Friday 20 November 2009

First Entry

Making my first entry when I really need to be in bed.. such is the life of a mum!!

My husband is balancing one of our dining chairs on one hand as I type... Strange boy.

Right, what do I want to say. I've had a few blogs in the past, I don't know how I'll mange with this one, but what I want to record are details of my time with my beautiful baby boy and our exploits into fashion (i.e. the cool and sometimes bizarre outfits I put us both in!).

Why? Well, firstly, since having my baby, I've been diagnosed with postnatal depression (PND) and at first lost all interest in my clothes, fashion and my appearance. Since taking steps to deal with the PND (mainly citalopram - I thank you NHS!) my mood has lifted and my interest in clothes has increased, beyond what it was before! I am loving dressing myself and my baby up. My feelings towards my body are better than they have ever been, even before pregnancy and motherhood, which I think is adding to my enjoyment.

Secondly, I really want to keep a record of the nilestones my little man reaches (whilst looking ever so cool!).

Thirdly, so many people have commented on the way I dress, and the way I dress Ethan that I feel a record of outfits is completely desereved... nay, required!

I really ought to get to bed, bless him, he still wakes in the night, and I have a hair appointment at 10am as well. Will add some pics to kick things off. Night!


  1. Hello - it's Sarah :-)

    Looking forward to seeing all your cool outfits!

  2. Hey It's Sian from Antenatal. I have started a blog to but don't have the confidence to go public with it! good for you! xx

  3. Hi Sarah - thank you for reading :) xx

    Hey Sian - good to hear from you! Want to meet up sometime soon? I just read your blog and really enjoyed it :) xx


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