Monday 3 May 2010

Buggy Snuggling and Romping around...

I realised whilst reading over old posts that I never actually got around to posting a pic of the buggy snuggle I got for Ethan's buggy. I've not actually got a pic of the whole thing at the moment (mainly because most of our pics are taken at the weekend when we're out with the car and have our obaby stroller with us (which has a cowprint buggy snuggle). What I do have is a pic of the part which stays in the buggy when the top half has been taken off- as it's been warmer recently, this is the only part I have on the buggy. Though if it stays as chilly as it has been today for much longer I may well put the whole thing back on again! (and if I do I will take a pic!).

So, in these pics, Ethan had fallen asleep in Coffee#1 (they do the best coffee, try it if you're ever in the south west!).

I hope everyone has had a good May Bank Holiday weekend? Despite the not so amazing weather (don't know what it was like across the country... it was sunny and wet here. Not too bad, but not amazing and very cold!). We had a very family orientated weekend, didn't get up to much, but it's been relaxing. Today we took Ethan to the swings with Uncle Phil and Aunty Leni:

Ah, I know what I was going to talk about! Rompers! I LOVE babies in rompers. They look so cute in them. I just love the whole all in one aspect (*ahem* I own my own version - complete with owls on it lol!). I've bought several for Ethan. My No1 fave is the very retro harlequin inspired design by Liten (which actually features in the buggy snuggle pics):

The above wasn't cheap... can't remember how much exactly, it was second hand (but never worn) so not the usual £25.... but I'm fairly sure it was around £10. However, this next offering came in at a rather barginous 99p. It's another ebay bargain, from Asda initally:

Thirdly, we have a summer romper from MeeToo which is very formula one! Ethan was only wearing this one after peeing all over the above:

Before I sign off for tonight (because as usual it's far too late) I just want to pimp my solar fairy lights which I bought half price from Tesco. They work far better than the unrealiable crappy ones I bought from ebay a while back! This is them up for the first time without even charging!

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