Tuesday 20 November 2012

Trendy Tuesday - Hatley & Emma Levine

Have you seen Hatley children's clothing?  I'm sure you have, even if you didn't realise.  Their clothes are perfect for children with their cute designs and repeating patterns.  Admittedly it isn't a "cheap" clothing brand, but if you're buying something like a coat which is going to be worn a lot and over a 6-12 month period (or longer if you are Ethan, he's not big!) I think they are a good brand to choose.

About two years ago I spotted a gorgeous Hatley coat with a tractor design in a shop that was closing down.  I was able to snap it up for a bargain because they were closing (sad that they were closing, but what can you do?!) I believe I paid £14.99 which is about half of the RRP.  The only thing was Ethan already had a coat, and one in the next size up, so I bought it in age 3.  I do that a lot...  Anyway, the time has come for him to wear it at last!  His apple print coat from Smafolk still fits him and is fine, but it's a thin material.  It's getting quite chilly here at the moment and that's where the Hatley coat comes in handy.  It's waterproof but has a nice cosy terry lining as well to keep out the chill.  Ethan is enjoying the tractor print as well!

What do you think?  Do you like?  I belive Hatley are stocked in lots of different places from large department stores like John Lewis, online retailers like Amazon and from lots of independant shops (such as the one I got Ethan's from).  I will admit I'm hankering after some more Hatley items...  For example, they have a lot of clothing with moose on them, and I LOVE moose:

Image source: Amazon
I'm a bit mad over this waterproof suit, it's gorgeous.. Maybe something for the new baby.  I think it'd be ok for a boy or a girl.  I know it's perhaps leaning a little more to the "girly" spectrum, but what the heck!

Image source: Amazon

I've had my attention brought to another gorgeous children's clothing brand, Emma Levine.  This brand started up in 2011 catering for girls aged 0-9 initially, but as of this Autumn/Winter, they now cater for boys. The ethos behind Emma Levine is to provide designer quality and style but at a fraction of the price.  I think they do a good job.  Yes, they aren't Primark prices, but if you are after a gorgeous knit or a special outfit, I think they are worth baring in mind!! Here are my top picks:

For boys: 
peace love calm boys top   no flies on me baby shirt

For girls:

patchwork dress winter pines baby dress

You can look at the whole range here.  Images are from the Emma Levine website.

Right, that's enough rambling from me!! It's over to you now.  It's Trendy Tuesday so I want to see what the young trendies in your life have been rocking.  It's simple to do, write up a blog post and follow these rules!

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Thank you for reading!


**This is not a sponsored post, I haven't been paid to mention these companies, I am just expressing my own thoughts and opinions!**


  1. Gorgeous coat, I love the print!
    Love the new range too x

  2. I looked at their website and they have lovely clothing. The coat is too cute. And I do that too. Buying bigger sizes ahead. Hope you are feeling great. Greetings from NY!

    1. They really do! They do some adult stuff as well.. tempting! x

  3. I love Hatley coats. The tractor was the one I was after, or the newer digger one, but I didn't want to pay the full price and even on ebay, used ones go for high prices.

    1. They do.. some things really hold their value, don't they! I was lucky with this one.. x

  4. What gorgeous clothes! Ethans coat is fab :)


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