Friday 8 January 2010

New Year

Here we are in 2010! And Ethan is 6 months old a week today! Where has the time gone?

Since I posted, Christmas has come and gone, but we had a lovely time. Full of family, friends, food and festivities! Ethan was spoilt of course, receiving lots of toys, in particular, wooden toys (as is our preference!). I don't think he's old enough to play with many of them yet (unless play with them means sucking on them!) but he quite likes watching us pull or push along the various toys whilst he tries to grab at them.

I would say Ethan is weeks if not days away from crawling, and we've started weaning again. It's going so much better this time, and today he's started to open his mouth for food instead of me having to force it in (he had some Ella's Kitchen pouch food today whilst we were in Coffee #1 so I don't know if he's eating better because he's getting used to eating or because he prefers Ella's Kitchen to Mummy's Kitchen?!?!). It fills me with pride to see him doing so well though. He makes me laugh every day - and he laughs so much! Such an infectious laugh.

We've had snow this week - lots for this area of the country (about 5-6 inches which for a South West postal town is a big deal!). Personally, I love the snow, but then I don't have to drive anywhere and I'm not adverse to ploughing my way through the snow with the buggy (times like this I'm glad for our investment in an off-road 3 wheeler and my apres ski boots!). I've been meaning to take Ethan out in the Wilkinet - perhaps I will over the weekend? I find it hard to take him out in the sling because I tend to go out for 5 hours or more at a time so I need to carry the nappy bag as well (full to the brim with nappies, wipes, 2/3 bottles, baby food, bibs, spoons etc.. - oh, and the camera!).

Over Christmas I had a sort out in Ethan's room, bagging up all his 3-6 month clothes and getting out the 6-9 month stuff. I love doing this - a sort out is always fun, and I love finding stuff I've packed away for him that I've forgotten about. He has such a fantastic array of clothing at the moment that choosing his clothes for the day is such a joy. I love it. I'm starting to think that it's my calling in life - dressing babies!! Someone tell me- is there a career in this?

I'm currently loving Elodie Details : I've bought Ethan a few bits and bobs from them (their bottles are gorgeous but I can't get him to take them - their teats are too different to his Tommee Tippee ones :-! ). In particular I love their soft sole boots - Ethan has them in black and white polka dots and we've received many compliments on them. He also gets on really well with their sippy cup. Oh, and their hats - lovely!

We're also expecting a rather lovely bespoke cosytoes made by Sarah at Chunkle Munkle : I've gone for this material
for the outside and chocolate creased faux fur for the inside (though it's reversible so I can have it the other way round if I fancy it!). I've gone for a universal fit cosytoes because I'll need it to fit an Obaby stroller as well as our My3 (I'll be buying one to live in the car/travel abroad with). I know it could take 3-6 weeks to arrive, but I've read so many good things about the quality of this ladies work online, so I'm excited!

OK, I'm going to post some pics now! Happy New Year all! - and they'll probably just go at the top of today's blog, but I'm too tired to bother moving them around today.... so blah!

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