Tuesday 22 July 2014

Local Limelight - a new linky for Wednesdays

I've been writing the odd feature under the heading of "Local Limelight" off and on for a while now.  Whilst I was washing up today I was thinking about the next Local Limelight post I was planning to write up when I realised that actually I have about three that need writing up.. and that got me thinking that it needs to be a more regular thing.. and that lead me on to thinking it might work well as a linky!

Lots of us bloggers write about our local area, reviewing local attractions, shops and businesses etc.  Not only are these write ups useful for local readers, they are useful for people visiting the area or even for people looking for inspiration for places to go.  How useful would it be to have a place for all of those posts to be shared together?

I've asked around and it seems that people think it's a good idea.

So.  As of Wednesday 30th July , Local Limelight will become a linky.  The rules will be simple:

1) Link up any posts you've written about your local area (when I say local, I'd say within a 50 mile radius ish) - you can link up old posts and new posts.  I'm also happy for you to link up posts you've written about places you've visited, even on holidays, because whilst they might not be "local" to you, they will be local to someone!

2) Display my badge and link back to my blog.

3) Tweet the link to your post/s using the tag #LocalLimelight

4) Visit some or all others who join in to share the love and hopefully find out something new!

The linky will be held every Wednesday initially and will be live for 5 days.  You can post in advance and link up or post after Wednesday and link up.  It may drop to bi-monthly depending on interest.

I really hope you'll join in!

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