Thursday 6 December 2012

TEN Skincare review

Did you know I'm pregnant?  You didn't? Where have you been?  Ok, ok, I know that you know...When I was pregnant with Ethan was hugely paranoid about stretch marks.  As it turns out, I was lucky, I didn't get any.  Whether this is down to my genes or skincare routine, I don't know for sure.  I suspect genes have a big part to play - my Mum doesn't have stretch marks after having my brother and I.. however, I'm not one to take a risk and leave it up to chance. Last time I applied Bio Oil and other lotions and potions liberally, twice a day, if not more when my skin was feeling tight and stretched at the end..  I'm not writing about Bio Oil today though.  No, lucky old me, the lovely people at Clever Skin Care have given me some stretch mark cream from TEN Skincare to try out.

I've been using this cream for about 6 weeks now I believe, applying it every day, most days twice a day (unless I forget).  I'm applying it all over my belly, the tops of my legs, side/hips and on my boobs.  My first impressions were good.  The cream is a lovely consistency and has a nice smell.  It's not overpowering at all, just a nice light fragrance.  It sinks into skin nicely though of course massaging it in is one of the huge benefits!  Now, as I said above, I suspect my genes have treated me well in the stretch mark department, but there is something I do suffer with that this cream is REALLY helping with.  Itching.  My breasts aren't small normally, but when pregnant they become vast (I'm not joking, last time I reached a 30J).  All that growing and stretching equals sore itchy skin for me.  Applying this time twice a day is reducing the itching I feel considerably.  I really notice on the days when I forget to apply it - my boobs are much itchier.  So, in my mind, this cream is worth it's weight in gold just for the anti-itch properties!!  Just something to note, before I used this cream I used other moisturisers on my boobs but they made no difference.  I'm not saying that there isn't something else out there that would help as well, but the fact is, this cream is helping me!!

Stretch mark wise, it's too early to tell I think.  Scientific evidence tends to suggest that it's not so much the properties of anti stretch mark creams that make a difference, but the actual act of moisturising and massaging you skin regularly.  That is quite probably the case, but if you ask most women, I think you'll find they air on the side of caution and buy some sort of "bump" cream to apply when pregnant!!! I know I did last time, and when this one runs out, I will again!

Something I like about TEN Skincare is their philosophy - a good mixture of science and nature (isn't' that the name of a Bluetones album - I love them!).  As much as I can, I try to use "natural" products on my skin. I'm a big Lush fan and my body moister of choice is by Jergens Naturals.  This anti-stretch mark cream has lots of lovely ingredients including jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil and shea butter. It doesn't include parabens, ethanol, SLES, formaldehyde, dyes, colour, phtalates, lanolin, soap, paraffin mineral oil and nitrosamine. This makes it safe for you and your baby when it arrives - great news if you are continuing to apply the cream to your breast area and are breastfeeding!

Would I recommend TEN stretch mark cream? Yes, I would. In particular I would recommend it to friends who I know are suffering from itchy, stretched skin. Is it worth the money? Well, it's not cheap (RRP is around £34.50 for 200ml and you can buy TEN Skincare from Clever Skin Care) but I feel it's going to last a long time. So far it's lasted me a couple of months almost and I still have loads left - this is with applying twice a day. You never know, it might last the whole pregnancy. Last time I must have spent at least £40 if not more on Bio Oil... All in all, it gets a thumbs up from me!

***I was provided with TEN Stretch Mark Cream to try out and review for free but I have not received any compensation and all views provided are my own***

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  1. I love the smell, even my mother said it was "relaxing" and I don't know it just has a calming effect on me. Never thought a lotion could do that :) How are you feeling??


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