Wednesday 9 January 2013

WIWW - stripy bump

Does anyone else find maternity trousers/jeans uncomfortable and annoying?  No matter what style or where I buy from I seem doomed to pulling up trousers all day long.  Whether they are over the bump or under the bump, it's all the same.  It's starting to drive me mad and I'm only half way through this pregnancy!!! Can anyone recommend a brand?  I've got maternity jeans from Topshop, ASOS, Next, M&S, H&M.  They all do the same thing. Grrrrrr!!!

On another note, I'm getting on much better with maternity tops, they are much more comfy!! I got myself a new "basic" from H&M this week, along with a pair of maternity "treggings" (before you ask, yes they are falling down).  Love the top, it's a nice fit and stripes are a firm fave of mine.  Love the colour of the treggings.  Don't love having to pull them up all day :(

Top - H&M Mama
Treggings - H&M Mama
Coat - Red Herring Maternity (Debenhams)
Uggs -
Necklace - Stella & Dot (you can buy Stella & Dot via me)

If it weren't for the "pulling up" issue with these trousers, this would be a perfect maternity outfit for me.  As it is.. it's not bad I suppose.  Love it all in theory.. could just do without the discomfort.  This pregnancy is uncomfortable enough as it is!!

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  1. I love your outfit, so cute! I am impressed with your maternity clothing- heck, I would wear that stuff normally.

  2. I do love this outfit the colour of the jeans is fab shame they don't stay up I can see that would be SO annoying. :o) Thanks for being a Wardrobe Weds player this week.

  3. I always had the same problem keeping maternity trousers up I swear I spent nine months just hoiking the things up! You look amazing though :-)

  4. I have a pair of red jeans I can't keep up and I'm not even pregnant. I keep them around though becuase they are red and I love them :) Great outfit, cute pop of color with the necklace!

  5. thanks so much alex for visiting me and your kind comment. im so happy to be following back and you honestly look cuter in this outfit than i EVER did in any of my maternity clothes- i so wish i could do the whole dressing while pregnant part all over again!

  6. Am I allowed treggings if I have a food baby? I only wore Old Navy and Gap maternity jeans myself and they were fab.

    ✰Transatlantic Blonde✰

  7. Nice photo and really cool outfit, you look great, I like your pants, what a great color and that top is so nice, the perfect touch to the outfit also your coat rocks! Your have a lovely blog by the way and I am a new follower on GFC and Bloglovin! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic


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