Monday 21 February 2011


*Sigh* is it still winter? Is it just me, or is it dragging a bit this year? I actually don't mind winter really. I love winter fashion, tights, funky coats, hats, scarves - basically all winter accessories. I like walking on a frosty day. Splashing in puddles is fun as well. I know it's lighter for longer now, but I'm looking forward to light evenings. I'm just fed up with feeling knackered come the end of the day. I expect that is mostly due to running around after a toddler, shopping and keeping the house spic and span - it doesn't help that I have to walk Ethan off to sleep for a nap each day. Great exercise, but it's tiring and I often have to walk for an hour before he drops off (sometimes longer!). Whatever the reason, I am so tired come the evening I just don't feel like doing much. I'd like to go to a dance class or exercise class but not sure I could commit just yet. Also, my crochet isn't coming along very fast! I have started but very rarely feel like doing it! It's about all I can do to watch some TV and read (loads - I am getting through at least two books a week!).

...........and I think I've run out of steam! Ooops... I'll come back when I've something interesting to say!

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