Tuesday 15 October 2013

Trendy Tuesday - The New Maxomora A/W collection from KyNa

I love Maxomorra and I love KyNa!  Jenny always stocks items I love, I've said it before, and I'll keep on saying it because it's true.  That lady has taste!!

As you will (probably) know, we were away at Centerparcs last week, but one evening, whilst chilling out, I checked in on Twitter (it's hard to stay away when you have a smart phone and free WiFi!) and I noticed Jenny tweeting the arrival of the A/W13 Maxomorra stock... owls and tree prints!! Some of my favourites.  She said that they'd be live on the KyNa site from 9pm, so I set an alarm (yes, on holiday!! - that's how sad I am!) and then allowed myself two new items for Felix.  Something to wear now and something to wear in a few months.

We arrived back from our holiday on Friday evening and my package from KyNa was waiting on the doormat.  Such a lovely welcome home!  Felix then spent the weekend rocking his owl vest.

Ethan also wore a bit of Maxomorra this weekend, his pink jeans.  I bought them from bebaboo.com a while ago.

Ethan wears:

Green jacket - H&M
Red jeans - H&M
Purple Cardigan - TK Maxx
Pink jeans - Maxomorra via bebaboo

Felix wears:

Knitted cardigan - Charity shop
Owl vest - Maxomorra via KyNa

I do love how unisex Maxomora items are.  Honestly, I like to dress my boys in an interesting and funky fashion, I don't like to stick with blue, green, red and tractor/car/boat prints.  Though ironically, blue & green are pretty much my favourite colours, at least for me!!

I also wanted to show off Ethan's warm fleecy jacket from H&M.  It's so furry, bright and cosy and he always gets comments when he wears it (at Centerparcs I heard "Doesn't that green look fantastic on that little boy!").  I want one of my own... it's like wearing a teddy bear!

Have you had some funky outfits on your children recently?  Link up below!  Don't forget to check out others who join in and comment here!  If you know any other bloggers who might like the linky, let them know!


  1. The boys look so trendy as ever and those owls are gorgeous! I'm so jealous of you having a week at Center Parcs - it's one of my absolute favourite places!

  2. I love the owl vest and the pink jeans too and i also have alot of love for flatethan and flatfelix!
    I've bee avoiding the Maxomorra bits on Kyna but ermmm you have made me look now x

  3. Thanks for linking me. I have been in hospital all day. I bought 3 matching pieces from Maxamorra for kids this week. Can't wait to see them in them xx

  4. Love the Owl vest! Felix is gorgeous x


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