Tuesday 8 December 2009

I have photos, many photos!

I've had quite a few musings over the last few days, but not felt the inclination to write them down... and now, I don't think I can remember them!! So, this is mostly a photo blog! Enjoy!

My lovely living room :)

A snapshot in the kitchen! Actually, got to be honest, it's not a great pic!

Ethan decides he wants to feed himself :) His fetching little outfit includes a new look babies t shirt (moose print), a Polarn O.Pyret vest (Po.P), giraffe print baby legs & cow print socks by Soggs.

Aha, Cath Kidston mugs :)

My smiley boy :) A cute hat by Liten, a Po.P bear print vest and cow print harness covers by Snuggle Monkey.

Here's Ethan on a date with Esme in Coffee #1.

Awww, my little angel holding hands with his cot buddy whilst he sleeps.

Uh oh, Ethan has two girls on the go! Here he is with Olivia - he's wearing a cute moose top from John Lewis.

Practising sitting.

Sleeping baby and protective Daddy <3

My star baby with his Godmother to be Luc - and here I'm sporting my fun Christmas t-shirt from Cath Kidston - yay!

In Lidl self feeding in the dairy isle..

It's a bear! Rocher John Rocher bear suit - too cute!

May I connect your call? Lindex cloud t-shirt over ej sikke lej owl vest.

With Godfathers to be, Chris & Uncle Phil (bro) sporting a lovely rainbow kids romper.

Our & about in Bristol with his fairy lights!

I went to Lush and got some bubble bars knot wrapped! And I'll be using this as a scarf after Christmas when it'll be infused with lovely Lush smells!

Festive baby! Nordic Kids socks, John Lewis outfit and hat by Hjorn Horth (possible sp there...)

Some Mummy hugs! (I've re-dyed my hair chocolate brown).

Fantastic mushroom tights!

Weaning begins! Feeding in the bumbo at the moment... the high chair saga is at least finished now though when the new, unbroken one arrived today.

Christmas! Sunday we bought the tree and I decorated in the evening.

Photo shoot!

A few more festive shots...

And now I must to bed!


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