Monday 26 November 2012

15 Weeks

OK, so I'm a bit more than 15 weeks now, but only by a few days.  It's a good title for this post anyway.  I want to start recording this pregnancy before I get much further into it.

So, here we are, definitely in the second trimester now.  I'm still feeling tired and I'm still getting nausea.  Perhaps 16 weeks will herald a change.

This pregnancy is very different from the last one (Ethan).  I don't know whether it's down to being 4 years older, having a 3 1/2 year old, faded memory or just different symptoms, or maybe all of those, but it seems different to me.  This pregnancy is proving far harder.  I am SO much more tired than I was with Ethan, even though I was working.  I suspect that in general my days are much busier and more physical than they were when I was working.  Though of course I had to be in work, I was mostly sat at my desk all day which, whilst uncomfortable as I got bigger, was easy.  There's so much more day to day housework (house-maintainance!) these days, walking Ethan to and from preschool, picking up toys all day long.  Plus, there's my blog, my Stella & Dot work and all the Christmas craft I'm trying to fit in.  I'm done in.  If my blog is quieter these days, please bear with me because that's why.

On top of tiredness, I seem to have cold after cold and this current one (now on day 8) is still dragging on.  I can't breath through my nose well so nights are proving hard. A good reminder of what's to come!

Last pregnancy, I was tired, but not this tired.  My allergies cleared up, this time they haven't.  My skin was great last time, this time it's terrible.  My boobs are MUCH MUCH sorer and have got bigger even quicker. I am generally bigger much earlier than I was last time.  My nausea is worse, far worse.  Part of me would love to tell myself "it's different because this time it's a girl!" but I'm not going to tell myself that.  I would love a girl, really really love it.  But I keep telling myself it'll be a boy.  We plan to find out at my 20 week scan.  Talking of which, I need to book that!  No one told me when I was at the hospital for my 12 week scan that I needed to book my 20 week scan whilst I was there.  It's only since I've spoken to friends that they've told me that's what I was supposed to do. Why did no one tell me?!!

I'm opting for a home birth this time round.  As long as nothing goes wrong, that's what I should get.  Just have to hope this little one doesn't come as late as Ethan did otherwise it'll cause problems with a home birth.  I need to start getting my butt in gear, finding out about hiring a birthing pool.  Anyone reading, did you have a home birth, in particular a home water birth?  I don't know many people who have.  Everyone I tell makes a face at me... a "are you mad?!" face.  Perhaps I am, but I know I don't want to be in hospital unless necessary.

I'm definitely showing now, although some people insist I'm not.  I think it's because they only see me when I have my (baggy maternity  coat on or a dress and a cardi.  I definitely am though.  The bump gets bigger as they day goes on and is really quite comical by the end of the day.

I'll show you a comparison photo so you can see I'm bigger this time.  I couldn't find a 15 week photo for last time, I managed to find an 18 week one and I'm still smaller than I am now.  Also, I'm wearing the same pj bottoms in each photo... hehe!!! The mirror has changed though.  See what you think:

At least the pjs are still going strong even if I feel a wreck.

I've got to sign off for the night now.  I don't think I'll manage a Trendy Tuesday tomorrow because I'm going to be busy, got to try and get some Christmas shopping and crafting done.  It's all getting a bit too close for comfort and I don't feel very organised!

Bear with me whilst the blog is in flux!


  1. I cannot believe how teeny you are still! Life is definitely not fair. I was bloody huge by 15 weeks with Rory (well, my baby bump way - I felt so sick that the rest of me was scrawny - ha, shame that didn't last). boo.

  2. Hope the nausea eases soon, I found by 18 weeks it had mainly passed this time around, so hopefully it won't be too much longer for you. I have definitely found this pregnancy much harder than I did with Alex, but I think that must be a combination of having a young boy about and all the extra day to day tasks that come with that/your body has done it all before! Try to take it easy when you can! Lots of people keep saying that it must be a girl this time for me as I have felt so different, but like you I haven't wanted to tell myself that!
    I hope you get the home birth that you would like, I can totally see where you are coming from-although I don't think I'd have the guts to do it! Tempted to have a water birth if possible with this one, but may chicken out at the last hurdle again like I did last time! You are still so tiny by the way! x


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