Wednesday 28 March 2012

How to loose 8lb in 60 seconds...

That got your attention, didn't it!

Now.. if I really knew how to loose 8lb in 60 seconds, I'd be a milionaire, I'm sure.  Of course I don't... I'm pretty sure there isn't really any way to loose that many pounds in a minute.  However, there is a way you can manipulate scales, and that's what I wanted to blog about today!

Did you know that the surface on which you place your scales can affect the weight that registers on them?  Perhaps you do.. it probably is common knowlege.  I know that I always knew, but I can't remember when I discovered it..  If I was told, or if it was something I found out by trial and error.  Asking around though, it seems that not everyone was aware.

It appears that you get the most accurate readings from your scales on hard surfaces such as laminate flooring.. however, if you use your scales on carpet, your scales are likely to be showing your weight as less than it actually is.

This morning, I hopped on the scales in the bathroom as I do from time to time and got the following weight:

When I jumped off, I thought to myself.. I wonder if it's really true about weighing yourself on carpet.  I wonder what reading I'd get.  So, I moved the scales and this was the result:

Well.. would you look at that?!  It really does make a difference..I weigh 8 and a bit pounds less when on the carpet.. if I wanted to cheat myself, I could go around telling people I weigh less and 8 stone and have a picture to prove it!

Well.. there you go.  Not much of a blog post, I know.. but I thought it'd be an interesting topic of conversation.  Where do you weigh yourself?  Have you ever changed the surface you weigh yourself on to see what the difference would be?

Send your answers to the Numberjacks please! Or just me.. in the comments box!!


  1. Right, I am DEFINITELY moving my scales to a carpet. Sod the Atkins....


  2. Haha we got new scales not long after I had Alex and it said I weighed less then when I first had him! I didn't like what it said once I moved it to the laminate flooring though!!!


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