Sunday 18 November 2012

Bumping with style?!

Hello folks!  Last time I was writing about my lack of (nice) maternity wear and what I would by (from ASOS in particular) if I could afford it.  Well, my Mum very kindly handed my Christmas money last week, so as soon as I'd paid it into my bank account I was straight on the ASOS website.

In the end, I didn't go for quite the same pair of skinny jeans, I found some other pairs that were reduced, so for the price of one pair, I got two, a pair of green skinnies and a purple pair.  I also ordered a stripy short sleeved dress because I thought it'd be more practical than other items and get more wear.  I think I will invest in one gorgeous (smarter) dress soon though.

My purchases arrived on Friday (if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen me post a quick pic of them!) and I'm very very happy.  The jeans are a great fit.  They are a true skinny, so if I get a bit swollen/bigger as I go on, I might have to buy the next size up, but they only cost £11 so I'm fine with that.  When I was pregnant with Ethan, the only skinny maternity jeans I could find were from Topshop and we all know their jeans aren't cheapy cheap (not mega pricey either, but for a pair of jeans you might only wear for a few months, nearly £50 is more than I really want to spend).  The dress is a little longer than I would like, being a shorty, but again, it was in the sale (£12.50) and it may well shorten as it gets taken up by bump!!

The other item I was in desperate need for was a winter maternity coat.  After all, I'm due in May and if you live in the UK, you'll know as well as I do that it can be coat weather long into May (sometimes I never even get round to packing away winter coats!!).  My lovely yellow duffel coat no longer does up, well, not without making me feel like a tightly packed sausage.  It's my boobs more than my bump at the moment, but the bump isn't far behind!  It's too cold not to have a warm coat.   I've been making do with a coat I found in a charity shop 15 years ago.  It's an original 1960s swing coat and is lovely, but a little frail with age and not very warm... I liked the ones on ASOS but had very little budget yet.

Berret - H&M (last year)
Coat - Charity Shop (a long time ago, 60s original)
Dress - Jojo Maman Bebe
Tights - H&M Maternity
Boots - CAT

I'd heard the Debenhams 25% off sale was on though, so took myself down there. My my, for a large department store they have a TINY maternity range.  It was basically one rail at the back of the shop, all Red Herring (which is a decent enough brand, so that's fine!).  There was one coat on the rail.  One.  Size 16 (UK).  I was so disappointed   I knew they'd have more online, but something like a winter coat I really prefer to try on there and then. I did a quick check around the area and then noticed that one the shop dummies was wearing a maternity coat.  I had a feeling it would be my size and thankfully it was!!  I located a shop assistant (whilst asking my friend to guard the coat and "beat off any coat desiring pregnant bitches"!!!) whilst I disappeared   I would have taken the coat off myself, but I couldn't get it passed the arms.  I glad I asked for help in the end because it took two SAs and the removal of the poor dummies' arms!!  It was worth it though, the coat fitted and looked lovely.  It's really soft to the touch as well and has a stylish removable faux fur collar.  I wish I had a full picture of it to show off! I will do soon, I'm sure..

Skinny Jeans - ASOS Maternity

So... all in all, I'm feeling a lot more settled in myself this week.  I'm fully in maternity clothes on my lower half, but at least I have stylish, bright and comfortable items to wear.  This cheers me up no end!!  I'm well passed the 12 week mark (14 weeks today) and my mood seems to be balancing out a bit.  I'm still quite low on energy and I still retch my way through the entire day.  My skin itches and my boobs are sore, but I'm ok!!  I think my bump is a bit smaller - I suspect some swelling/water retention is to blame for the huge bump I was sporting until this week!!

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  1. you're right, that is a great coat
    xo Jessica
    -check it out!-

  2. Love the brightly colored jeans!

  3. How sweet of your mum to throw a little early Christmas love your way! Early maternity is the hardest. You're not feeling your best, but you're looking great, Alex. Love the hat and vintage coat. Hope you're doing well, Pretty Lady!!! ~Sarah

    1. Sweet, and necessary... we've had a very expensive month with family visits and car repairs so I've no spending money left, but had a desperate need for clothes!! Mum to the rescue..

      I'm doing ok... feel rough a lot of the time.. hopefully it'll pass soon! x


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