Sunday 9 June 2013

Blossom Nursing Bra Review

Well, my blog has been pretty quiet for a few weeks now and the reason for that is currently frogging on my chest as I type, warm and snuggley and smelling gorgeous.  I'm typing one handed though...

Since I had Felix, I've been using a rather fantastic nursing bra.  Whilst I was pregnant, Royce Lingerie offered to send me one of their Blossom Nursing Bras. I had a quick read about them and was keen to try one out.

Blossom Nursing bras are different to most nursing bras on the market.  It's designed to be worn both during pregnancy and after, when nursing.  It's a wire free bra available in back sizes 32-40 and cup sizes C-H.  Each bra covers 3 cup sizes to accommodate changes in your breast size.  For example, my Blossom bra is a 32G,GG,H.  The bra has one fantastic feature that others don't.  You can adjust the middle of the bra using pull strings turning it from a crop top style to a lower cut style.  This was my favourite feature.  I found when feeding Ethan, the nursing bras I had really limited the clothes I could wear.

Image source (left) Royce Lingerie 

I've been wearing this bra constantly for two weeks now.  It is so comfortable and supportive that I haven't missed underwired bras at all.  It stays comfortable all day long.  It's easy to unhook the clasps for feeding, it looks great under clothes and I've been able to wear low cut tops and dresses with no problem.

You can find out all about the Blossom Bra here, but if you want my recommendation, I'd say this is honestly the nursing bra to choose. It's the best I've worn!!

The Blossom Bra retails at £30.00.

***I was sent a bra for review purposes but all views expressed are my own***


  1. Thank you for the review! I love that you have been wearing it for so long without a problem! I have been search for some comfortable nursing bras for a while. Thanks for the review! Cheers!

  2. I've been using a rather fantastic nursing bra. Whilst I was pregnant, Royce Lingerie offered to send me one of their Blossom Nursing Bras. full figure bras

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