Tuesday 13 March 2012

Trendy Toddler Tuesday - I'm so cool!

The sun has been out quite a bit recently and we're getting very excited about the prospect of Spring (mostly in the hope that it clears up all these horrible bugs and viruses we've been getting).  Ethan has been rocking the shades a lot as a result of the sun.  He calls them "Cool Dudes".  I happen to think he does look pretty cool in them:

Here Ethan is rocking:
Shades - H&M
Shirt - H&M
Jumper - Next (via the charity shop)
Jeans - Next
Socks - Boots
Shoes - Converse

Daddy is dressed to cycle to work though he still has his Moccis on!!

What are your little trend setters wearing this week? Don't forget to head over the Mummy's Busy World to see what Little M's been wearing and link up your own posts!


  1. aww he looks fab!! its strange because when ever harry puts on his sunglasses (or my moms glasses) we always go 'whit whoo cool dude' :) x

  2. They really are some cool dude sunglasses! I'm hoping there will be lots of opportunities for him to wear them from now right till at least September!! woohoo to the hot weather and bright skys!

  3. Cool Dudes! Brilliant!!! Loving the green stripy vest too. But more importantly THEY DO ADULT-SIZED MOCCIS!?! I had no idea, I LOVE Moccis!!! ;)

  4. Ooh, forgot to say - over here from Trendy Tuesday xxx

  5. I always love Ethan's outfits, and this one is fab :)

  6. I can see why he calls his sunglasses 'cool dudes' - cos he really is a cool dude in them!

  7. Hey daddy is looking right on trend too with the brights! I'm a big fan of Ethan's looks - and I'm liking all the spring colors, hooray! Does he wear the shades upside down? Little M always puts them on the wrong way, but they manage to stay on!
    Thanks for the email back, am working on a little feature xx


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