Sunday 16 January 2011


Ick... the week started off so full of promise, but by wednesday I was struck down with a vomiting bug which was then followed by a cold virus type thing. Perhaps they were the same thing... I've no idea. Not had a sick bug for a long time, the last time I was sick was when I was pregnant with Ethan. Yuk. So horrible. I guess it helped towards weight loss.. I lost 3lb in 24 hours. I'm not sure what my weight is today, I think I'll weigh in tomorrow. I weighed Ethan today though- he toppled the scales at 24lb 8oz which seems so huge compared to the 6lb 60z he was born at! (or the 5lb 11oz he was at 5 days old).

I've started reading my crochet book, but what with feeling ill, I've not really been in the creative mood. I'm happy to report I've not bought any clothes though!

On a different tack, I would like to welcome two new babies to the world! Olivia and James, congratulations on the birth of Morris Lars, he is beautiful. And congratulations to Mary and Albert on the very very recent birth of Thomas Michael, I can't wait to meet him! Two new boys for the world :)

We've had a nice weekend despite illness (Pete has the lurgy too, but thankfully not the vomiting). Saturday we went into Clifton, had a relaxed coffee and lunch whilst Ethan slept and then mooched around some kitchen shops and chose a new tap for our new sink (which Pete plans to fit himself). Very excited about that. A decent granite sink and a very fancy tap. Whoop! Today we went into Cotham to see what Phil and Leni had been up to in their love nest.. sorry, flat. It's looking lovely. Ethan ate his peach cubes sat at their kitchen table looking like a big boy! The parents visited as well and we went for a rainy walk.

Now we're back home snuggled up on the sofa. Ethan is flaked out in bed, Pete is resting on my knees and I'm tapping away on here!

I'll post some photos now :)

Here's my little bathroom monkey!

And here he is being a monkey!

In Clifton with Daddy shouting hello into a barbers shop:

In Uncle Phil & Auntie Leni's flat:

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