Thursday 25 October 2012

Skeanie Shoes Review

As the daughter of a Chiropodist, I have always been very aware of footwear.  Growing up, I was only allowed to wear sensible comfortable shoes that wouldn't impede my foot growth.  I must admit that at times I was frustrated at not being able to wear the "cool" shoes that all the other kids were wearing ( I remember not being allowed Magic Steps because my Mum believed them to be a little too pointed) but I don't remember feeling all that put out.  Now, at the age of 30 I have feet that are in good condition.  Even now, I don't like to wear heels or pointed toes very often - I'm all about comfort when it comes to footwear, but that doesn't mean I forgo style!

I apply the same theory to Ethan's footwear.  Like my Mum, I don't put him in "silly" or cheap shoes that don't support his feet.  That doesn't mean he goes around in nothing but Clarks though.  Far from it.  Other shoes can be just as good as long as you wear the right size and fit.  For example, Converse are excellent for Ethan, he has narrow feet (just like his parents) and the Converse boots I've bought him fit very well and are supportive - I had this confirmed when I went into Clarks on one occasion  they were impressed by the fit and support they gave him.

When Kids One Stop Shop offered us the chance to review a pair of Skeanie Shoes, I was very excited.  I'd heard about Skeanie before and I knew they are Podiatrist approved with strong Eco principals - just up my street!  In fact, this is what Tracy Byrne, a UK Podiatrist has to say of Skeanie:

“Skeanie shoes provide all the protection and flexibility needed to ensure good foot development. As well as providing room for natural growth, Skeanie’s soft soled shoes allows sensory feedback from the ground, which is especially important for little ones learning to walk and getting to know their surroundings. Research shows that young ones who wear flat, soft soled shoes have improved proprioception, balance and foot and ankle strength.”
Sound great, don't they!

I was allowed to choose from the whole range - it wasn't easy! In the end I plumped for a pair of the "riding boots" in red. I knew Ethan would love red shoes - as would I!!

When they arrived, we were really excited to try them on. On getting them out of the box, I could feel the leather was butter soft (mmmmm!) and I loved the bold red colour. Ethan put them straight on (the tags on the boots make it easy for children to put on and take of the shoes themselves - no laces or Velcro!) and started stomping around the house in them. We found out quickly that the pair we bought are a bit too big for them, which is a shame, because we haven't been able to try them out as much as I'd have liked yet for review purposes, but I can tell you now that when his feet do grow he will be in them all the time!

What do I like about the boots? Well, everything really! The colour is bold and bright, the tags make them easy to pull on and off (going to be so useful for preschool!), the sole of the boot has excellent grip, the leather is soft and eco friendly and I know they are going to be kind on his feet, flexible and supportive. My Mum agrees!

I'd be happy to recommend Skeanie to parents, the price tag isn't cheap (£39.99) but in all honesty, that's not much more than Clarks shoes, and I think at Skeanie you get something more stylish for your money, and something you know is going to be good to your child's feet. We love them!

***We were sent these shoes free for review purposes by Kids One Stop Shop and Skeanie but all reviews expressed are my own and no payment has been received***


  1. Hi! Thank you for stopping by my blog! These shoes are adorable! I am just slightly jealous. ;]

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