Tuesday 30 July 2013

Trendy Tuesday - It's back!!

Whew, I've decided I have neglected my blog enough.  Although Felix still feeds twice a night (and that's not all that surprising, he's only 9 weeks old) I'm getting enough sleep now to allow me the odd late night here and there.. that means I can dedicate some time to my dear blog again. Hurray!!  I can't really blog in the day at the moment.  Felix's naps are still too unpredictable and Ethan is now at home 24/7 as it's the school holidays so there's no chance of any free time in the day.

I digress..  Let's get on with some fashion!

Have I been loving having a new person to dress?  Are you kidding?!  For me at least, dressing a small person has to be one of the perks of having children.  I adore clothes.  I adore fashion.  I love that they can't tell me what they will and won't wear yet (Ethan does choose a lot more of his clothes these days of course). There are just so many gorgeous clothes for baby's and young children.  Of course Felix is wearing a lot of Ethan's baby clothes though I have bought him the odd thing and we've been given some items as gifts as well so he has got some things that are new to him.

I'm going to write about a bit of a marmite subject today though (love hate that is).  Siblings in matching clothing.  Now, I'm not someone who dresses her children in matching outfits at all times.  Personally I think that would be far too much.. but I have to admit that the potential cuteness of matching kiddies hasn't totally gone over my head.  It's a bit of a novelty and it does look cute (OK, maybe a bit twee as well).  Ethan had a t shirt from Boys & Girls that I loved and without realising, I bought Felix a romper in the same print.  It was unintentional, but once I realised I'd done it, I couldn't help putting them both in their Boys & Girls clothes at the same time and snapping away with my camera.  They'll probably hate me for it in years to come (though actually I suspect there will be other things to hate me for instead, not in the least blogging about them!!) but I can't resist.  It is a bit cheesy, I know, and I'm never going to be someone who buys them matching outfits to wear every single day - that's just weird in my book!  They are individuals after all.  Now and then though?  Why not!!


What are your thoughts on the subject?  Do you ever dress your children in matching outfits?

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  1. I am very partial to a matching outfit, not always completely the same but of the same ideal, I had both boys in neon orange on Sunday, there will be a pic on the blog tomorrow, Addy's outfit also had orange tones in it x

    1. Oh yes, colours is a nice way to do it! As a family we often end up in the same colours but by accident!!x

  2. I personally wouldn't do matching outifts (twins I might have to rethink for ease of daily life), but they do look cute.

    1. They do.. I think you have to do it sparingly! x


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