Wednesday 28 November 2012

Bump Fashion - week 15

Slowly I'm getting over this horrible cold and finding a little more energy to dress nicely again.  Thought I still feel like living in PJs really..  I can't bring myself to drop Ethan at preschool or do the food shopping in them though!! I've seen people who do and I'm not a fan... Anyway, I digress.. Today I'm going to show you the other pair of skinny jeans I got from ASOS:

Stripe vest top - Asda
Plain vests - H&M
Batwing top - New Look
Maternity Jeans - ASOS
Kensington Ugg Boots -
Necklace - charity shop

I love the colour of these jeans, just as I love the green pair.  It's so lovely not to feel drab and dowdy when pregnant.  The only issue I have with both pairs is that they tend to get baggy and fall down.  I'm not sure if that's because I need a size bigger because the legs are quite thin/tight so maybe not staying up as well as they could.  I used the adjustable sides to make them as tight as possible at the top which helps a little but they aren't perfect.  Perhaps I'll buy another pair and try the next size up just for comparison..  For £11 though I'm happy with them.

What do you think of this top?  It's not a maternity top.  It is a bit of an odd item I think, a bit like a net bag or string vest.  I like it enough though.  It's working quite well with my bump I think because it's baggy.  I can wear it over tight vests/tops but not feel like I'm shoving my bump in everyone's face!  It was only a fiver so worth it.

Again I'm rocking my Kensington Uggs from Cloggs.  I am really really loving them.  Over a week of wearing them and they are so comfy and so cosy.  I was wearing them today walking to and from preschool and was very glad of my toasty toes.  They are coping well in rain showers as well.  Love them.

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  1. I think b/c skinnies are stretchy you can't get as many wears between washes if that makes sense?

    ✰Transatlantic Blonde✰

  2. So glad you are feeling a bit back to your old self, Alex. I can tell by the pics you are feeling a bit of the sass that so adorably comes thru in your shots. Love the pretty green against the rich purple! ~Sarah

  3. I love these jeans, they are a gorgeous colour. I have some coloured skinny jeans and they always seem to fall down xxx


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