Sunday 8 August 2010

Blocking around....

Yay! I've finished Ethan's blocks. At first I was worried they wouldn't be very good or would be boring looking. However, after getting the courage up to age them (it seems alien to deliberately muck up something you've done!) I really got into it and I'm very pleased with how they've come out.

I've used an Old English style stencil to do the letters of Ethan's name. I had six blocks so on the 6th one I drew two hearts (because I'll always love him!) and stencilled on his date of birth. I'll post a good few photos.

We've had an enjoyable weekend. Pete and I escaped for an evening out on Friday, we enjoyed some yummy tapas and wine at a local lounge bar. Spent the majority of the weekend with our families. And doing our various projects (me = blocks, Pete = shelving in the garage).

Here's a pic of Ethan sporting a 'tattoo' Pete gave him this morning!

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