Monday 9 August 2010

Don't mock my moccis!

Ethan and I had a very action-packed day today. A trip to Tesco and Lidl. A lovely visit to the local veg shop to order globe artichokes (they are so lovely there and offered to lend me a coat seeing as it'd started raining!), a coffee at the yummy Coffee #1 and an afternoon at Cadbury Garden Centre with the (Grand)parentals. But most importantly a walk up to the Post Office to pick up a parcel - my Moccis moccasins!

I bought Ethan a pair of Moccis quite a while ago now and they have stood him in good stead. They looked so comfy and I'd always fancied knowing exactly how comfy! And now I know! They feel gorgeous. I feel like I've got the benefit of slippers but without having clompy feet! Plus they look really fun. I went for ones with licorice alsorts type sweets on them and Ethan has enjoyed pointing and poking at them. If you happen to want the coolest slippers around (in my humble opinion) check them out here:

Here's the obligatory photo!

Not much else to update from today. Have done a bit of re-jigging in the kitchen and moved a canvas print from the kitchen into 'Narnia'. Pics of course!

Nighty night!


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