Wednesday 2 April 2014

Bristol Fashion Week SS14

Last Friday I was very lucky to attend one of the catwalk shows that made up part of Bristol Fashion Week SS14.  I had a great deal of stress getting there (nothing is easy with two children!) but once I got there, I sat back in my seat and enjoyed the show.

And what a show!!  I was impressed by the quality of the models used.  They were all shapes, sizes and ages and great fun to watch.  There was one male model in particular who kept busting out killer moves, leaping all over the catwalk like a gazelle on a rather funky run from a lion.  Loved it!

The show was hosted by Mark Heyes and Andrew Barton who I loved.  They were a hilarious double act, bouncing off each other, teasing the models.  It really brought a fun edge to the show.  I loved their style advice and titbits offered between catwalk runs.  It was also particularly lovely to see they had given a make over to one very deserving lady who has been through breast cancer.  Very touching and I loved the fact they were planning to take her for a pint and get her drunk after the show!!

What tips did I pick up?  Well, Nautical is in again, as it often is for Spring/Summer.  However, instead of mixing the blues and whites with the traditional red, this season it's all about mixing it in with yellow.  Something I'm very up for as I love a bit of yellow.  Thinking about it, my Boden jacket would fit in perfectly with this being navy, white and yellow!

Big brush stroke patterns and bold colours are still in and it's super on trend to clash patterns - far beyond what you'd normally go for.  Be bold and brave.  Clash it and then clash it a little more!

Don't forget some bright neon as well if you're feeling brave!

Bristol Fashion Week SS14
Bristol Fashion Week SS14

I'm afraid I was in such a rush I forgot my camera so I've only got photos from my phone which doesn't cope well in dark conditions, but hopefully it will give you a taster.  If you get a chance to attend a fashion week catwalk show, go for it, I say.  Great fun and a good way to see fashion on the move and pick up tips.

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