Wednesday 23 December 2015

Children's bedding for Christmas

Christmas is big business these days, isn't it!  Long gone are the days of throwing up a few sprigs of holly and making some paper chains.  Well, many of us still do that, but let's face it, there is a wealth of choice when it comes to decorating your house for Christmas now!

Fairy lights everywhere, bespoke baubles on your tree, honeycomb decorations, Christmas jumpers, Christmas socks, special tableware.  There is pretty much a Christmas version of everything!

Personally, I love the chance to Christmasify (is that a word?) our house.  I like to bring Christmas into every room so we have Christmas tea towels, clothing, flannels, fairy lights and decorations all over.  Something I've branched out into in the last few years is Christmas bedding.   It started a few years back when I bought a snowflake print set for our bedroom.  I loved getting the bedding out at the end of November each year to put back on the bed.  For about 6 weeks I wash the set each week and put it straight back on!  This year I decided that I should add another to the mix so I treated myself to a new set in my favorite monochrome pallet with cute Christmas trees on from George at Asda.  I thought it wasn't fair that it was only us who had Christmas bedding so I bought a set for Ethan too!

Ethan loves the chance to bring Christmas into his bedroom and I'm happy to help him do so.  He's got a mini tree, lights in his window and Christmas has even arrived in his dolls house with a mini light up tree and chocolate selection boxes for the dolls!  So getting him a set of Christmas bedding seemed like the sensible thing to do!  Of course, he's very happy with it.

Now, all I want to do is buy a few more sets!  Felix could do with one of course, and it's always good to have just one more spare... so that brings me on to all the wonderful sets that are out there!  Primark are usually good for things like this.  I mentioned Asda already.  There are some good choices online as well.  Of course, Christmas bed linen might not be for everyone but it does make a good present for your child if you're updating their room for Christmas.  Quite often at this time of year you might be buying a new bed for them, or some accessories for their room.  If we could afford it, we'd be getting Ethan a new bed for Christmas.  So you could buy them a duvet set with their favorite animal or character on.  The Yorkshire Linen Company have a good selection of bedding sets for everyone, particularly children.  There's all the favorites like Peppa Pig and Thomas but also sets that will fit in with themes such as space or racing cars.  Prices are great too starting around £12.99.  You can't really go wrong!

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