Monday 31 January 2011

Coughs and sneezes...

Argghhhhhhhhhh! Enough already! Can we please stop being ill in this household now? We've all had enough of it :-(

I've not posted recently due to illness - first was the sickness I mentioned before, followed a day or so later by a virus which took 2 weeks to clear up (Pete got it as well). Within days of Pete and I getting over that Ethan had a reaction to his MMR jab, he had a terrible temp and was ill for a few days, not sleeping through the night - we had a couple of awful nights with him (newborn style constantly awake/will only sleep on you type nights). He got over that and less than a week later we all have a cold. Sigh. Needless to say, all this illness has got in the way of my goals, but let me update with how things are going.

I've done my friends paintings, here's a photo:

I'm quite pleased with them - she's a cat lover who doesn't currently have a cat, so I'm hoping this will appease her for a while!

I've read my crochet book, have bought some wool (just cheap stuff to practice with) have had hooks at the ready but have yet to feel up to giving it a go as I'm just to tired/ill in the evenings at the moment.

Clothes: It's the end of January and I've not bought myself one item of clothing! I think that's quite possibly a record for me! Since I last wrote Pete and I have had a real heart to heart r.e. money and we have now organised a family budget and personal budgets for ourselves which means that if I do want/need to buy myself some clothes, I can , it just comes out of my allotted fund. That's actually quite exciting! Since going on mat leave/leaving paid employment, I've felt that I don't have any money of my own to spend on stuff like that which I think has actually caused more problems because I end up wanting to by myself stuff and getting into debt to do so. This new plan will be so much better for us all. What this means in terms of my plan not to buy new clothes is that I won't have to be that strict. I'm not sure as yet whether I'll carry on with it or not. I'm quite happy at the moment and don't need/want anything. Watch this space...

All in all, I'm quite pleased with how things are going so far this year, despite the illness, I think it'll be a lovely year. We've got our summer holiday booked - a week in a house in France with my parents and a 5 day break at Centreparcs with my parents, Phil and Leni. It's good to have things to look forward to.

Little Ethan is such a joy at the moment (especially when well!). He's mastering new words. His list of vocab now stands at:

Hello there!
Mummy (at rare times of desperation)
What's this?
Who's this?
Where's Daddy/Alfie
Choo Choo!
Bye bye
All gone!
Ah dooo (his version of thank you!)

He can sign food, milk some actions in songs, and all gone. He likes pointing things out as well, like body parts, people, parts of the house. It's amazing watching him develop!

Here he is doing some double handed drawing:

At the park - it's a bit camp this photo somehow!!


At Bristol Zoo with Godfather Chris:

In terms of baby fashion, I've moved Ethan into his next size up of clothing - this means the clear-out of his wardrobe and draws, which is always a little sad. Saying TTFN to some favourite items of clothing. I know they will get used again one day, whether it's on a sibling (I hope so, but not for a little while!) or on a grandchild (definitely not for a while I hope!). Still, it's weird packing them up into a vacuum bag. The happy part is getting his new clothes out! I love this bit because I forget quite a bit of the stuff I've bought him so it's really exciting to get new items out and create new outfits in my head for him - joy! I look forward to posting a few photos on here of his new outfits soon!

Clothing aside, I've finally got some old photos of my maternal grandparents framed we've put them going up the stairs:

Right, bed is calling! Good night all! x

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