Sunday 29 November 2009

Christmas is around the corner...

..and I can feel it! Yay!

So looking forward to getting our tree in a few days. Will have to get the decorations out soon! I've written all but a few of the Christmas cards, so need to buy some stamps. Also bought nearly all the presents. I've got loads of bargains for Ethan on ebay, lots of lovely wooden toys. Linkies!

That last link was a particular bargain! Three wooden toys for 99p (and postage...).

Soooooo... what have we been up to? Had a busy week actually. I had a brilliant start to the week. My parents looked after Ethan for the day and I escaped to Bristol to do some Christmas shopping... well, really to spend my Christmas money. I started off on Park Street and went into Westworld first. I've always been partial to Bench clothing. They had everything reduced by a considerable amount, but better still, I was stopped by a SA as soon as I entered the store and told that if I bought 2 items of Bench I'd get an extra 20% off and if I bought 3 items, 30% off!! So, of course I was on a mission to get 3 items. I found quite a few lovely items, and in the end, for £57 I got a dress, 2 pairs of jeans (skinnies.. I just don't like boot cut or boyfriend on me anymore), a pair of black cargo type trousers (that came in at £3 reduced from £45!) and a cardigan. BARGAIN! No photos until after Christmas though I'm afraid... they will be wrapped up and under my parents tree until then (once it's up that is!). So.. my shopping trip got off to a good start, and I was buzzing. I strolled further up Park Street in the rain, making a quick stop at Cath Kidston for some clothes and dusters (got to make the house work fashionable!). I then crossed over and nipped into Fat Face (I love looking at their snugly winter socks!). I was seduced by a rather gorgeous pair of purple & red ear muffs and a purple snood type thing with pom poms. Again, pics after Christmas! After that I made my way into Broadmead and visited Lush - bought a Jingle Spells ballistic, 2 Cinders ballistics, a Banksy BBS & some Lip Service (still can't find a better lip balm anywhere!). I got them wrapped up in a vintage scarf Personally, I'm a big fan of this. You pay £4 for the gift wrap/vintage scarf. You choose the scarf from their selection and they wrap them in front of you (using your input). I loved it so much, I want to go back to get more stuff just to get it wrapped! I had to visit Primark (the new Bristol store is massive, and well laid out). Spent £14 and got a balloon style mini skirt, some woolly tights, leg warmers and a pair of flat red mj's. Woo! I finished off with a lovely relaxing mocha frapachino in Starbucks and then drove home back to "the motherlife" as my friend recently called it (I think she meant motherhood, but I rather like her new phrase!).

Tuesday was spent hanging out with antenatal buddies & babies. Have some lovely pics from that day! Wednesday I took a trip to Worcester with my parents to see my great aunt Barbara (Ethan's great great aunt!). That was lovely, but only a flying visit. Thursday and Friday followed with the usual combination of hanging out with babies and drinking coffee.

I think that's where I'll leave it for now. When I retrieve our camera from wherever I've left it I'll do a big photo blog update!

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