Wednesday 19 December 2012

18 week bump - definitely showing.

A quick quick post.... I'm 18+4 now and there is no way you can fail to notice... This week was the first time I ventured out without a coat/jacket covering my bump and as a result my neighbours have started to notice!!! Funny.... Yes, the secret is fully out, the bump is on show.

I think once your bump pops out a bit it starts to get a bit easier to dress it... before that you're stuck in a no mans land where you're a bit too big for your normal clothes, but your bump isn't showing enough for it to be obvious that you're pregnant so you just feel kind of dumpy and don't know what to wear.. I think I'm coming out of that phase now.  I'm still wearing a mixture of maternity and non-maternity.  Generally speaking, I need maternity wear on my lower half, so it's mat jeans and tights.. Many of my dresses and tops still fit over the top quite happily.  It's quite a nice halfway house.  This is my fave look of the week so far... sorry I'm in the loo again!

Tights - Mama @ H&M
Boots - Kensington Uggs via
Dress - Primark (last year)
Cardi - New Look (earlier this year)
Belt - ebay
Snood - Primark
Hat - H&M (last year)

I've loved finding this dress at the back of my wardrobe... I didn't love it on me before being pregnant (despite adoring the print) but I feel it works really well over the bump, even if it makes the bump look bigger!! H&M Mama tights are a staple... they aren't toooo expensive and seem to be great quality.  I have 3 pairs and layer them up when it's cold.  Best of all are my Uggs though.  I really do love these.  I cannot believe how well they are coping with rain, they haven't stained and have remained watertight.  LOVE them. Comfy and warm as well....

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  1. Love the look and your bump! H&M Mama was one of my maternity wear faves!

  2. look at that cute bump! love the layers you look so pretty and snuggly warm xx

  3. Many congratulations on your pregnancy! Only just realised seeing this post!! I am 30 weeks on Saturday - it seems so many ladies are pregnant in the blogging world!

    Amy xx

  4. The dress is darling! What a cute way to show off your growing little babe. I hope you and your sweet fam had a very happy Christmas and New Year's. Looking forward to seeing more maternity looks soon!!! ~Sarah


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