Tuesday 1 October 2013

Trendy Tuesday - Hot Picks!

I thought this week I'd share with you the clothes & shoes I would love to buy for my boys for this season.

Many of you already know about KyNa Boutique I'm sure, but if you haven't heard about KyNa before, you must check them out!

Jenny from KyNa has a very similar taste to me so I know she'll always have loads of stock I'll want.  Which is lovely and dangerous at the same time!!  She's recently stocked a new brand, Modeerska Huset, and I am in love!!  Another favourite is Indikidual & Maxomorra.  These brands are fantastic, so bright and fun & their clothes wash well, maintaining their bright colours.  These are my top picks (lustings) from KyNa this season:

Leggings by Modeerska Huset at KyNa

Fox print all in one by Maxomorra & Borris hat by Indikidual from KyNa
 In terms of shoes, Felix doesn't really need any yet, but if he did, I'd be buying him some from Livie & Luca.  Their shoes are so beautiful.  I've never owned a pair but always wanted some so I think I'll have to put some money aside to make an order.. A pair for Felix when he's a bit bigger and a pair for Ethan to wear at the weekends!!  These are my favourite:

Have you been lusting after anything in particular for your children?

Link up any children's fashion posts below!


  1. These are all so cute and quirky! It's a shame my kids are too old for such things. My boys are all about navy and brown!

    1. *sigh* I'm sure mine will be the same one day. I hope not though. It's one of the reasons I expose them to so much colour. My hubby wears a lot of bright colours.. Thing is, at a certain point, it becomes about what everyone else is wearing and fitting in, doesn't it!! Still, there are loads of boys on our street, it's almost all boys and loads of them wear bright colours, pinks, reds, purples.. even the ones who are 13+ so I'm hopeful!

  2. I've never really been that much of a fan of the Livvie and Luca shoes, but these are cool (better for us being farmers, if it was a different animal though!)

  3. I love the leggings in the top photo. I really want some Doc Martins for Seb at the moment(not that he needs more shoes :/)

    1. I want my boys to wear DMs as well... just got myself a new pair! x


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