Monday 10 January 2011

New year, new challenges..

Hello Blog, it's me - have you missed me?

I can't believe I've not posted since August. I think I've composed a few entries in my head but never got round to writing them down. I can't promise I'll be better this year, but I'll try. I've a few things I want to make a regular record of though, so hopefully that will spur me on.

So, we're already 10 days into another year! I've not made resolutions, but there are three challenges I've set myself.

1) Loose the Christmas pounds. In November and December I ate more and exercised less, as is common. As a result I've put on a few pounds. I'm reluctant to give numbers as I know I'm not massive and I don't want to encourage a barrage of "you don't need to loose weight" comments. I appreciate that people think that, that's great, but I'll tell you now, it doesn't make a jot of difference to me! I'm afraid it's all down to what I'm comfortable with. I was 8st 4lb and I've gone up to 8st 11 (eeek). I would like to get down to 8st ideally. I'm not going on any regime to loose the weight, just going to cut out the cakes and make sure I walk everyday (which isn't difficult seeing as Ethan will only nap in the buggy so I always have to walk him to sleep!).

2) Do not buy any more clothes for 6 months. Why? We need to save money and I have loads of clothes! There are a few rules and exceptions for this one. I'm not including things like underwear in this, if my pants fall to pieces, I will buy more! I'm talking more about outfits, dresses, skirts and the like. I have plenty. I know it's been done before, it's not a new idea for the web, but I like the idea of challenging myself to come up with new mix and match outfits from my already well kitted out wardrobe and not adding to it. Here's another exception, I'm allowed to accept new items of clothing if they are presents. And one more, my friend Alice is getting married in April and I am allowing myself a new dress for that. If I'm finding it's going well in 6 months I will probably extend it to the end of the year.

3) Learn to crochet. I've bought the Happy Hooker book, I've been given a few hooks and there is a fab haberdashery in Clevedon so no excuses! I've always fancied giving it a go! I'm going to get myself clued up first and then slowly get started! I hope I get on with it, I've never learnt to knit, never done anything like it! Before I start I've one creative project to finish, some paintings for my friend. Once those are done I'll be focusing on this!

So, challenges out the way, what's going on with Ethan? He's 18 months old now which is amazing. He's a confident walker, loves running about, chasing me, Pete or Alfie! He loves pointing out lights and asking "what's this?". He is a lovely little man who I love more and more each day. You'll be pleased to know he still tests me though, just in different ways. I suppose he's coming up for the terrible twos but he already likes to make his personality known and test the boundaries. If I tell him no, he likes to scream! Hopefully this habit won't last long. I'm afraid I find it quite funny really.... Mostly though he has a lovely kind temperament, he likes sharing and playing together, holding hands, cuddling (sometimes!) and gives kisses (well, he offers his forehead to you!). I think he has the potential to be rather musical. He knows the tunes for twinkle twinkle, wheels on the bus, baa baa black sheep (or is that the same as twinkle?) and a few others off by heart and sings them to himself all the time. So adorable. I was quite impressed recently when he sat at the piano on my lap and played various notes whilst singing twinkle. Multi-tasking in a male!!

I'll post a few pics of him now :)

Will update with my progress soon....

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