Wednesday 16 October 2013

Doc love & rose print dresses.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the '90s I had a pair of docs.  A beautiful, lovely, comfy pair of docs.  They were everything from my school shoes to the shoes I'd wear to the school disco.  I LOVED them.  My friends all had pairs and we all customised our boots with beads on the laces, painting and drawing pictures on them.  Even after I stopped wearing them I kept them.  Couldn't bear to part with them!! Even now, I think they are somewhere in a box at my parents house.. don't think they'd fit any more though!!

For years now, I've fancied getting myself another pair.  They've become a bit more popular again lately, and although that doesn't make me want them any more (I'd want them anyway!) it has pushed the desire to the front of my mind.  The trouble is, docs aren't cheap.. I tried bidding on a few second hand pairs on ebay but they were still going for £45+ and in the end, I decided it'd be nice just to have a brand new pair.  I found a style I loved the look of, sold some things on ebay and then last week, treated myself!!  I've not worn them out yet, I need to wear them in a bit yet before I step out on the school run or on a walk into town (need to make sure I'm comfy!!) but I'm excitedly planning outfits around them!!  Do you have any docs?  Love or loath them?

I do a lot of my clothes shopping in Asda at the moment when I pop in to buy food - I picked up this cute dress there this week for £6.  Can't resist a bargain!! Apologies for the quality of the photos but I have to operate as a stealth blogger these days, when the baby is napping, and I had to take the photos in semi darkness without the flash on!!!  Hopefully you get the idea though!

It's a nice dress, comfy and bright.  I need to tone up after having Felix though and at the moment it shows too many lumps and bumps for me to wear it without a cardi.  I'm planning to do the 30 Day Shred again once I've shifted this cold!

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  1. Pretty!! I have red Docs--I really like the purple ones. I'm still planning to customize the laces on mine--as you mentioned doing as a kid! :)

  2. I have Docs! I wore them constantly from the age of 17 until my late 20s. I had various colours and numbers of holes and I used to customise them too. When they started coming back in three or four years ago I started wearing the again. Yes, they're expensive, but they're so hard-wearing. I wouldn't wear anything else, I love them!


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