Saturday 21 November 2009

OK... I've not figured this particular blogging site out yet... blogger always posts images at the top of the blog.. so for now, I'm not going to faff around with these and I'll just leave them here. At the top we have a recent family photo, followed by a Mummy & Ethan shot, Ethan in a box with Cath Kidston tap over him, and yellow nails amongst ivy!

I'm currently sitting on the sofa, thinking about bed and drinking cava... ahhhh, delicious cava (wish I could afford champers darhhhhling). I do love the alcohol aspect of not breastfeeding! Perhaps that's why some people assume my nickname Al is actually short for alcoholic and not Alex.. I hope not!
Today Ethan wore a rather adorable rainbow kids baby grow (
I love the Scandinavian designers or clothes in that style) - white with green plus signs on it and a red bandanna bib with red spots. We took him out and about in the baby carrier today, so he also had his snugly star suit on (reminds me of Maggie
Simpson!). I haven't uploaded any pics from today yet, but I do have pics of both outfits, so will see what I can do... OK, I've found a pic of the baby g
row, but he's wearing a different bib in it (I call it his gay pride bib - and yes, someone whilst out and about has asked me if it is actually a gay pride bib for real... of course, I say yes.. and lets face it, with the amount of ANTM, Project Catwalk/Runway & make up lessons with Mummy he sees.. well....)

Right then.. star outfit... Here he is with Daddy a few weeks ago:
Cute or what, eh?!

We had a rather lovely day today. I dashed off to the hairdressers this morning for a much needed trim. Now I feel about a stone lighter (yes, it was that in need of a trim!). After that, Pete and Ethan walked up to meet me and we paid a visit to This & That (anyone in Clevedon will know it's a rather random shop filled with a lot of peoples junk and maybe, just maybe, the odd hidden gem). We didn't find anything we liked this time....

This afternoon, Ethan's 'Aunties' Luc & Alice paid a visit. It was really lovely to see them and lovely for them to spend time with Ethan. We all paid a visit to my favourite shop in Clevedon, Wilfred & Alice. I think we all parted with some money!! Got Ethan some gorgeous wooden letters spelling out his name as part of his Christmas presents.

OK.. back to clothes.. I've not worn anything exciting today. I will however take a good look through picasa and post any photos I think may be of interest.. Here I go.. OK... they are at the top of tonight's blog!

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