Wednesday 24 July 2013

Life with two children

Hello! I am still here!  I just logged on to Blogger for the first time in weeks and checked my stats - I'm still getting the same amount of page views despite not blogging in a while so obviously someone is still popping by and reading!  So, if that's you - thank you very much!

I'm sorry it's all gone quiet.  Some bloggers amaze me, they seem to step straight back into blogging just days after having their baby and subsequent children.  Although I've managed a couple of blog posts since Felix was born I'm finding it very hard to find time, let along the inclination to blog.  I don't want to feel forced into it to keep stats up.  I blog because I enjoy it and I want to keep it that way.  So, please bear with me - posts are likely to be sporadic for a while!

Felix is two months old tomorrow.  Where has the time gone?  He's fitted into the family well, I couldn't imagine the family and life without him now.  Ethan has had a hard time adjusting to being a big brother.  I think he feels quite usurped.  He has moments where he seems to enjoy being a big brother, giving Felix the odd hug, asking to hold his bottle from time to time.  Often though he gets annoyed at him, tells me he doesn't like his crying!  I feel I can see the start of a bond though, and I can really picture them as two little boys running around together, playing.  Being a family of four feels nice.  Complete.

Felix is a joy.  It's hard work dealing with two children, there's only an hour or so a day that I get to myself but I can see things getting easier all the time.  Generally Felix still feeds twice a night (he's completely bottle fed now) and once or twice he's only had one feed.  I think that's pretty good at 8-9 weeks.  We get both boys in bed for the night by 8pm most nights so although we don't eat ourselves until quite late, we do get some evening every night which keeps us sane I think!

I'm hoping soon I'll be able to get back to Trendy Tuesday - I've got some gorgeous outfits both boys have worn to show off!!

Watch this space - I'll be back to blogging properly soon!!

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