair for Ethan to wear at the weekends!!  These are my favourite:

Have you been lusting after anything in particular for your children?

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