Sunday 2 December 2012

Cold weather - time for boots (Cloggs Boots Review)

It's late on Sunday evening and I'm sat downstairs tapping away on my laptop.  Ethan is fast asleep and hubby is in bed due to the evil cold I've had for the last 2 weeks taking a grip on him.  Our gorgeous Christmas tree is up and smells wonderful.  I'm feeling quite festive!  We've had a busy week and what with the cold dragging on, I'm looking forward to the wind down to Christmas now.  Don't be surprised if my blog gets even quieter!

In baby news, I'm now 16 weeks and I feel SO SO HUGE.  I'm finding it really hard to get my head around after being so small when I carried Ethan.  I know it's different second time around, but honestly, I feel like it's getting out of hand.  I don't think I'm eating too much, but maybe I am!  I'm starting to get quite worried about loosing the weight post birth.  I know, I'm being silly, but it's the way my mind works!!

Beret - H&M
Scarf - New Look
Cardigan - H&M Maternity
Tops (underneath) - New Look & H&M (old)
Skirt - H&M 
Tights - H&M Maternity
Socks - H&M
Boots -

You might remember I mentioned my gorgeous new Ugg boots recently?  Well, kindly asked me if I would like to review another pair of boots for them.  Cloggs have brought out their own Merino wool boots (similar to Uggs) as part of their Signature Range. There are two styles to choose from, The Catherine, a short boot and The Victoria, a tall boot.  Both styles are available in chestnut (like tan) or black.  I chose to review a The Victoria in Black which retail at £89.99.

Now, I've tried quite a few pairs of Ugg "substituites" over the years and to be honest, never really been impressed by any of them.  There are the dirt cheap "fashion" ones you can pick up in places like Primark or New Look which in my experience are so poor they are pretty much slippers... Then there are brands like Bearpaw.  I had a pair of Bearpaw boots.  As much as they were a vast improvement on "store own brand" styles, there was something about them that just didn't work for me so I sold my pair... After that, I just decideded to save up and buy a pair of "real" Uggs.  I've never looked back.

I have to say that for £89.99 I feel these boots by Cloggs are good value for money.  Yes, they aren't quite in the same legue as Uggs, but for less than half the price they are a good alternative.  The lining isn't quite so thick, but I've actually found that quite handy because I love the look of thick tights and socks worn with boots.
The Victoria - Merino Wool - Black
Image source -

I think the outer of the boot is great.  I love the detail on the back, or as Cloggs call it the "crown stamped back plate".  It adds a little something, makes them stand out and not look cheap.  My absolute favourite thing about these boots, though, has to be the sole.  Described by Cloggs as a "Snowflake anti-slip sole".  These boots are a dream to walk in because of this sole.  It is so flexible and the grip is excellent.  I would rate the sole on these boots higher than those on genuine Uggs.  Walking is comfortable because they flex with your foot.  A big thumbs up from me on that score!  Would I buy these boots myself? Yes, I would.    Value for money, they look good and feel comfy.  Well done Cloggs!

Before I go, I thought I'd share a few snapshots of our Christmas decorations and tree.  Are yours up yet?  We decided the 1st December was the right time for us, but I know that's too early for some.  Ethan is so excited this year.  It's his 4th Christmas and this time he really really GETS it.  I thought he did last year, but he understands so much more this year.  He keeps asking for snow bless him because he wants to "make a snow castle and the snowman" (note, not "a snowman" but THE SNOWMAN!!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend - have a fantastic Monday!

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  1. You look cozy and cute in your knit layers, and far from huge! Very nice boots too -- thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

    1. Thank you Patti! It's possible it's all in my head, people keep telling me that I don't look big. I think it's because I'm only 16 weeks so there's a long way to go! xx

  2. Seriously, you are teeny for 16 weeks! I think you were just extremely lucky not to show for so long the first time around. I was in maternity clothes by 10 weeks.

    1. Were you? Maybe that is the case... I suppose it's hard because I can only compare to last time. I don't feel teeny :-/

  3. Hi love the boots! :) I'm normally a 6.5 size so unsure to get the 6 or the 7 ?


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